He’s like fire and ice and rage. He’s like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun. He’s ancient and forever. He burns at the center of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And… he’s wonderful.

Boy, it’s quite hard maintaining a multifandom blog. *life story in tags*

  • chantry:ha ha elves were just some silly demon worshippers
  • chantry:pff praising some actual existing super powerful creatures that we don't know much about but are still around and are most likely immortal
  • chantry:lol it's so easy to impress those heathens
  • chantry:
  • chantry:
  • chantry:holy shit is that hand glowing

“Blessed are thehearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.”
Albert Camus

It was one of these mornings the sun didn’t bother to rise. The landscape seemed to be dipped in thick fog and the outline of the Sanderson cottage was barely visible. Nick stood on the open field, motionless, wondering why he’d even come in the first place. It had been years since he had last visited this place, but nothing seemed to have changed. With every step that he took Nick got the distinct feeling that the house was moving further away from him. Or was that just what he wanted to see? An eternity seemed to pass until he could make out the windows that were nailed shut with wood planks, rotting from moisture and old age. His eyes fell on the doorframe. Nick hesitantly stripped off his glove, reached out and let his fingers glide over the initials that were carved into the putrid wood. It would have been impossible to make out the little “W.S.” and “N.S.” if he hadn’t known they were there.

Her voice echoed through the back of his mind: “You can’t heal if you keep pulling off the scab.”

Nick slowly walked around the house, watching his feet as they disappeared in the morning dew covered grass. There were barely any colours, all of them mixed with different tones of grey, making the scenery look that much more bare and uninviting. He looked up to see the silhouette of who he had come to see. As he walked closer, the shape of the marble angel grew clearer. He stopped a few feet in front of her, not being able to bring himself to look at her face.

“I don’t know why, but I always thought there’d be more to light than blindness.”
Nick pulled out the broken watch and carefully placed it on the ground before him.

He hadn’t realized that it had started to snow. Blinking the snowflakes away, Nick gazed towards the sky, the faintest smile on his lips.
“Happy Birthday, mom.”

me every time I start a new klayley fic and they have sex for the first time in the story

me when they use a condom so that means hayley won’t be getting pregnant soon

I’m so pumped my work is having the end-of-quarter garbage sale (aka everything we have GIVEN UP on selling from crimbus & will soon be trashing) and it’s 90% off and employees only and I bought an ereader for like 20$ it’s AMAZING



flememeth replied to your post:Apparently there’s drama going on? As much as I’m…

other than the bi-cas mod and the bi dorian mod (and also the occasional gross krem things), i’m not sure what else theres really been? but like, isnt it always something???

Yeah, I saw the mod stuff, and I’ve heard about the Krem stuff (apparently the tag got so bad someone made a blog to moderate it). There was also the fHawke/mHawke stuff recently. But that’s all I’ve seen so far.

But yeah, it is always SOMETHING. I’m sure there’s always some drama going on that not everybody hears about. It’s just been a particularly bad week it seems.

De prea multi ani, noi repetăm doar un sincron
Un pas înainte și apoi doi înapoi.
Orice Romăn poate fi și campion
Și poate ajunge mai sus de locul doi

((She’s transparent ayy))


vocal queens tbh

fruitymarshmallow asked:

Hi, I had a question! Do you copyright your themes? If yes how and under which license? ^^ I hope this doesn't bother you


I haven’t given it a deep thought but now that you mention it, I should be more clear about that sort of thing. So to answer your question, it would be licensed under this:

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0

It pretty much describes my Terms of Use. Except for the redistributing part at the beginning; I’d prefer my themes and codes don’t get reposted elsewhere other than here, even with credit. But this one seems to match my needs the most. Thanks for your message!