Abandoned Cat 1

“Look Eric, from every angle it’s just a normal fat cat!”
“Yes, but last night.. i’m not lying about him transforming into a man, and look, Gomdori still barking at him, isn’t it strange?”
“That because it’s a fkin cat! and Gomdori is a fkin dog! gah why are you picked a cat anyway?”
“I told you i was drunk”
“aishhh, so why are you calling me here?”
“because Gomdori doesn’t like him,you keep him”

“What? No! No! I don’t want!”
“Oh, come on, you don’t need to live alone anymore! isn’t that good?”
“But it’s– It’s not what i meant– wait!”
“Or you can give it to someone else! or anything! thank you Dongwan you helped me a lot, bye!”

what should i do now… abandon this cat on street…? no, it’s so much burden… but i don’t think i can keep it at home.. i can’t… grumble…. grumble….


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Ooh ooh I have a question related to your fic! Is Asami's habit of picking up a pen when she's thinking something that you deliberately put in? Because I love you if you did. *koff*also when are ginni and asami gonna kiss*koff*

Yup! Wow, didn’t think anyone would notice. I also kept in her canon-explicit ticks like curling her hand into a fist (or stopping herself from doing so…see when Varrick pops up on her and Mako), hand on the hip, etc. I need to make her lean on more shit though. She leans a lot.

Are they? Asami’s fairly contemplative. The ending of the last chapter is unlikely to go unaddressed in her thoughts.

  • BBC:Okay. The Phandom really wants new footage of HHH and LLL. What do we do?
  • Intern:Um maybe just completely scrap Phan?
  • BBC:Excuse me
  • Intern:And uh. You know how Jack and Dean are coming?
  • BBC:Where tf are you going with this
  • Intern:Well...Phean?
  • BBC:
  • Intern:
  • BBC:
  • Intern:
  • BBC:Holy shit promote this man we got a new angle.
So, in short, whilst Jeff still retains some aspects of himself that he hasn’t been able to throw that might make him still a bit unlikable, he has grown a lot over five years, and all of that character development has transformed him from the selfish, arrogant, uncaring man that we first saw in S1 into a selfless (though he’ll take the selfish way out a lot of times), humbler, caring man than he was all those years ago, and so, taking Jeff’s story as a whole and as the big picture, once again, the evidence proves that he’s slowly become a good man, shown himself to be a good friend, and has gradually realised what it truly means to be a good person: selflessness and love.

In Defence of Jeff Winger 

After the repercussions and ramifications of this night’s Community finale I read over what I wrote…. 

and it describes Jeff’s actions in the S6 finale towards Annie. 

brb I’m crying again. 

Just noticed!!

I’m 500 posts away from 10,000 posts on this blog. (This post included!)

Should I be proud or appalled? What have I been doing besides blogging?

*keeps blogging*

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Today I talked about getting out but not forgetting about how all of my worst fears are letting out.he said "why put a new address on the same old loneliness?" when breathing just passes the time until we just get old and die. now talkings just a waste of breath and livings just a waste of death ( I love this) -mini Pete (I can never be a great as the actual Pete wentz 😔)

dONT PUT THAT SAD EMOJI OKAY MINI PETE YOU ARE GR8 i enjoy u reciting petes emo poetry u are my mini pete i enjoy u