Well, I can’t say I was completely thrilled when I finally got the call to come back. Don’t get me wrong, I simply cannot wait to die of boredom again with you lot again, but I was having maybe a little too much fun with my freedom at the time. By too much fun I mean I was on a lads holiday in Europe and I was on my fourth sangria of the day. Regardless, we’re all back now. I handed in my phone two minutes ago and I’m already itching for it, how did we do this again last time? Do tell me all about your adventures over the last four months, I can’t imagine anybody took as much advantage of their freedom as me. But I’ve been known to be wrong before.


                 “You’re still not sleeping.” She didn’t bother trying to phrase it as a question —- her answer is obvious in the dark shadows under Clarke’s eyes, the heavy exhaustion in her gaze, the slumping of her shoulders despite how the starling tried to hide it with a stiff spine and defiantly  raised chin. The wisp of a sigh escaped Lexa’s lips, “Clarke, you can’t keep doing this —– you HAVE to sleep. If you continued to refuse to allow herbs to help you, then you have to figure out something else.” 

Flops onto here. I’ll dig out my last starter call but because I’ve been a bit absent, I want to return a bit fresh and finally write! If you want a starter please like this post and I shall whip them up today! And write the rest too. And if anyone wants to plot anything, my ask box is always open for that too!

Open for Business

Dallas sat at the counter of the shop, eyes turned to the sketchbook he was doodling in. It wasn’t much, he was copying the image of a woman on one of the packages that was sitting on the counter a little to the left. It wasn’t a perfect replica, Dallas enjoyed exaggerating the features of the figures he was drawing, slimming down the waist and elongating the legs into an old style pin up. 

He was losing himself to the drawing when the bell above the door rang. He grunted and looked up. “Welcome to Lustful Practices, helping people fuck themselves for at least a year. The hell do you want?”


A brand new starter home with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. It does focus more on the outside and only contains EA stuff. You’ll need all packs though the game will replace what you don’t have. 

Download from the gallery, Origin ID RyderWhitlow

Fang rounded the street corner perhaps a bit too quickly considering the four large liquor handles propped precariously in his arms, smacking right into someone walking into the opposite direction. “Shit!” He swore, the bottles swaying and jiggling, one very nearly crashing to the ground. By some unusually good fortune, he managed to recover and looked up with an embarrassed smile and a laugh. “Sorry! Shit, man, my bad. You okay?”

The Grammy’s are in a few days, and I have absolutely nothing planned. I don’t know what dress I should wear, I don’t know how I should do my hair… Oh shoot, I don’t even know who’s gonna watch my kids while I’m there!

My reaction when Pokemon X and Y was announced.

I saw the guy in the mirror and i was like

I saw the guy running towards a town and i was like

I saw the guy skating through Paris and i was like

I saw the new starters and i was like

I saw the new battle system and i was like

I saw the first legendary and was like 

I saw the second legendary and was like

I saw the names of the games and was like

I saw it was released in october and i was all like

And then it ended and i was all like

But then i re-watched it again and was like

I decided to go ahead and make a free fennekin avi for anybody who would like to use it. c: The image in itself turned out pretty cute before cropping, so this is the big version. The icon versions are below!

DeviantArt sized icon / 50x50

100x100 sized icon