would   anyone           like  a   STARTER   from   young   lillian.   at  some  point  before  she  runs  away,   or  when  she’s  just  starting  to  work  out  what  to  do  after  fleeing.   perhaps  even  as  a   child.    i  may  hit  you  up  for  plotting  if  i’m  unsure !!   

New Parents
  • "Baby's awake..."
  • "Someone smells like they need a change!"
  • "I think I might have gotten three hours of sleep."
  • "Have you seen the baby blanket?"
  • "You look exhausted."
  • "Is the baby seat in your car or mine?"
  • "They're finally asleep."
  • "Can you take the baby for a little while?"
  • "Are you making that smell or am I?"
  • "Laundry again?"
  • "Excuse me while I pass out on the floor."
  • "Can you take out the trash?"
  • "Baby spit up on the dog again."
  • "You want to go out for dinner? Are you insane?"
  • "Are there any bottles made up?"
  • "Did you grab any diapers?"
  • "How many bags do we need?"
  • "Shh! Baby's been sleeping for a while now."
  • "Can I borrow a shirt?"
  • "Playpen, stroller, high chair, diaper bag, cooler, floor bumpers, eating mat... I think we're ready to go visiting!"
  • "Did you remember the baby?"
  • "I had to tell a lady in the grocery store not to stick her head in the carrier."
  • "Your turn."

Tag your future starter I’ll get Wood wood owl (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧  (8

New Year Starters

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“Oh thank god. This year is almost over.”

“The year is over?! I’ll drink to that.”

“Isn’t there a tradition of a kiss at midnight?”

“This was actually a pretty good year. I’m kinda sad to see it go.”

“New drinking game. Take a shot for every good/bad memory you have this year.”

“What’s your New Year resolution going to be?”

“New year, new me.”

“I can’t wait to stay up till midnight and watch this year die.”

“What do you think next year is going to be like?”

“Oh man. Now I have to remember to go up one number when I write the date.”

“Fingers crossed for a good year.”

“I’d rather kiss my ______ than a person.”

“If you try to kiss me I will punch you.”

“Wrapped up in my blanket on my couch. Perfect end to the year.”


Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Sweaters for Animal Crossing New Leaf! (part 1)

Litten, Rowlet, and Popplio! (Wait for the reblog for popplio! omg!)

Sorry for the late night post, I spent the last 4 hours off and on designing these and I just couldn’t wait any longer! xD This game is all I want right now and its eating me up inside just how much I want it ;A; gaah!

Somebody get me a Litten Sweater just like this please! xD <3