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Hello! I'm trying to get deeper into the Korean hip hop scene and would love to hear your recommendations! I really only know about Beenzino, Dynamic Duo and Epik High.

Firstly, Hello! Secondly, I’m not very well educated in korean hip hop because there’s just so much stuff out there. Thirdly, those three artists are really great.

What do I recommend though? It depends what you like. I’m all over the place with what I like. Warning: most of these videos have something potentially NSFW in them.

Rap tracks that most people would just call mainstream kpop: BTS and their Cypher trilogy, GDxTOP, solo TOP, Double B, when Tablo covered Taeyang, Jaewon when he was still in 1punch, solo Mino

Artists that I would associate more with the RnB subgenre: Jay Park, Zion T with ZicoDean, Crush is similar but I’m not into his music. 

Lyrical or storytelling rap that is nice to listen to: Epik High (everything EH is recommended but you already found them so I’ll leave it at that), LeeSsang, more LeeSsang, MFBTY, Drunken Tiger , Verbal Jint, Giriboy,  everytime Mino does something reflective with Zico, Loco

Rap with heavier backing tracks: Vasco, Illionaire, Microdot, Gaeko, Zico, Masta Wu

My favourite tracks from Show Me The Money: Bobby, more Bobby, Basick, Mino,  Mino with his parents, PalZi teamJaewonLoco’s version of Respect

Annoying earworm tracks that I completely love: Simon Dominic, MFBTY

Rap tracks with a hundred featured artists that I’ve been listening to lately: Giriboy/Mad Clown, Hi-Lite family dinner

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NEW TRACKS: Justice - “Safe and Sound”

After an almost five year wait for their third full-length album, Justice are finally back with new single “Safe and Sound.” The French electronic duo have made waves since their debut, Cross, changed the landscape of electronic dance music in 2007. With disco, pop, and (oddly) heavy metal influences, Cross’ sound was totally new and paved the way for other groups in the long-stagnating dance community. After universal acclaim from critics, a world tour, and comparisons to their contemporaries, Daft Punk, the group’s second record, Audio, Video, Disco arrived in 2011. Seemingly abandoning the club for a full-fledged stadium rock sound, the album sounded much more Judas Priest and Metallica than Michael Jackson and Electric Light Orchestra. The album received less acclaim from critics, but Justice’s popularity and devoted fan base were only growing. Now, we have the first glimpse of their third LP through “Safe and Sound.” The song starts soft with a lyrical structure reminiscent of “On’n’On” off the second LP, and the real fun begins with a blisteringly cool slap bass line around the one-minute mark. Some beautiful orchestral strings (recorded with the help of the London Contemporary Orchestra) bring a nice, seventies disco feel in tandem with the ever-present synths. The song continues to build until voice, synths, percussion, strings, and bass are all at full force, and it still feels as though no one element of the song is overshadowing the others. “Safe and Sound” is incredibly danceable and fun to listen to, and although a great new Justice album more than likely won’t have as significant an impact as Cross, it would certainly be a welcome and refreshing change to what has become an incredibly saturated modern dance scene. Justice fans’ mouths will be watering for the new album after hearing this single, and with good reason.

-Alex Minassian

LOL is Lady gaga tryna pull a beyonce?? She’s got all these random songs that she just put out featuring artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Selena, and Sia…no videos, just a picture of her and club music…

MyKey Music

Music has always helped me cope with life. When I met you I had no way of knowing anyone could be my music. Your voice became my smile.
Your touch became my dance.
Your heartbeat became my favorite song.
We melted into a rhythm where no words were needed.
Our words were just the cover for the meaning of our tones.
We were whistling on a high note,but fell into a deep baritone.
Then we hit a few false notes, tried it again from the start but lost the frequency.
I had to stop the record before it and the needle broke.
I pulled so hard, static exploded forth into and blew out my ear drums.
It took so long to fill the void of silence that was left in its wake.
I learned my lesson.
Time has pasted and even if I’m deaf I’ll find a vibe strong enough to shock my soul back to life.

“We set out to make sure the references are caught.”

And now for something I do know a lot about - movies and TV shows! I’ve always loved magical realist films and spooky kids’ shows, which is part of what got me hooked on Broadcast. Specifically, they were inspired by and took samples from Czech New Wave films; Giallo and Hammer horror flicks; old British children’s mystery shows; and library music (recorded music that is intended for licensing for tv shows, film, radio, ads, etc. a.k.a. “stock music”) from the 60s. James Cargill lists some of the influences for their “Witch Cults of the Radio Age” collaboration with the Focus Group here: “We were feeling Jeff Keen’s Cineblatz stuff, The Vampires Of Dartmoore’s Dracula’s Music Cabinet and the Fading Yellow comps so that was all feeding in with the effects, collage, psych tunes and all.” The Vampires of Dartmoore were an obscure German psych/funk/prog band that used lots of kooky sound effects. I know this doesn’t quite fall under this entry’s theme of movies and TV shows, but these songs do feature a lot of non-musical elements, like witch cackles, spring boings, grandfather clock chimes, and siren whistles. Plus, they are just too amazing not to share with the world.

Sometimes Broadcast’s songs explicitly refer to their sources, such as the Ha Ha Sound tracks "Valerie” and “Hawk,” named after two of the main characters from the Czech New Wave film “Valerie and Her Week of Wonders.” As James Cargill says in the interview posted below, “We set out to make sure the influences are caught, sort of apparent a lot of the time…the references were always quite important to us as a band.” Other times, it might be sound effects or spoken word parts, or even just the generally eerie and enchanted atmosphere that reflect their inspiration. I’ll forever be grateful for these references, because listening to Broadcast turned me on to so many great films and TV series which I probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Here is a video of “Valerie” that features shots from the movie that correspond to certain lyrics:

Below is an episode of Jonny Trunk’s OST Show, which is about film music, TV music, library music and related recordings, featuring Trish and James playing choices from their personal collection. Clocking in at two hours, this interview/playlist is definitely a deep cut, but it’s nice to listen to while working, puttering about your house, or maybe just daydreaming, which is perhaps the best way to listen to any Broadcast-related material.

Broadcast were experts at creating sound collages, and this extended to their lyrical approach, too. As Trish relates about “Libra, the Mirror’s Minor Self:” “I wrote this over an instrumental written by James. A misty loop with rummaging sounds that reminded me of the theme to [the 1969 TV adaptation of Alan Garner’s children’s novel] The Owl Service. I liked the idea of a disembodied voice that floats across a piece of music without feeling attached to any pulse. The words were a cut up of my horoscope. I quite like the caring tone of horoscopes and found shuffling the words around a bit added up to something quite gentle and cryptic.”

There are bands that are cinematic, and then there is Broadcast. “Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age” is meant to be a “soundtrack for an imaginary movie,” but the album is a fully realized ear-movie of its own. Even if it were a companion piece to a real film, it would stand on its own. That goes for all of Broadcast’s albums, which all take the listener on strangely beautiful and beautifully strange journeys.

Fun fact: “The Focus Group” is graphic designer Julian House, who designed all of Broadcast’s album artwork, and has worked with a lot of other cool artists like Primal Scream and Stereolab.

Here are a few of my favorites which I discovered through Broadcast:



My second youtube vid whoop whoop 


New toy from Foteviken finally used on rehersal with ROSK. Wardruning and post-metalling .

  • hyperspace
  • dontleaveme

hyperspace by dontleaveme.
This is currently released under the HEAL record label but an album hasn’t been announced for this particular song.
dontleaveme has produced under various other aliases throughout the last two years, some of which include LOV3GHOSTダブル SUICIDE and Angels Spit.
I have been following this artist for quite some time and discovered their music mid-way through last year and have since been amazed by their extensive back catalogue of releases.
This is an artist who you should definitely keep an eye out for and check their Discogs page(s) for reference on all of their previous releases.




Listen Up

Track: Safe And Sound

Artist: Justice