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Musique Concrete
- “Musique Concrete is the experimental technique of musical composition using recorded sounds as raw material. The principle uses the assemblage of various natural sounds to produce an aural montage. A precursor to the use of electronically generated sound, musique concrete was among the earliest uses of electronic means to extend the composer’s sound resources. Before the days of sampling and computer manipulation of sounds, musicians used analogue tape recorders to record natural sounds and tape splicing techniques. Music concrete uses natural sounds to create aural compositions. This excerpt is taken from the BBC 1979 documentary “The New Sound of Music”.”

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Brand New Debut New Song Live

Brand New have debuted a new song live tonight in Denver, off their upcoming album. All we know so far regarding this new record is their updated promo picture and the “Procrastinate!, PoGolith Earth Sound Alliance 2015″ message they’ve put on their site. Check out a fan video of the new song here by clicking “read more” below.

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“Psychic” by Theme Witch // Psychic - Single (2015)

Maybe it’s just the distance in which we are currently from my favorite season of the year, but I have been in an autumnal kind of mood as of late. Portland based musician, Tyler Brown’s Theme Witch project is just what I’ve been looking for to get there mentally. The artist’s new single, “Psychic” is the kind of hazy, late-summer beauty that instantly floods your brain with nostalgia and good vibes, but also leaves you a bit melancholic and longing for those cooler months and gorgeous shifts in color. Of course, it’s foolish to pine for a time clear on the other side of the year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fall in love with sounds that instantly transport you there and “Psychic” is more than capable of delivering the goods. Highest recommendation for fans of Real Estate, Ducktails, and Diiv.


Review: Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color

 For most intents and purposes, the arrival of Alabama Shakes was the arrival of Brittany Howard. On the band’s 2012 debut Boys & Girls, her monstrous voice was a showstopper, a continuous exhibit of versatility and power, her meat-and-potatoes lyrics an emotional tent pole for music with very specific geographic origins. A few Americana/roots wrinkles aside, Alabama Shakes are a blues band, and a singular voice like Howard’s can energize anything, even a genre that has been around longer than any human on Earth.



The Log.Os - Blades (by jamutka32)