Work I finished up in the last day or so! I did do another shot but I’m just putting these two up bc they’re right next to eachother.

My partner 3D modelled the Normal car and the environment, as well as did the lighting and rendering. I did the rotoscoping of the Black police car as well as filling it with textures and applying the static/pixellation effects in After Effects. I also modelled and rendered the Wireframe mountains in the background and extended my partner’s environment to fill in the shot more for the Second shot B)

I hope you like it when it’s finished <3

People are free to remove my captions if it’s just a ramble of work-related talk like this one if they just want the aesthetic part uvu


Another one of my Favorite Shadowrun/Starfinder themes. Perfect for those seedy sections of Absalon Station, like the Downsides. 

Floydshayvious - One Last Run


Dreamers Avenue - Memory Lane

Man I dig this!