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If Jeff went to CAA & said that he would re-sign but wanted to co-manage Harry, is CAA in a position to reject him? It seems as though Jeff has been good at bookings for his clients - established (Britney's residency) or new (Meghan Trainor, Charlie Puth, Leon Bridges). With CAA currently losing clients, can they afford to alienate a good agent? Alternatively, Harry could be like the Eagles (Irving managed & Jeff booking). But Corden calling Jeff Harry's manager is a big deal to me.

CAA is absolutely in a position to reject that idea. They are the Irving Azoff of agents. As for the big agency shake-ups, they are still incredibly powerful and WMA isn’t going to suddenly make them powerless. Sometimes CAA is the biggest, sometimes WMA is, that’s just the nature of business, it doesn’t mean they’re going under or that they need to compromise their corporate guidelines to suit Jeff and Harry. 

And yes, it could be Irving managing and Jeff booking, but since there’s no booking going on for Harry or 1D that we’re aware of (and surely someone would have spilled if Harry was booked at the Troubador at this point), I think it’s more likely that Jeff is just letting his name be used on Harry’s behalf for a short while until the announcement that Irving is taking over is formalized.

Honestly, I’m not sure why Corden’s awkward use of manager is that big of a deal. He was aware that he was being recorded and he stumbled over what word to use when he likely know FAR more than he’s able to share, that says way more to me than the word itself.


737 Park Avenue, Apt 9/10g, New York  |  Homeadverts

Residence 9/10G is a sensational duplex home. The perfect combination for contemporary, elegant living and sophisticated entertaining.

DC Entertainment has released the official preview for the digital release of Justice League: Gods & Monsters.

Official Synopsis

The prequel to the critically acclaimed animated film, from an all-star lineup of creators including Bruce Timm (BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES), J.M. DeMatteis (JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL), Thony Silas (BATMAN BEYOND) and many more!

In this alternate universe, the Justice League isn’t a team of the world’s greatest superheroes who protect Earth from evil and save it from disaster. No-this Justice League is a trio of ruthless “heroes” who answer to no one and will stop at nothing to destroy their enemies. The names are the same, but not the people they’re attached to: Superman is the son of Zod, Batman is an inhuman vampire, and Wonder Woman is a tragic former resident of New Genesis. These are the world’s best and only hope.


Take a look at the preview below.

Justice League: Gods & Monsters is available now digitally at DC Entertainment.

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Preview – Justice League: Gods & Monsters DC Entertainment has released the official preview for the digital release of Justice League: Gods & Monsters…

I can’t believe a new town resident had the fucking audacity to put their new house right on top of my black tulip crop -_- I’m gonna drive them out of this town

NH Primary Stuff

As a resident of New Hampshire, I just spent a good amount of time trudging through the snow to go vote in the primary (I can’t drive due to multiple physical reasons and my wife’s busy doing her homework so alas, I had to suffer cold, wet feet. Oh well, a small price to pay to be able to exercise the right to vote.) Any fellow followers or mutuals I have that live in New Hampshire should try to do the same today, if possible. It was all very quick and easy for me (going early in the day probably helped with that, the last few hours of the day will likely see the precincts around here get swamped), and the election officials were all quite pleasant. Hopefully this is the case for everyone else who plans on voting.

In case anyone cares, I voted for Senator Bernie Sanders-it would probably take a while to explain why I feel he’s the candidate for me, so I’m not going to spell it out here. Personally, though I’d like it if others voted likewise, all I care about is that people do go out and vote. It is a right denied to so many others around the world and too many people take it too lightly, if not outright ignore it. 

Anyways, happy primary day, good luck to the Sanders campaign, hope all goes well for everyone planning to vote. :)

10 Reasons Why We Should All Celebrate World Hijab Day

It’s February 1st, happy World Hijab Day! World Hijab Day empowers women who are sometimes viewed as out of this world. “Why would you want to wear that?” is a question hijabis hear more than often. This day acknowledges the lifestyle millions of women worldwide chose for. New York resident Nazma Khan came up with World Hijab Day to invite others to walk in the shoes of hijabis for one day. This way, she wanted to foster religious tolerance and understanding from both non-hijabi Muslims as non-Muslims. I give you 10 reasons why we should all celebrate this day. (Find out what these 10 reasons are)

New York resident returns home to find note warning: “American Holocaust, you are a dead Jew”

New York resident finds note warning: “American Holocaust, you are a dead Jew” #EverydayAntisemitism

External image

Police in New York are investigating a series of antisemitic notes left in an East Harlem apartment building over the past month. One resident returned home to discover a note on her door warning: “American Holocaust, you are a dead Jew.”   Between 22nd January and 1st February, 21 similar notes — possibly left in bundles — were left in the hallway on the floor where the victim lives, NY Daily…

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New house/room is amazing.

It’s got ten rooms, balconies, a stair fire escape… it reminds me of a house that you’d find in New Orleans. 

Currently sleeping the floor. Feeling a bit bohemian. [There’s even a sink in my room which is probably the most convenient thing ever.]

My friends and I are going to take this place over, room by room…