I want to talk for a moment about how much I adore this panel from Empire’s End. Here is Leia and Threepio conducting normal business and having their conversations, and Jaina and Jacen entertaining themselves with a little bird/bat creature - what do you want to guess that’s Jacen’s doing? - and Anakin’s there on the sofa, and Leia’s watching him - and the entire thing is both very maternal and also very Leia as her own person.

So frequently throughout the comics and the EU it seems like writers don’t know how to allow her to be both. In Dark Empire II there’s this whole ‘Leia’s protective motherly instincts war with her need to help the New Republic, and as is always the case with Leia, the New Republic wins out!’ thing, and I literally eye-rolled. As I did the idea that the twins have been on New Alderaan for nearly two years and Leia has only seen them a couple of times.

This panel is a breath of fresh air. It’s a glimpse of what it might look like to be a mother, and also still keep your non-mother interests that so far feels all too rare for Leia.

(Plus, I just like the art style of Empire’s End way, way more than I like the Dark Empire comics art.)

  • Leia:Tarkin said I had dictated the choice of targets for the Death Star's demonstration. I haven't been able to make myself stop hearing that. I still see the explosion. And sometimes I can't help feeling as though they died because of me. That I survived because I betrayed them. And what kind of qualification is that?
  • Han:Nonsense. They died because of Tarkin. He only said that to manipulate you. I hate to see that it's still working.
  • Leia:Memories have a long reach. I just realized something else, Han. About why this matters. And it's a better answer to your question than my doubts about belonging where I am. My father did so much to divide the galaxy. I feel as though I have to do what I can to unite it.
  • Han:You can't take all that on -
  • Leia:I can't not take it on. I have my demons, too - Luke's not the only one. That's why you can never ask me to walk away. I don't know if I belong in this job, and it makes me bone-tired and half crazy sometimes, but I want to be here. Here, maybe I can make a difference.

 All digital Dark Horse Comics are 50% until Dark Horse loses their license at the end of the year, thanks to Mickey. :’(

I’ve put together a recommendation list of my favorites, and it got really long so I’ve split it up by era. These are my recs for the New Republic (Post Episode VI) Era: Feel free to add your own!

Old Republic (Pre-Episode III) recs are here.

Rebellion (between Episodes III and VI) recs here.

Union- $7.99 for 91 pages

Luke and Mara get married. Chaos reigns.

Legacy I- $42.38 for 50 issues

This series follows Cade Skywalker, and a new hoard of Sith who once again are wreaking havoc throughout the galaxy. This isn’t one of my personal favorites, but my roommate loves it so I thought I’d throw it in. It is very good, and this era had an interesting set up. There are Jedi, Sith, and Imperial Knights. The Imperial Knights are sort of the Lawful Neutral to balance out the Jedi and Sith’s good and evil dichotomy.

Legacy II- $14.96 for 18 issues

I actually haven’t read this because it looked so good I decided I wanted to buy it when it came out as an Omnibus… which it hasn’t. Anyways, this is about Ania Solo, Han and Leia’s great great granddaughter getting into trouble as only a Skywalker/Solo can. It looks amazing.

Things that I haven’t read, but I think look interesting:

Jedi Academy: Leviathan- $4.99, 84 pages.

Mara Jade: By the Emperor’s Hand- $5.99, 143 pages.

The Thrawn Trilogy- $10.99 for 454 pages. I’ve read the book version of this, but haven’t read the comic version. I’m guessing it’s just as good.

She had been surprised by her reaction to the Jedi teacher’s instruction for them to build their own lightsabers. Despite her fierce pride at knowing she would soon begin earnest training for real battels, Tenel Ka had resented the implication that she would somehow be judged on the basis of the weapon with which she would fight,
Earlier, she had scaled the Great Temple using nothing more than her grappling hook, her fibercord, and her own muscles. Wasn’t the warrior who wielded the weapon much more important than the weapon itself? she asked herself. Even holding a simple stick instead of a dazzling lightsaber, Tenel Ka was capable of defeating an enemy.
—  Lightsabers by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta