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Any ravaged by the empire, war-torn planets that Luke/Han/Leia/rebels etc could visit to clear up imperial remnants, close after the end of ROTJ? Any universe - I'm no good at plucking names from the air.

A few that could work:

Derilyn, a planet in sector M-19 where the capital city was destroyed and most of the population killed, which was liberated by the New Republic

Bespin was only truly liberated just after the Battle of Endor. While not canon, Luke, Leia and/or Han could plausibly have gone to help fight at some point.

Luke was sent to aid Bakura very soon after the Battle of Endor, not strictly to fight against the Imperial remnants but to defend them from the Ssi-ruuk. However, it did result in the Imperial forces being overthrown and New Republic control over the planet’s precious metals.

Dantooine was reclaimed by the Alliance soon after Endor.

At some point after 4 ABY, Felucia was brought under New Republic control, but it is not known when or by who.

Thyferra, the only major source of bacta in the galaxy, was liberated in 5 ABY, less than a year after the Battle of Endor (though the New Republic never occupied the planet). Luke probably played a role, as he had fought at Thyferra before.

Kashyyyk, which was under strict Imperial occupation, was freed in 4 ABY before being reclaimed by the Empire and again freed in 5 ABY. The second liberation was aided by Han and Rogue Squadron, so Luke and/or Leia could also have been there.

I’m certain there are countless others that could work, as most planets were under Imperial control up until 4-5 ABY and were freed by the New Republic. Those that were not freed soon after Endor were generally those protected by Grand Admiral Thrawn, such as Corellia, or the Deep Core worlds like Coruscant.

I hope one of these works for you. Good luck!

~ Jacen

Prince Jacen Solo inspecting the Hapan Fleet
Balmain, Spring 2018

What If… Alderaan wasn’t destroyed by the Death Star. Leia Organa ascended the throne a few months after the Battle of Endor.


“…to this day Solo is best remembered as the Supreme Commander of Hapan Fleet, but during the years he held that position he revolutionized the Armed Forces of the Hapes Consortium. Yet it were the political and diplomatic skills he learned on Alderaan that made it possible, which Jacen Solo acknowledge in a letter to his father.


It’s relatively easy to destroy, even in a good cause. What comes now will be the test. Can we and the other leaders, acting fairly, really set up a system of government that will actually function and be better than the Empire?


Luke Skywalker has vanished. In his absence, the sinister 

First Order has risen from the ashes of the Empire and 

will not rest until Skywalker, the last Jedi, has been 

destroyed. His twin sister, General Leia Organa, has 

been set on course to find him before the First Order gets 

to him. A half-baked plan, barely anything, would be what 

saves him. The Resistance, the brain child of the General, 

was just an idea. But it was up to her to get it in motion.

Hey guys! This is a discord that is in the final stages of being set up. We have a loose character roster:

General Leia Organa (Republic)

Luke Skywalker

Rey (Republic)

Finn / FN-2187 (Former First Order / Republic)

Poe Dameron (Republic)

Maz Kanata (Neutral)

Chewbacca (Neutral/Republic?)

R2-D2 (Republic)

C-3PO (Republic)

Supreme Leader Snoke (First Order)

General Hux (First Order)

Captain Phasma (First Order)


Any others from the EU or that we missed in our list. If it’s not an OC (which we will check) and works with the plot, you will probably be accepted as them.


Obi-Wan Kenobi

Anakin Skywalker


After you PM me with what character you would like to be and an example writing (PREFERABLY OF THAT CHARACTER).

After that, I will let you know more details!

I want to talk for a moment about how much I adore this panel from Empire’s End. Here is Leia and Threepio conducting normal business and having their conversations, and Jaina and Jacen entertaining themselves with a little bird/bat creature - what do you want to guess that’s Jacen’s doing? - and Anakin’s there on the sofa, and Leia’s watching him - and the entire thing is both very maternal and also very Leia as her own person.

So frequently throughout the comics and the EU it seems like writers don’t know how to allow her to be both. In Dark Empire II there’s this whole ‘Leia’s protective motherly instincts war with her need to help the New Republic, and as is always the case with Leia, the New Republic wins out!’ thing, and I literally eye-rolled. As I did the idea that the twins have been on New Alderaan for nearly two years and Leia has only seen them a couple of times.

This panel is a breath of fresh air. It’s a glimpse of what it might look like to be a mother, and also still keep your non-mother interests that so far feels all too rare for Leia.

(Plus, I just like the art style of Empire’s End way, way more than I like the Dark Empire comics art.)


Winter Celchu visiting the Castle Lands
Berta, Bridal Fall 2017


“…The correspondence between Winter and Leia has always been abundant, still amount of letters that survived to this day is simply staggering. Even separated in their later years due their duties to New Republic and Crown of Alderaan respectively, Lady Chelchu proved to be constant presence in the Queen’s life if only through the letters exchanged between the two. Be as it may, the correspondence between the sisters gives us ab unique firsthand account of their relationship during their lifetimes. 

Then again Winter was a diligent correspondent, and many of her letters to various people did survive. She wrote frequently to her adopted parents until their death in 22 ABY and 27 ABY, those letters perhaps gave us the clearest insight into Winter’s life, since she trusted Bail and Breha with her thoughts,  feelings and fears more then anyone else. B
ut perhaps most interesting is Winter’s relationship with Leia’s children. I is well known that Lady Celchu doted on the three of them, but she had a special bond with the twins having been large presence in their early years…”

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hi thea! would you mind discussing lightsaber forms? i did research but i'm not sure i understand the difference between each one. i'd appreicate your take on it, lovely. xx

I am hardly an expert but I’ll try my best!

Okay, so, there were seven forms of lightsaber combat recognized by the last Council of the Old Jedi Order. A form is basically a fighting style that you choose depending on your strengths, personality, philosophy, and, sometimes, on what the situation calls for. It’s possible to mix techniques from different forms during combat, but, prior to the New Republic Era, most Jedi and Sith preferred to master in just one style.

Form I is called Shii-Cho, the Way of the Sarlacc, or the Determination Form. It’s considered the simplest of the seven and is the first form taught to Jedi initiates. Remember in A New Hope when Obi-Wan was training Luke on the Millennium Falcon with a combat remote, and in Attack of the Clones when the younglings were engaged in a similar exercise while being overseen by Yoda? That was Shii-Cho practice. Form I establishes the basics of attack, parry, and body target zones. It’s a very direct and aggressive style that uses wide, angular motions— mostly simple slashes and chops— while constantly moving forward. Think of it like a bulldozer. The grip is usually angled upward, at waist-level, and two-handed, the hands kept in direct line with the wrists and forearms. Most strikes are from the shoulder. Techniques include the Disarming Slash (a strike directed at the opponent’s weapon with enough power to tear it from their grasp), the Sarlacc Sweep (a wide sweeping strike against multiple enemies), and the basic Horizontal Slash.

The problem with Shii-Cho is that it’s more suited for crowd control than single combat with another lightsaber user. Form II is called Makashi, the Way of the Ysalamari, or the Contention Form. As it was developed to address Shii-Cho’s weaknesses, Makashi is the antithesis of the first form. It features elegant footwork and fluid jabs and light cuts. This is the dueling form— precise, efficient, focused, rhythmic. Think of it like fencing. Offense stance is the saber blade held parallel to the floor at chest level towards the opponent, arm slightly extended to place the elbow in front of the body. Defense stance is the saber hilt at navel level, perpendicular to the ground but diagonal across the body, with the elbow tucked against the waist. Motion is quick and controlled, protecting the body with rapid arcs, with most bladework generated solely from the wrist. Makashi is known for sudden charges and counterattacks, and, because it emphasizes blade manipulation and one-handed grip, many adherents preferred using curved hilts that fit better against the palm and could be controlled more easily— as in, Count Dooku’s lightsaber. Qui-Gon Jinn once said of Dooku, “He is a fencer. Leverage, position, advantage— they are as natural to him as breathing.”

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