tagged by: tapiocabunny buehehe thankies pooki-neee~ i don’t take a looot of selfies so here are some of my most recent ones along with me in selfies taken by friends x3. i also didn’t have 9 pics so i did the same thing as pooki and got hori in the middle XD (because hori is me /w) (i actually don’t look bad in some of these XD) idk who to tag, um. tagging: allthingsflower, kowala99, yuzu-serena, and anyone else who wants to do this!!! owo/

Shit Happens, Part 2

That time when you’re driving across midtown Manhattan and your 3 year old says she needs to poop. And because it’s way easier than finding a parking spot you pull over just before entering the Lincoln Tunnel and have her pop a squat right there on 34th street. 

Don’t worry. Like any good New Yorker I scooped the poop.