based on this. jasper starts teaching connie how to fight instead because 1. she fucking loves it and 2. pearl spent the entire war purposely getting poofed. getting knocked tf out was literally her war strategy. jasper knows she was there. and she reminds her of this every time and makes pearl fluster and huff away

Doctor Robotnik Remastered
  • Doctor Robotnik Remastered
  • MBI
  • Cool And New Volume V

I can’t believe I’m about to write all this this Also volume warning for the track above

Cool and new Volume V is now on sale for the very reasonable price of $420.00 USD. I recommend you all pick it up immediately. The track above, unfortunately, is my contribution to the album (Art by Mira, Totino’d by me.)

What is Cool And New? Why obviously, it’s the “music” record for the hip new comic, Cool And New Web Comic! Cool And New Web Comic is a fun new comic which is like Homestuck, but twice as good, featuring an original cast of unique characters such as Jhon Egbret, Dabe Stidrer, Jaed Hardly and… Rose Lalonde? It made such a big splash with the Omegapause and the Reddit fandom that a music album was soon created. Naturally, I wanted insider info on future albums so I applied to join the team:

It worked. I got to learn the plot twist behind volume  2, listen to various tracks early, and even vote on the direction future albums would take. But it wasn’t enough. Volume 5 was a month away, and I wanted to contribute.

Now, confession time. I have always loved Youtube Poops. You know, those strange videos full of Hotel Mario cutscenes, weird distortion effects, clips being repeated over and over and video editing designed to turn things pure and child-friendly into something horrifying. I figured that as my contribution to Volume V, I would use my complete lack of skill and experience to make a tribute to the classic YTP, This Video Contains Win. I stumbled around with FL Studio’s demo, hitting buttons at random until the first part of the melody was complete, this video being my guide since I had not realised the fact that the CANWC music team had a publicly available midi version of Doctor I could have edited. 

I got stuck after that point though, being unsure where to go from there. to make matters worse, the Sonic 25th Anniversary Stream was starting, meaning continuing the track would have to wait.

The Anniversary Stream. That thing was the fucking event of the year. I’ve wrote extensively about the spiritual experience that was the stream on my other blog. I won’t repeat myself here, but for those who are tired of reading this and don’t want to open another tab, let’s just say that it was the most surreal livestream in mankind’s history.

Inspiration hit me. I had no idea how to translate more of Doctor into the Pingas sound effect without things sounding so empty, but I could use that loud constant buzzing as a second instrument. The second half of the melody got made.

Unknown from me, the buzzing noise occurred mostly in the left side of my broken headphones, meaning that the right ear doesn’t get to hear much of it in the original album version. I had planned to make a “left earphone” song at some point as a joke, but it turns out I wasted this opportunity by accidentally doing it here instead. Whoops.

So, I had something representing classic Sonic (The cartoon soundclip) and something representing the modern Sonic (The livestream technical difficulties). I decided I needed to round things out by including something from the Dreamcast era. I decided to have the song be a message from Robotnik to the world, since the idea of a mad scientist broadcasting the word “penis” at various speeds worldwide amuses me. I still needed an ending though, so found that famous You Mean The Chaos Emeralds soundclip and made a short conversation between Robotnik and Obama, with Robotnik trying to extort the Chaos Emerald from Obama and failing. 

I capped it off with an really fucking loud audio glitch from the livestream (quieted awkwardly in the album version, less awkwardly in the remaster), added Robotnik screaming and called it a day. For some reason, the album version had 17 seconds of silence on the end due to a glitch in Audacity. This went unnoticed by everyone, so now those 17 seconds are part of CANWC history.

To George Buzinkai: I know you have heard this abomination. I am sorry for putting you through this. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Hopefully, the rest of the album more than made up for it.

That’s enough from me. Join me next time when I take a x7.20 paulstretched soundbite of King Harkinian saying “Dinner” and call it music. And please, if you haven’t already read Cool And New Web Comic. As the 33rd most popular Fan Adventure on MSPFA and rising, it’s definitely worth your time.

August 22nd, 2016

Dear diary,


Happy birthday, Richard Crispin Armitage, light and love of my life!

This is going to be a very long entry, but please, read it til the end. It’s worth it. I promise.

The day started out horribly, though. Richard got up early because he had another rehearsal for Love Love Love. Turns out, our new dog had accidentally pooped in front of the bed and Richard stepped in there. Lots of shouting, lots of yelling, lots of blocking the shower.

I used that time to make him a wonderful breakfast in bed, with a rose and bread and a candle and everything he loves to eat. I would have given him a glass of Pinot, however, he still had to drive down to New York. I gave him a big birthday kiss and a big birthday - … well, you know, we had time for that before he had to leave! The other presents I had bought, well, he’d get those in the evening.

Richard then went off to rehearsal, and I threw myself at all the tasks waiting for me. The farm needed to be decorated with flowers and a banner saying “HAPPY 45th RICHARD” and the caterer was said to arrive at about 3pm, I needed to pick up the cake from Millbrook, buy some more drinks, you know, that kind of stuff. And at around 5, the guests would arrive. Well, Sally, the kids, and my parents would be there at four, they had promised to help me set up the last things and the gazebo and all that. So I set to work.I drove down to Millbrook, bought some drinks like wine and coke and tea and whathaveyou, then walked over to the bakery and grabbed the cake I had ordered. It looked really beautiful and was a nice chocolate cake with citrus glazing, saying “Happy Birthday, R!” in big bright letters.

When I was home at the farm, I put the drinks into the fridge - some bottles broke because I had crammed them in too hard. *sigh* Then I went outside to pick up the cake from the car and then Carl decided it would be fun to run around my legs - and I dropped the cake. The wonderful, beautiful cake! It was only 11am in the morning, and I already had a nervous breakdown.

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So I called the caterer to ask them if they maybe had a cake in store or something. I’d buy any cake, just as long as it was sweet and full of chocolate and said happy birthday. But they said, no sorry, they didn’t have any, and besides, they had meant to call me today because I never confirmed the booking for today in the first place and I had another mental breakdown. I had forgotten to actually send off the order! That meant I had no cake and no food either and I was really fucking close to tears.

So I hopped into the car again, left the dogs in the house this time, and rushed down to Millbrook again. Got caught by a speedcamera. ARGH. Bought food and ingredients for a cake, then drove back home as quickly as I could. No speedcamera this time, thank God. So I rushed into the kitchen and set to working on a cake, a very personal one, and it would have been so beautiful  but then Sally arrived and my parents, too, and I forgot the time and the cake burned. It burned in the oven. Fucking hell. This time I DID cry because I wanted it to be the most perfect birthday for Richard. I could barely prevent Carl from lapping up the … burned… something. But then my mother, the angel personified, stepped in and helped me prepare the food and the cake - and all in one hour! She’s a magician in the kitchen, I admire her so much!

Then it turned five o'clock and the first guests started to come by and mum and me were not quite done with the buffet yet. She ushered me outside though and told me to greet them and she kept working while I put on a confident smile and tried to hide the fact that I was nervous as hell. And when everyone was there, and happy and had a drink in their hands, I joined my mum in the kitchen again and we were just on the finishing touches when my cell rang and Richard’s cheery voice said “Hey, love, I was able to leave early, I’ll be there in five!” and I screamed so loud that Carl ran into the kitchen to check on me. Jesus.

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It was so hectic then! My shirt was wet with sweat and when Richard arrived, I wasn’t fast enough to join the others in singing “happy birthday”. Rich spotted me, though, saw the mess in the kitchen, and came straight to me to give me a soft kiss and said he loved me, then he went to say hi to everyone. I watched him from the kitchen and my mum nudged me and commented on my “heart eyes”. I blushed and toyed with the little box in my trouser pockets. If only she knew…

Everyone gave Richard their gifts (you won’t believe how many wine bottles and socks he got), and he loved all of them and his eyes shone like a child’s. Then I gave him my first gift, the guitar I had engraved. (Yes. It was a guitar. What did you think?!) And he loved it. He loved it so fucking much that he immediately began playing. It’s an electro-acoustic one so it had a wonderful sound, and he sang, and then everyone said he should do “Happy Birthday” and he did, and then we had cake and all the other food mum and me had made and it was a glorious day. (Except for that part where Richard nearly set his shirt and hair aflame when he leaned in too close to blow out the candles. He had wished for something and smirked at me, and later I found out why.) Rich kept coming up to me and said how much he adored this party and he brushed away a strand of hair that had come off when I had ran around and he thanked me for all of this stress and work. And he kissed me again.

It was getting darker, the sun was setting, and suddenly, he grabbed my wrist and led me into the house. “The others won’t miss me for a while,” he whispered and led me into our bedroom. And I thought, my, there’s people outside, we should be quiet, but I was wrong. He got down on one knee.

Richard Fucking Armitage got down on one knee, pulled out a little jewellery box and opened it. “Lee Grinner Pace,” he stuttered (in fact, he needed three tries to get my name out right), “w-would you d-do me the honour of… of marrying me?”

And I shrieked and started crying and couldn’t move and in my head I screamed “YES YES YES”, but I couldn’t get it out because I was crying so hard. I felt the weight of my own box in my trouser pocket and I just couldn’t believe it, and I kept sobbing and Richard wanted to get up to comfort me and thought he had done something wrong - and then he suddenly let out a yell of pain and dropped the box and held his back and I fell down onto my knees and asked what was wrong and he said he had pulled a muscle in his back or something and couldn’t move properly and I said we need to go to the doctor’s and Richard “hmph”-ed but agreed and we crawled out the back. In the car, I called mum to let her know what had happened and then we waited at the A&E - and then I realized I hadn’t even said yes.

Richard was groaning in pain and this probably wasn’t the very best moment, but … I got down on one knee there and then and he stared at me with his eyes wide open and whispered “what…?” and I put a finger to his lips and said, “I had planned another present but you were faster than me but … I haven’t even said yes, so…” I pulled out my own box and opened it and then asked the question I had been meaning to ask ever since I had fallen for Richard. “Richard Crispin Armitage, do you want to marry me?” And laughter bubbled up in Richard’s chest and he said, “Yes you bloody Yankee, of course I do, I wouldn’t have asked you otherwise!” and I rose and hugged him tightly and he hugged me back and it wasn’t the most romantic environment but our first kiss as fiances was absolutely wonderful.

We’re engaged.

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I will be marrying Richard Armitage.

Me. Lee Pace.

I’ll say “I do”. To Richard. Oh God.

We’ll be tied together forever. Just like we should be.


Best. Birthday. Ever.

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i’m honestly SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!! in almost one week i’m going to toronto with my girlfriend and my best friend and we’re all going to fan expo together!!!! emmeline and i are cosplaying as rey and fem!poe and i’ve booked SO many cosplay shoots already and i’m shooting with some of the cosplay guests and i’ve got my photo ops all booked and we’re gonna hang out with our toronto friends and go to cat cafes and the maid cafe and the new poop cafe lmao and we have the cutest air bnb rented and we’re going to the fan expo rave and i’ve saved up lots of money for shopping and EEEEEEE!!!! i’m so proud too bc bree and i able to pay for our plane tickets entirely ourselves bc bree has been working so so hard almost every day at her job to get extra money and i’ve saved all my money from shooting weddings over the summer and from my job (even if that ended up to be a bust i still got dolla dolla bills!) and we’ve all paid our share of the air bnb and i didn’t have to borrow any money from my parents for like the first time and i’m like… slaying the #adulting business right here right now my dudes….. it’s gonna be so good to get out of here again and tbh i want to stay for a few extra days bc my birthday is september 12th and oscar’s new movie is premiering at tiff the day before my birthday and imagine…. if i got to meet him…. for my birthday…. hoooOOOO BUDDY!!!!! anyway i’m super duper excited thank u for listening!