He definitely got it

So I did the the Beach Gruvia for rzerox21xx, sorry its not all fully colored and that it took me a week to do it. It’s been a long week and I had trouble coming up with something to draw

New co-worker is a trip. She’s never worked in an office setting before, in any capacity, so it’s sorta like putting a 37-year-old from 1965 into a modern office and expecting her to know how to say, put paper in the Canon or place a multi-line phone on hold, or how to write a business letter, (minimum 4 spaces between the date, address, greeting, each paragraph, etc.)

She’s also a Typical Californian in that she constantly talks about her diet, which, this week, is a no carb diet with some kind of foul-smelling thick tea-like drink that has to be drunk twice a day. Usually, she’s eating whole tomatoes or these dense bran muffin things, but today- TODAY!- she brought in her tomatoes and a large chunk of cheese, much like is pictured above. A triangular-y hunk of aged goodness. I assumed she had a salad onto which she would shave delicious curls of sharp cheese.

Instead, at 10:30am, (”snack time!”) she removed the entire slab of cheese and she ate it. The entire thing. In one sitting. All of the cheese. The entirety of the cheese hunk in easily 20 minutes. 

That is Sunday afternoon, Netflix-watching, couch-sitting levels of cheese right there, my friends. At 10:30 a.m. on a Wednesday. She may not know what a postage meter is, but she knows how to put down some cheese.