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Roses Dipped In Gold - BeautifulUnseen - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 23/23
Fandom: Glee
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Dystopia

In a world where the Class system is strict and unrelenting, Dalton Academy is a haven away from it all. Still, Kurt shuts himself off from others to avoid unnecessary heartbreak. Blaine, an Elite member of society, is going to try his hardest to change that, but does he know who Kurt really is?

Emoji Ranking: Pile of Poo/Smiling Poo

Apple: This poop is not very friendly. I can see where they were going with the realism, but those eyes are not the eyes of an innocent poop. His mouth hangs open in pure bloodlust. I rate this poop 5/10.

Google: This poop is a bit friendlier, but overenthusiastic. It feels as if he’s faking it. I like the cartoonish art style and the rounded bottom, but his face is a bit too large. 7/10.

Microsoft: Every emoji this company produces has these… lines… they unsettle me. Apart from those lines, this poop has a genuinely friendly face and the shading is unique. 7/10. The update emojis are a new, minimalist take on the poop emoji. 8/10 each.

Samsung: This poop is not friendly at all. He has no mouth to relay the secrets he has heard, but those are eyes of silent, unrelenting judgment. The poop also appears flat and the shading does not account for the actual shape of a pile of poop. 3/10.

LG: What the fuck. 0/10.

HTC: Another new, minimalist take on the poop. It is faceless, an attempt to spread the idea that not all poop must be friendly. It’s rather futuristic-looking. 7.5/10

Facebook: This poop has seen too much. He smiles, but it is a caricature of the man he was before he bore witness to whatever it was he has seen. He bears a resemblance to Apple Poop, leading me to believe some variety of time-warping before and after a horrific event has occurred. The Apple Poop must be warned before it is too late. 5/10.

Messenger: This poop bears an… unsettling resemblance to the smile that McDonalds used to put on their Happy Meals. The 45° view is a new spin (literally) on the emoji, but… this smile is not one of a friend. This poop is not a friend, he must be uninstalled from your device before it is too late for you. He has already seen your deepest secrets. 3/10.

Twitter: This poop is friendly and minimalistic, bearing no shading or outline. He is a simple man. 8/10.

Mozilla: Something about this poop’s shape and beady, soulless eyes unsettles me deeply. This is a mere shell of a poop. 5/10.

Emoji One: A new take on the poop with a face, this poop does not smile at all, but hangs his mouth open in the “O” of pure shock and terror. All the same, he is rather cute and the light-to-dark gradient on this poop in lieu of shading interests me. I rate this poop 8/10.

emojidex: This poop is perfect in every way! I cannot give enough compliments to this poop, though I have never before been so enthralled by an emoji. The shading is simple, but detailed enough to be accurate, and this is by far the friendliest poop I have ever borne witness to. His eyes sparkle with radiant, joyful light, and there is a flush on his cheeks of pure, hearty, happiness. This poop has just heard the best news of his life. I am happy for him. This poop deserves nothing less than 99/10.

Scat Stories #2

Lilies babysitter part two.

This story does have themes that may upset some people. do not read if you think this is you.

Lilies mind exploded with the most violent rush of endorphin’s she had ever felt as her babysitter stuffed her gaping drooling mouth her thick shit. She had never felt like this before in her life, she felt complete. Time froze for Lily as she felt her head spin and her pussy contract as it gushed cum out onto the tiles beneath her. Emily, covered in her shit  was smiling as she fed her petite slave the handful of poo that she held on her hand. Neither Lily or Emily knew they would be doing something so depraved or disgusting with each other when Emily arrived a few hours before. They loved it.

Time unfroze, Lily heard Emily’s voice come into focus mid sentence “-on’t you, you shit loving slut. YOU LOVE BEING FED MY SHIT!” Emily was now shouting her words that were more forceful than romantic. Lily tried to reply but couldn’t get a word out due to her mouth being full, now overflowing with Emily’s shit. Lily started to smear the mess on her breasts all over her body, first her stomach then her arms, she then pulled up her legs so she lay curled in a ball on the cold tiles. She was entirely covered before Emily even knew she had done it. “You greedy whore!!” Emily said almost in amazement. “Spread your legs, i think you’ll like this.” She said. Emily grabbed the insides of Lilies thighs and spread them wide open, exposing her shaved, drenched pussy. Lily lay back down continuing to smear her body in pure ecstasy not caring about anything except being entirely covered. Emily began to shape what was left of the shit in her hand into something that resembled an extremely thick cock, she did this with little trouble as it was one of her favorite things to do when she had alone time at home. Her play thing lay exposed and waiting, consumed by her new found addiction to shit, Emily began to lick and tease Lilies clit with her tongue. Softly running circles around it, she slid a finger inside and began to fuck Lily. Hard. Lily moaned and whimpered as her tight pussy was violated, once Emily could taste Lilies pussy juice flooding out she replaced her finger with her dildo of shit, stuffing her pussy in the same manner she had stuffed to her mouth earlier. Lily loved it, she couldn’t stop herself from shaking and moaning, she spat the poo out of her mouth. “Oh my god Em, no, no don’t that’s too much…! Please take it out…!” Lily cried as if she had only now realized what she was doing. “No, I own you Lily. You’re mine and you’re going to take my shit inside you, because i want you to and there is nothing you can do about it.” Emily said, staring at Lily who now fully realized there was no turning back. She had become property, Emily had fantasied about having a toy just like her for years, now that she had one and there was no way she was going to give her up. Lily was terrified, she felt hopeless and scared but she still felt like she had never felt before in her life, she still liked it. “Fuck me then, I want to be fucked. Not stuffed, fucked.” Lily said staring back at Emily who now crouched between her open thighs. “That’s more like it.” Emily said almost laughing, she knew how much control she had over Lily and she loved it. She pushed two fingers inside Lily and began to fuck her, hard enough to push the handful of shit inside her so far up inside her she could hardly feel it anymore. “OHHH FUUCKKK!!” Lily screamed as she felt Emily’s poo being forced into her greedy pussy, Lily looked down and saw Emily fingering her but to her it felt just like she was being fucked with her 7" dildo. “Em, i have… A… Dildo, upstairs… Get it…” Lily struggled to get out the words as she was being fingered so violently. “Where?” Emily asked, not slowing her pace at all. “In my bathroom… Near the sink… Bottom… Draw…” Lily said. To both her relief and disappointment Emily withdrew her fingers and immediately, stood up, and left the room.

Lily was now the dirtiest 18 year old girl on the planet, covered in her babysitters shit on her kitchen floor. As soon as Emily left Lily could feel the shit inside her trying to push out of her fully stuffed pussy but she didn’t want that. Lily clenched and held the shit inside of her, she felt amazing, she felt the warmth of the poo inside of her. She looked over her body and saw just how covered she was. There was not a single inch of her fair pale skin that was not turned brown by Emily’s shit, this made Lily think of Emily. She had not been gone long but she craved her, Lily needed to have her back to continue their disgusting games together. Her mind pictured Emily smeared with her beautiful thick creamy shit that she had just pushed out onto Lilies breasts, she thought of how sexy Emily’s massive breasts looked coated with poo. Lily realized she didn’t want to do anything else, this was all she wanted. Lily now only craved the life of a scat slave, and the only person she thought to be fit to own her, was Emily.

As Emily left the kitchen and proceeded up the stairs to Lilies bedroom she passed a mirror, she stopped to look at herself. She loved the sight of herself covered in shit, it made her wetter than anything ever did, or could. Emily stood there for a minute admiring her body before she remembered why she left in the first place. When she go to Lilies bathroom she noticed something that made her begin to feel light headed. Emily walked over to Lilies personal toilet, the seat was down. Emily’s head began to spin as she thought of all the times her new slave must have pooped in that bowl. Her hand shook slightly as she keeled and opened the lid, she was nothing short of delighted to see an inch long smear of shit on the side of the bowl. Emily thrust her body forward so her head now fit entirely into the bowl, she licked and cleaned the smear off the porcelain. Emily was dominating but she would go to extreme lengths to taste shit. Especially someone else’s. She moaned loudly, Lilies shit was the most amazing she had ever tasted. Emily needed more. As fast as she could she rummaged through the draws until she found the thick, long, realistic looking dildo and ran down stairs to her awaiting slave.

“Got it!” Emily said, she sounded less controlling and more excited than before. “Good, i need it Emily. So fucking bad.” Lily replied. “I know you little whore, i’m going to give it to you, then you’re going to give something to me.” Emily said as she dropped to all four and spread Lilies thighs once again. “What do you want me to give you Em?” Lily asked sounding innocently curious. “You’ll see, you wont be able to stop yourself. Trust me.” Emily said as she pushed the dildo into Lilies pussy, filling the gap left by her fingers. Lily moaned as she took it, she had fucked herself with the same dildo many times but it never felt the way this did, it felt heavenly. “Good girl, take it all Lily.” Said Emily, as she slowly pushed it inside Lily. Emily began to position her face closer and lower, Lily didn’t notice because her eyes were closed as she moaned and whimpered. Lily felt the slimy sensation of Emily’s tongue on her tight, virgin asshole. The combination of Emily’s tongue and the dildo pushing the shit further and further into her, Lily once again went into orgasm. This one though was more violent and extreme than any other she had experienced that night, or any other. “FUUUUU!!!-” Lily screamed not being able to finish as she felt her ass loosen and Emily’s tongue entered. Cum gushed and flowed from her pussy, the dildo was pushed out with some of the shit that filled her because of the pressure. Lily convulsed on the floor as Emily tongue fucked her ass, moaning loudly as she did so. “Oh… Oh M… My God, Em…” Lily panted. Emily rose from beneath Lilies legs looking her in the eyes with her mesmerizing hazel eyes. “You are very naughty aren’t you Lily? Now i know you’re tired after that, but, i want one last thing before you’re allowed to be free for the night.” Emily said, grinning as she did. “What do you want Em? I’ll do it i promise.” Lily replied, now trying tirelessly to impress and pleasure her new owner. “It’ll be easier if i show you.” Emily said as she lay back and spread her legs. Lily watched, “Now put your pretty little virgin asshole over my pussy Lily.” Emily said, she spread her pussy, exposing a large gape, big enough to fit three fingers easily. “O… Okay Em…” Lily said, obediently following instructions. She spread her ass and lowered it down softly over Emily’s wide open pussy. “What you’re going to do Lily, is fill me. You’re going to shit into me and fill me up.” Emily said pausing to await a response. “Yes Em, anything for you.” Lily replied without even batting an eye. Lily pushed and pushed, she felt something inside her She knew she needed to go, so she pushed harder and sure enough Emily began to moan and tell her she felt it. “It’s coming, don’t you dare stop pushing! Fill me!!” Emily shouted. Lily grunted and then her face instantaneously went from strain to immense pleasure, as she felt a firm log leave her ass and enter straight into Emily’s hungry pussy. “YEEESSSSSS!! FILL ME WHORE!! FILL MEE!!” Emily shouted, her commands mixed with moans as well as Lilies grunts. Lily had just filled Emily with her shit. They were connected, the log was both in Lilies ass and Emily’s pussy. Both girls moaned as Lily began to scissor Emily. “That’s a good little shit whore, fuck me with your shit Lily. Fuck me with you’re shit cock!!” Emily said. Lily did as she was told and rode her babysitter and owners pussy, thus forcing the shit that connected them into both girls. It did not take long for Emily and Lily the two filthiest, most disgusting, sexually depraved girls on earth to cum. They gushed pussy juice and shit all over each other, Lily threw back her head and screamed. Emily smeared the squirt and shit mixture over over body as it gushed from both of them.

Now, after the most intense orgasm both girls had ever experienced, they lay, intertwined on Lilies kitchen floor. They both didn’t know what to do now. Even Emily who thought herself to be an expert was speechless. There was so much shit that it would be reasonable to assume a group of ten men provided it. They lay. Emily was the first to speak. “I.. I don’t… Know…” She stopped thinking of what to say. “What now?” She finally whispered. “Whatever you want. Miss.” Said Lilly.

I am yet to decide if i will continue this story. Like or message me for more.

Live Stream Kiss

Jack knew how much Joe enjoyed doing his live streams every week, but they had been apart all day, and he really wanted to spend time with his boyfriend. Except Joe had insisted on still doing the live stream, and since no one knew they were together, Jack had to play along as if he and Joe were still only mates.

Even if Jack just really wanted to press his mate up against the wall and kiss him senseless.

This was one of those days that Jack decided he hated The Poop Scoop, even if it did put that adorable little smile on Joe’s face.

“Alright, I think that wraps up this week.”

Those words perked Jack up, and he squeezed the hand he held in his, under the counter and completely out of shot, his excitement bubbling in his chest.

Finally, he would have Joe all to himself.

“Thanks for joining me tonight,” The older man smiled, “And I hope you all learned something new today! Oh, and special thanks to my guest star, Jack Maynard!” Joe gestured over to Jack, who saluted the phone.

“Glad to have been part of such an iconic show.”

“Shut up,” Joe laughed, nudging Jack with his shoulder. “Anyways, I’ll see you guys next week for a new edition of The Poop Scoop! And who knows what crazy stories we’ll discover then.”

“Bye!” Jack waved with his free hand, watching Joe reach over to stop the recording, the hand moving almost in slow motion.

But finally, the button is pressed, and the recording is stop.

Joe doesn’t even have a moment to say anything before Jack’s hand are against his cheeks, pulling him close so he can kiss him, although Joe is quick to melt into the kiss, his own hands moving up along Jack’s bicep, his eyes fluttering closed as the kiss continues.

When they break apart, Joe chuckled softly, “Impatient?”

“Been a long day. I’m needy.” Jack grinned.

“Clearly,” Joe smiled back, pressing a quick kiss on his boyfriends lips again. “But the live stream is done, I’m yours for the night.”

“Damn right you are,” Jack muttered, his eyes darkening slightly.

“Let me just put everything away,” Joe gently pulled Jack’s hands down, giving them a squeeze before turning back to his set up, and because the younger man’s eyes are locked onto Joe’s profile, he can see the shock wash over his face.


“Oh shit…”


“The live stream.”

Jack looked over at the small set up, trying to figure out what exactly Joe meant, because they had stopped the live stream. But then he sees the screen still flooding with comments. New comments.

They hadn’t stopped the live stream.



The two sit there, watching the comments still flying in, but neither lean in to read them, unsure of what to do.

“Guess we can’t play this off as a joke, huh?” Joe tried weakly, running a hand through his hair.

“I think it’s pretty obvious,” Jack shifted in his seat, feeling bad. If he had just waited a little longer…

“Hey,” Joe’s hand on his arm drew his focus back to his boyfriend, “It’s alright. We were going to come out anyways.”

“Not like this. And certainly not this soon.”

“Oh well,” Joe shrugged, smiling over at Jack, “It’s happened. Let’s not dwell on it.”

“What are they saying?”

“Uhm,” Joe swung back around to his phone, leaning in to read the comments, “Mostly just freaking out. And saying they thought it was a prank at first.”

“I don’t think you kiss like that if it’s a prank,” Jack blushed.

“No, probably not,” Joe laughed, his eyes still reading the comments, “But most are fairly good with it.”

“That’s a relief,” Jack leaned over, resting his chin on Joe’s shoulder to read the comments as well, smiling at the ones commenting on how cute they were acting. “I think they like us together.”

“I think so,” Joe turned his head slightly to look over at his boyfriend, “And hey, now we don’t have to hide.”

“No,” Jack smirks, “We don’t.”

He quickly captures Joe’s lips in another kiss, reaching blindly to cover the phone, because while they may not have to hide any more, he’s pretty sure the viewers aren’t going to want to watch the two make up for the day they had apart.

Adventures in Babysitting

Supernatural + Reader

Warning: Fuffly

Summary : The Boys are hit with a de-age spell and Bobby calls you to take care of them.


Adventures in Babysitting

Part One


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Oh, poop, new sketchbook doesn’t like watercolors all that much. Ah, well.

Anyway, marker doodle of Venla, the part time veterinarian at Simon’s zoo, with some watercolors slapped on since I realize I haven’t drawn many of them in color before.

In her natural form she has freckled gray skin and silvery-white hair, but her human form turns her hair gray instead. She usually has it dyed blue because if you’re going to spend most of your time in a fake body, you might as well make it look like you want to.