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Do you really have a new look with poop green hair? Literally like no more red scarf and all I'm clinging on to is your flower crown. That flower crown thing you have is bae

I mean… considering I’m a blond…

Got a poopy card from our publishers today with a present full of all the brand new dino poop books. Thanks team poop!💩💩


NEW VIDEO!!!!! The New Years Poop Story

Hey, I’ve been ignoring this kind of stuff for ages bc I thought no one would care, but maybe it’s time.

I was tagged by the beautiful a-winchester-by-choice so thank you for that (:

1. Angel, Mini-milkshake, Toris.
2. Light blue.
3. Blonde.
4. I’m home alone, eating pie and watching series now.
5. Depends on my mood, but I really like red and orange atm.
6. The woods, my cousins summer house in Dalarna and my friends house.
7. You seriously can’t ask me that, I’m sorry that’s is impossible.
8. Dogs, dolphins, elephants.
9. You know tbh, I’m very bad at choosing favourites…
10. ^

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New poop. And this one is a goodie.

“I be lookin’ for turtles, where they at?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’m lookin’ for four turtles, where they at?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’m lookin’ for Stinky pussy-ass turtles wearing masks, where they fuckin’ at?”

“eyeyeyeyeye- I don’t know.”