i’m at the battle frontier arc of the pokemon anime and now i remember the pain other fans felt about the recasting. it’s been so many years that it just slipped my mind entirely.

the butthurt is real. :’(

also, i’ve been playing fantasy life for 3ds and it’s pretty fun! definitely one of the best rpgs i’ve played.


replied to your post

“How have I used my Physics edu so far? Optimizing a mechanism for…”

Would love to hear bout that egg hatching mech

Oh for sure. It’s nothing fancy (basically just Physics 1), but it has improved my game experience.

So after I got my new N3DS, I decided to stop using the ticket-stub-under-joypad method because it was seriously bad for the hardware. 

This hatching method works a LOT better (assuming you hatch in ORAS) and doesn’t harm your 3DS. 

I realized that you could get the same effect as a button press by resting the edge of a small weight on the very end of the Up arrow. By maximizing the length of the lever arm (the entire “radius” of the controller), you get a maximized torque (which is the length of the lever arm times the perpendicular component of the applied force) about the center of the D-Pad. 

The weight I use is a simple $1 cord organizer that I got from a convenience store. It’s heavy enough that it triggers and holds the control only after being pressed down, but light enough that it doesn’t put harmful stress on your system. 

With this set-up, it’s also really easy to “reset” your loop when an egg hatches in the middle of a horizontal stretch. You just gently lift the weight when you’re in the hatching screen and then press it back down when your character is in the vertical position again.

I can post a video if you want. 


【New】Pokemon XY 4th Ending 「ガオガオ・オールスター」Little Glee Monster【HD】


By the way, how does HAWLUCHA wear long sleeves shirt?

Goodra’s leaving ;n;

Anyone else notice in the new Outro that there is no reference whatsoever to Ash’s Goodra? So…. Yep. We’re gonna have to say bye bye to his Goodra soon. Maybe it will return, maybe it’ll be like Gliscor. At least I freaking hope so.
The good news is that there are references to A Noibat and and Eevee in the outro as well. Now, Ash will be saying bye to Goodra soon, for previously stated reasons, so it would make sense for him to get Noibat as a replacement dragon type, and for Serena to Get Eevee, and evolve into Sylveon, because thats how she is.
Honestly, I’m really upset to See Goodra go. I really liked him, he was adorable and hilarious, and he’ll be the first Pokemon in a while to leave Ash’s team, Since Gliscor, and if he’s going to release it, the first since Lapras, probably about 15 years ago. I still have hope that I’m wrong, but given the animes track record of giving us spoilers in intros and outros (Ash’s Hawlucha and Serena’s Braixen, and that’s just in X and Y Alone) I don’t see my wishes happening. With any luck, there’s a Pokemon ranger or something who lives in that forest, and can send Ash Goodra in the Kalos leauge, in a simmilar mannor to that of Gliscor?  What do we all think? 

I went to the city today to complete my outfit for our very last day of school before the final exams will start; we’re allowed to dress up on our last day so I won’t let this chance get away! 

I will upload my  new Pokemon XY AMV in 15 minutes so stay tuned! :D

watching XY069 atm

I was watching the new pokemon xy ending again and I actually think that the eevee is going to belong to Citron/Eureka because in the video the eevee is always next to/behind bunnelby in the video so it must belong to them

Fans of both Japanese music and the hit television show, Glee, would most likely enjoy Little Glee Monster! These kawaii teenage girls from Japan are a 6-member group formed in 2013 and debuted this year. Just like the television show, these little monsters gained recognition by covering songs from notable bands and artists such as BUMP OF CHICKEN, Southern All-Star, and MISIA. Little Glee Monster even covered Disney song such as, “Let It Go” from the movie, Frozen, and “What Time Is It?” from High School Musical 2! While it is expected of girl bands to be singing AND dancing ala AKB48, Little Glee Monster only focuses on wow-ing their audience with their singing ability!!They sing the new Pokemon XY ending!!They’re awesome!!

Little Glee Monster are:
SERINA (born 1998/6/1)
ASAHI (born 1999/5/13)
MAJU (born 1998/4/25)
MAYU (born 1999/9/12)
KAREN (born 1998/6/8)
MANAKA (born 2000/12/5)

New ‘Pokemon The Movie XY: The Archdijinni Of The Rings Hoopa’ Japanese Trailer Shows Epic Legendary Fight

A new Japanese trailer for the Pokémon The Movie XY: The Archdijinni Of The Rings Hoopa has released and shows more fighting and plot elements.

I decided to answer these questions because I was a bit bored, and you guys can get to know me better!

1. Lapras, Squirtle, Piplup, Mudkip, Vaporeon, Altaria, so yes 😁
2. Yes I loved walking with my pokemon and I want the option to do so again on future games
3. Probably switch tactic
4. No I just use A
5. My first favorite type was fire, and it still kinda is, but I’ve grown fond of Dragon types
6. I love both the old and the remakes!
7. I’m almost always connected to the Internet.
8. I usually buy one version then get the second one after a while
9. I’m not really sure…
10. I think I got up to 20 when I was little before I got bored 😂
11. I love catching legendaries! It gets frustrating sometimes, but man when you finally catch one..😱
12. A Fearow that my bother traded me was my first level 100
13. I would base a pokemon region on Ireland or Scotland. Just imagine all the cool castles!
14. I think it would be cool to be a E4 or Gym Leader, but I really enjoy traveling as a trainer.
15. I would love to have a fire type gym and you would have to make your way around lava flows and bonfires and such. I would like to have all the fire starters as my pokemon
16. I have used an action replay to use codes for old events that I missed (such as legendaries). I didn’t like using the cheats when I tried it out for battling, it just didn’t feel right to me.
17. I didn’t call his grandson anything like “butthead” or worse, I think I just had a regular name like Luke or something.
18. I really don’t have a favorite system. They each have their ups and downs
19. I haven’t completely won the lottery, but I’ve gotten a few little prizes here and there
20. I’ve never played voltorb flip, but now I want to.
21. Inverse battles are okay, I’m not I love
with them though.
22. My favorite move would probably be roar of time from dialga, I don’t know why I just love it!
23. I really don’t care for zubats or anything that causes confusion
24. Nope, no glitches
25. I really don’t have an opinion on bootleg pokemon products I guess
26. I really like gen 4 and 6 for the best dressed
27. I usually get most of my info from Bulbapedia
28. I get vary jealous when another region gets an event that I can’t get
29. I think a lot of the protagonists’ fathers are either trainers of their own or dead 😁
30. I check garbage cans all the time
31. I use the item finder whenever I feel like there’s and item in the area
32. No I think pokemon covered all my favorite animals
33. I used to not like nicknaming Pokemon, but now I nickname every single one I catch
34. I don’t remember my first nickname
35. My first trainer name was Kevin because I liked the boy look better than the girls
36. No I enjoy single battles being the majority
37. I like all battle backgrounds really 😊 I don’t think I have a favorite
38. I love the GTS, it’s a great way to get cool pokemon!
39. I was never able to do the dream world in gen 5 because my DS never worked with our WiFi for some reason. Thank god my 3DS does!
40. I actually really like the little mini games the global link has
41. Again, I would love to walk with my Pokemon again.
42. I really liked Barry from gen 4, he was a funny little dude.
43. I do watch a little Munchingorange every once in a while
44. No I want a new Pokemon game 😁
45. I like the acro bike a tiny bit more
46. A ditto of course is my go-to breeding pokemon 😛
47. Yes the battery has died once when I was playing Pokemon Platinum 😞
48. I would love to have an ultimate Pokemon game where it has every generation! But of corse that would never happen
49. I saw the freeze condition more often in Pokemon Platinum, but I don’t see it too often.
50. I would love a fire and flying move combined if there isn’t one already 😁