To be honest I’m really not impressed with how many Pokemon are being released before the game even comes out. I feel like it’s more than the usual. It’s not even August yet and we still haven’t seen the 2nd line of the starters. Not to be whiny, but I kind of hope they have a larger amount of new Pokemon than XY.

Not trying to spoil the fun, this is just purely how I feel. By all means enjoy the news. It’s cool I just feel like it’s a bit much.

There are 5 PokéStops really close to each other around a nearby Church that we walked to at 12AM in the morning, with about 30 people coming and going for the hour we where there because someone put lures on 4/5 of them.

During that time, this Ambulance drove up and stopped for 10 minutes in the parking lot, and starts blasting music. And when it was leaving, it drove to the PokéStop at the top of the hill and waits for a full minute, before booking it down the street.