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8 15 37 48 for /bloob\ 🖤im his biggest fan sorrs

8. Is there a meaning to their name?
Sort of. His mom just really loved classical music and named him after Wolfgang Amadeus.

15. Where do they live? Are they wealthy? Poor? Middle-Class?
As of right now he is living in his nice apartment in Brooklyn, New York living that wealthy life. 

37.Do/Did they have bullies in school?
Nope. Wolfie was always one of the bigger kids all through school so other kids never picked on him, but they did make fun of his name a bit during middle school. 

48)   What do they do when they get angry, stressed, or upset?
When he gets angry or upset he tends to shut everyone out from his life and throw his phone into the ocean. He always needs his alone time when he’s angry because he tends to say really hurtful things without really thinking it through. When he's stressed he just drinks a lot of whisky and talks about it in his personal podcast(its like his diary)

he loves his fans. he will write you a fancy formal dry thank you note. tyty<3

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