I hit my next milestone!!

As a thank you, I can make you: a new icon/profile pic, a banner, or an aesthetic. For whichever you choose, let me know:

Icon/Profile Pic and Banner
-your person/character/object you want
-specific colors you want
-any words or sayings

-your fave character or celeb
-a description of yourself
-some things you like to do
-fave color

Thank you guys so much! I appreciate you guys for the love and support!

It’s incredible, you know. It feels like a big responsibility. It’s something I’ve taken very much seriously and something I thought about a lot. I’m just excited because I know. Like, growing up I wasn’t able to see someone necesarrily that looked like me, that was from where I was from in a movie. And I’m excited that kids will be able to see that. [about representing the Asian community on Hollywood with her role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi as a strong powerful woman]


Be strong and be thoughtful and take care and realise how you’re affecting other people. Learn and grow and don’t be scared if things are offered to you that you’re not sure about but may change your life. Dive in feet first. Take everything you can and appreciate every day. Appreciate the people around you who support you and never feel on your own because you never are.