martymcflyjunior replied to your post: “ooc: today my coworker thought I was Canadian and wished me happy…”:

(it’s bc you’re literally mjf)

ooc: haha WELL I AM MARTY IDK ABOUT BEING michael ALTHOUGH I did have my cat photoshoot sweatshirt on when we were inside so that might’ve prompted her to wish me a happy Canada Day IDK

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ice-like-dreams asked:

(( I saw that! So I'm gonna ask: Redbull or Diet Pepsi? Mwahaha. ))

NO! You can’t do this to me. But I have to pick Redbull.

Redbull by itself. Eh. But Red Bull infusions are literally the best things to ever happen to me. Ever. Made myself a strawberry one tonight. Sooo good.

Formerly known as Saint Pepsi, Skylar Spence is back with another jam. I guess the soda overlords didn’t like his name, but that’s okay because Coca Cola is way better, and so is Skylar Spence.

His newest track delivers the same summer vibes he brought to the table on Fiona Coyne, but this time around, Skylar Spence is bringing some funky bass-lines to back it up. The lyrics “I’m in love with my own reflection” seem a bit self-indulgent to me, but I’m an egomaniac who relates well with that.

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i lov pepsi strong!! i went to the pepsi strong bar thing in harajuku it was real weird

they still got bottles for 50 yen each at the supermarket next to my apartment!! on the train tvs they had ads like all of last month that would play 2 times every minute and it was like a bunch of ppl in times square and some guy on tv like announcing new pepsi then he said ‘only available in japan’ and the ad ended with everyone goin ‘ohh noooo’ and a shot of a baby crying its good marketing

Coke vs. Pepsi

Okay I just saw the new Pepsi commercial and Pepsi is rubbing in how they have concerts and Coca Cola has the polar bear…. Um, Coca Cola has THE TAYLOR FREAKING ALISON SWIFT!! Back up Pepsi.

“yeah, the other members of mcdonalds just weren’t as committed as me to creating a successful metal band, but great job on the logo though. got a good feeling about my new metal band, pepsi, though!” - me on the phone to whoever designs metal logos



Chain Reaction w/ Ping Pong Balls And Mouse Traps - Pepsi Max.

Pepsi Max put together this little video to celebrate the new year last season. Thousands of mousetraps and ping pong balls create a spectacular chain reaction to make sure 2014 goes out with a bang. Happy new year from Pepsi…

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