My lunar new year (1/6)

Vietnam has Lunar new year and we call it “Tết”, and since I feel it too strong I will spam your blog with some of “Tết” significant characters.

My family is in the north, so this is the northern style, it can be different in many ways from southern Vietnam. We always decorate our house with either a peach tree/branch or kumquat tree, while the south will choose an apricot tree/branch. Some families might have other flowers, but for sure you will always see those trees in Vietnamese house in this holiday.

The tradition goes way back, I heard from accient time people believed that there were two deities lived under the peach tree root. So the tree itself got the godly protection, and in this time of the year when the deities have to go back to heaven to report to god, the families took a peach tree/branch inside their houses in hope that evil will stay away in fear of the deities. Or so they said, thats where this tradition has been born.

For me whenever I saw peach trees everywhere in the street, I knew Tết is coming and it always make me happy. It reminds me of all those happy times in childhood, and what I had experienced to make me who I am now, I just have so many thoughts, but Im excited.

Also because I drank too much pepsi and ate a lot to be a pig in this holiday so yassssssssssssss lolololo im so excited