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I love your blog!! But looking over some of your last posts answering questions, I'm confused. You're 15, but you have your own apartment? Sorry if I'm missing something, that's just not a regular thing where I live.

No I live in New York and my parents travel 98% of the time for work. I live there with my boyfriend since he’s older and my parents didn’t like me living alone.

Mettaton has dreamed of being Class President ever since…well…the beginning of the year, when he heard Undyne and Alphys talking about it. He believes that he would be an absolutely amazing Class President, and would be able to offer the monsters of the school everything they could ever want…and more!
Mettaton is by far the most social one out of the Blook cousins; with his charisma and talent, he is clearly the most sought after out of the four.
Mettaton constantly craves the spotlight, and he does whatever he can to get it. At home, he doesn’t get that much attention, and when he does, it is for the wrong reasons. When he was younger, his parents split up and his father completely left the picture. His mother remarried soon after, and all of her attention went to her new husband. His parents take frequent trips out of the country, leaving him to his own devices.
Mettaton takes care of himself, performing at various restaurants and bars in order to buy himself whatever he needs. So, while he does act quite narcissistic and spoiled, he does so because *he* is the only thing he enjoys in his personal life.
To clear up any confusion: Mettaton *is* male in this AU.
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Some Thoughts on Lars, his family, and his relationship with Sadie

This is Lars’s house. His parents are very into handmade crafts they saw on Pinterest. On the other hand, the room they let their son stay in still looks like and has the objects of an attic (Christmas lights, boxes, coats). Knowing Lars, he probably didn’t want knick-knacks and rainbows in his room.

His parents clearly care about him, though. They don’t suppress his personality. His mother even bought him the heart plugs. 

I feel their family is one that’s stopped being on the same page some time ago. It’s a sharp contrast to Sour Cream’s family, who regularly communicates even though they don’t always agree. Lars’s family doesn’t seem to engage with each other on a level that both parties are comfortable with or understand. Can you imagine the breakfast scene but with Lars sitting there instead of Steven?

His parents see Lars as the person Lars wants to be, not as the real Lars. They see the tough, cool guy. They believe this so much that they’re not surprised he’s breaking into people’s houses as a burglar.

Lars is starved for the affirmation of his peers. With parents who see their son in town and immediately saying, “Let’s follow him!” you can sort of see how most of his childhood was. And we look back at the handicrafts and the general aesthetic of his house and his parents and we know that’s not the image he himself wants to project.

I’m not defending Lars, just trying to explain why he doesn’t want people to know about his parents, and why we’ve never seen them before.Their personalities just clash, most families do. The problem here is that they’re not making efforts to reach each other, or those efforts are taken at face value. 

When Steven gave Lars’s parents the answer they wanted to hear, that was that. They didn’t question him or ask what was wrong or anything. In the same way, I can imagine that when Lars’s parents got him what he wanted, that was it as well. 

Because neither are terrible people. Lars’s parents are concerned enough to talk about his grades and his education after Lars moved out. They didn’t give him one shot and then leave him on his own. 

But what are their conversations like? His father remarks it’s great that Lars didn’t even swear this time. They both are incredibly surprised by how the conversation went.

His parents know him, but don’t know him well enough. I have friends, who will immediately lash out when their parents confront them with something they’ve done “wrong” or when it’s something they don’t want to do. They sort of clam up and just stop listening to anything, even reasonable things. And from experience, it’s because deep down, they know they’re not doing well. They’re upset with themselves but also don’t want to change

Lars knows his responsibilities and what he’s supposed to do for school, but did you see all those F’s? He’d have to change a lot about his habits and his lifestyle, and it frustrates him because he wants to do better but doesn’t want to make all those changes and everyone suddenly feels up on his case and he doesn’t know how to answer them because they’re right but he wants to put it away. 

The very intentional running sentence shows that approaching it the way, I think, most parents would approach it, “What on Earth happened? Is there something wrong at school?” would make him explode. It’s a personality thing. So they take the opposite direction. Someone like Lars probably acts like he doesn’t hear anything, and then fights about it, but when he’s alone these words weigh on him and he starts to feel bad for himself, and the cycle starts again.

In the show, who actually gets Lars to do things? His peers. The way his parents address Lars, talking about his education and his decisions don’t really matter to him, because he cares very little about himself. Time after time we see Lars pretending to be someone he’s not for the validation he gets from other people means way more. If his parents addressed him from an angle that involved peers, it may help a little more.

At his core, who was Lars? He was best friends with Ronaldo, until he started letting people’s opinions dictate whom he should be friends with. Sadie says it best when she called him out (as Steven) for acting completely different in public and in private. He’s not a terrible person, but he ends up doing terrible things for the sake of that validation.

Because Lars is short-tempered, impulsive, at times violent. He throws things and rips things up and yells a lot. But what’s he doing it all for? It’s when someone messes with how he wants to be perceived, and being cool is something he thinks he’s got down but doesn’t actually understand. He wants to be like the Cool Kids, and not care about anyone, except the Cool Kids care about their friends and family more than they’d like to admit.

Lars does all these things but he’s capable of a lot of good. Sadie points out in Joking Victim that when they played video games together, Lars brought her favourite food. That’s a thoughtful thing. And the events of Horror Club show that he’s not completely awful. 

He’s done a lot of mean things, though. This episode, for me, is only the start of addressing that. Because at the end, it seems as though it’s a good thing Lars is mean again. Everyone liked the new Lars better, but his meanness is validated because Sadie prefers the original Lars. I don’t think this is the case.

Taken with a grain of salt, the ending makes sense. It’s not that Lars should be mean. Sadie likes having a friend who is cynical, and complains, and makes use of dark humour. Just look at the kind of movies she watches, and how she says things like, “I’d rather have my organs pickled,” in the same way Lars says, “I’d rather eat poop.” They do have a lot in common in terms of interests and humour and stuff like that. So why aren’t they acting like it?

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I don’t know if you’ve talked about this before, but how do you feel about Sadie and Lars relationship? To me they could work as friends, but they’ve both got a lot of growing to do before they approach anything resembling a romance. Because whenever they try, someone gets hurt. Sadie was willing to hold both Lars and Steven (a minor) on an island just so she could be with him and Lars was selfish enough to take advantage of Sadie and fake a back injury to sneak out of work. Sadie puts (cont.)

…way too much faith in him when he hurts her SO badly (I mean, she was crying really hard out of betrayal and anger when he went and did that sleezeball thing, and THEN to hang out with some other girl too?) but Sadie’s no angel either if she’s willing to KIDNAP people and strand them from friends, family, and supplies just for her own personal gain. But Steven Universe, for all their progress, is still doing the Good Girls Love Bad Boys trope that is so damn eye-rolling. Real life ain’t so.

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When a New Jersey 17-year-old named Kinsey came out to her parents, they threw a surprise PRIDE Party in her honor, complete with rainbow foods, rainbow decorations, and a “vegan gay cake” that her aunt made. Source Source 2 Source 3

“I love being a part of such a caring and awesome community,” she told Buzzfeed. “The best part is seeing how happy the party has made everyone.”

“Especially in light of the Pulse shootings this past Pride Month, our community needs a little joy and hope and I’m glad to say my family has helped contribute to that.”

She also came out on Instagram, in the most adorable way possible:



They look like such a happy little family. And his house looks so cute. Remember all of those edgy posts that were like “what if lars is like that bc his home life is terrible” “what if lars is an orphan and thats why hes so mean” Nah fam his parents look loving and supportive and my baby Lars is probably just mean because he’s insecure and lashes out and just wants to be a cool kid, but he doesn’t get that the cool kids are like some of the nicest kids in town. Also his mom is rocking that duck dress man. Ugh this ep needs to air now

10 Things *I* Want New Parents to Know
By KidsRaisingKids
  1. After the initial excitement of the pregnancy wears off and you make a few sentimental purchases of newborn clothes and toys, try and settle down.  Babies don’t need that many clothes and they are more likely to become enamored with their own hand or the bright light shining through your blinds than they are with some fancy store bought baby toy.  You could honestly survive the first several months of your child’s life with nothing but diapers and a means of nourishing your child.
  2. People are very opinionated when it comes to parenting. Be prepared for a barrage of unsolicited advice. Don’t let people make you second guess your parenting decisions, but don’t discard them all as irrelevant. Listen, smile, and nod your head.  Like anything else, absorb it and then draw your own conclusion.
  3. Being pregnant, having a baby, and raising a child are important milestone events in one’s life.  It’s probably one of the most important things you will ever do, therefore I encourage you to research it, take a class, read, talk to other parents.  When it comes to being a parent, there is no such thing as too much information (I know that some will disagree).
  4. Being a new parent is a “learn as you go” experience. Be ready to improvise and adapt.  My wife and I slept on the floor with our newborn on top of her changing mat during our first night home from the hospital.
  5. Be ready to be “the bad guy”.  We make thousands of parenting decisions for our child before they are even old enough to talk.  You might have to tell a loved one that they cannot hold your baby yet or nag every person who enters your house to wash their hands before socializing.  When it comes to my child, I have no problem offending someone in order to do what I think is right.
  6. Invest in a quality recording device (digital camera or video camera). Your child will be making new memories every day.  Capture them. You won’t believe how fast they grow.  When I come home from work, I can see how much my daughter has grown since I left.
  7. You don’t always have to whisper and tip toe around your child when they sleep.  When we have visitors, everyone’s instinct is to be extremely quiet around our daughter.  The louder the better, get her used to this world.  Besides, you’ll learn that loud noises won’t wake your child, but trying to sit down for dinner with your spouse will.
  8. Embrace the poop. Being a parent requires a morbid sense of humor.  If you don’t have one, start trying to develop one now.  Everything you know and love will be shat on.
  9. Try not to get down on yourself as a parent.  You’ve never done this before, so how could you expect to be an expert on day 1?  A baby’s needs are very basic and they have very low expectations of you.  If her diaper is clean, she is fed, well rested, and being held but still crying, get over it.  Babies cry.
  10. Enjoy it.  Get on the floor and have tummy time your child, make silly noises, get drool on your face, embarrass yourself, and inhale the way they smell.

A U.S. Navy Sailor from the Arleigh Burke Class Guided Missile Destroyer USS RUSSELL (DDG 59) holds his baby for the first time after returning home at Naval Station Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on Sept. 5, 2006, following a six-month deployment. RUSSELL departed this year as part of the Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and later joined the Kitty Hawk CSG before returning here at Pearl Harbor.

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication SPECIALIST 1ST Class James E. Foehl) (Released), 09/05/2006

Noob Dad Tip#2

At some point your child will start moving on their own. By this time you should have your house “baby proofed.” Install a “baby gate,” partitioning areas safe for baby from areas not. That’s not the tip. The tip is: Remember you installed the “baby gate,” or that shit will take you the fuck out in the middle of the night.

Excerpts from the article:

The rocky relationship between new parents Louis and Briana appears to have worsened in recent weeks, with the former lovers meeting in a hotel car park for a handover of their child, after Briana reportedly banned the musician from her house.

However, sources close to the 1D star claim that Briana has been ‘inconsistent’ with the time Louis is allowed to spend with Freddie, which Louis is said to blame on jealousy of his new relationship, according to TMZ.

The website claimed that Brianna has been unhappy with Freddie 'smelling like perfume’, suggesting to her that her son has spent time around Louis’ new girlfriend.

Briana is also said to be concerned over the security of herself and her child, believing Danielle to be 'nothing more than a crazed fan who now knows her home address.’

What Briana complains about: