Summary: In order to get the information you need for case, you start to date the owner of an auction house’s daughter. Dean isn’t keen on the idea of you dating anyone else.
Words: 8.5k (plus 2.8k smutty coda- smut can be avoided or read alone)
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess, brief Sarah x Reader
Warnings: pseudo-infidelity, bi!reader Coda warnings: smutty smutty goodness

Beta: @blacksiren 
A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here

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You were lying on your stomach in a motel just outside of New York, skimming through local papers and looking for a case.

Dean was out hustling pool, your sister shopping for non-perishable essentials, leaving you and Sam behind to do the job hunting.

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Gourmet Pizza - Main Street in New Paltz, NY

I was in New Paltz over the weekend visiting Katie C. While she was in the shower, her one roommate John wanted to get pizza. Do you really think I would ever let someone go get pizza alone? No. Now, it was 1 am at the time so most people would expect all the pizzerias to be closed for the night. However, as New Paltz is a college town full of drunk college bros and college hoes, they have not one but TWO pizzerias open ‘til at least 2 am nightly. The one we settled on was Gourmet Pizza on Main Street. I got a chicken bacon ranch as it looked pretty cool while John got a sicilian and something else (I’m not really too sure what though, to be honest). My slice was above average, but still nothing to write home about. It kinda tasted like it had parmesan cheese on it even though it didn’t. John said his slices only tasted as good as they did because of how hungry he was, so that’s not very reaffirming either. He’s also said that he’s never gotten a fresh slice of pizza from Gourmet, no matter the time of day. Pretty solid for upstate pizza, but in the grand scheme of things it’s nothing worth going out of your way for. If you’re starving at one in the morning though, you definitely want to scope this spot out.


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