New York man charged with hate crime for placing gun to Muslim cab driver’s head

  • Two days after Donald Trump’s inauguration, a white man threatened a Muslim cab driver at gun point in New Paltz, New York. 
  • Now, he has been charged with two felony hate crimes.
  • New York State Police said Andrew Plachecki, 26, placed the gun to the taxi driver’s head and called him a “motherfucking piece of Muslim shit” early Sunday morning. 
  • Plachecki, reportedly intoxicated, pointed the gun during a cab fare dispute with the driver.
  • The cab driver, who works with Jon’s Taxi, called his dispatcher and signaled a state police cruiser. 
  • Soon after, New York state troopers found Plachecki at a nearby gas station and arrested him.
  • On Monday, the Daily Freeman reported that Plachecki received two felony charges: “menacing, displaying a weapon as a hate crime and reckless endangerment as a hate crime.” Read more

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