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Twerkin’ vs. Bouncin’

I think (and this is the last thought I’ll have on it….stuff to do) that the main problem with Miley Cyrus’ twerking episode is that she just looked lazy. Bending over for some dude and wiggling your butt is just some 3am drunken club shit.

Check out the video linked here for an example of real dance skill.

This is how it’s done. And this ain’t twerkin’. It’s New Orleans bounce dancing. Some people here call it poppin’, wobblin’, pounchin’, swigglin’, or myriad other names depending on what particular move you’re doing. That’s because it’s an actual mode of dance that requires practice and dedication and a sense of personal expression. And as a mode of dance (albeit folk in lineage) it has differentiated moves, is passed down through multiple generations (Bounce is over 25 years old!) and is not dependent upon the sexual roles associated in the public sphere with twerking.

And now that I think of it, I keep getting asked what’s the difference between Bounce and Twerking and I would have to say the last part is the important part.

It’s not ABOUT sex. It alludes to sexual positions, it’s titillating and CAN be sexually motivated, but it’s not about the other, the guy or gal grinding against an upturned ass. It’s about the dancer. The person doing the dancing. And the spectator is there to reinforce the awesome abilities of the dancers, not to assume the dancing is for their own personal benefit in any way. (In this sense it’s not surprising here in New Orleans to see little kids doing it, having learned it from older siblings and parents. The sexualization of the dancers alludes to a problem with the sexualizer (spectator), not the dancer engaged in legitimate self expression.

But that’s all more esoteric than the reason I posted this.

Miley Cyrus’ crime is sucking at dancing. She thought she could go out and be lazy about it and people would applaud whatever effort she made. I felt the same way when I watched Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby”. All I could think was, lazy, lazy, lazy.

KGunna (the male dancer in this video) works his ass off to be this good, and he’s one of very many, and he deserves your support and attention for being part of something much bigger than himself and contributing productively to that something.

Miley pretty much deserves the reaction she got too.

If she showed any evidence whatsoever of having tried to dance well, people would be applauding her like a child taking her first steps. But she clearly didn’t.

Try harder next time.

Better yet, hire KGunna to teach you.

I got his number if you need it #mileycyrus


DJ Jubilee Live
Fifty Five / Where Is D Boi'ezz - 10th Ward Buck (BlaqNmilD)
Get Cha Some / 4th Ward Clock Work - Keedy Black (Joe Wit Da Dreadz)
Dusty Money - Sissy Nobby
Slam It Like Shaq - Monsta Wit Da Fade (Joe Wit Da Dreadz)
Red Nose - Sage The Gemini (DJ Erv)
Azz Eata - Da 49ers (Dj Daddy Lo)
Joseph Melph Mac Cali - Big Freedia (Joe Wit Da Dreadz)
Swiggle De Wiggle - Reedy (Kirby)
Hitta Wit Dat 9 - Frankyboy Murdafeen (Joe Wit Da Dreadz)
25 - Walkalot (Joe Wit Da Dreadz)
Is U Stupid (Live) - Josephine Johnny & Magnolia Chop
Project Song - 9th Ward Judy (Kirby)
Pussy Pop - Big Freedia (BlaqNmilD)
Make It Wop - AL Gucci (Dj Daddy Lo)
Let Me Find Out - 5th Ward Weebie (BlaqNmilD)
Dip Music - N.O. Meazy ft. Porche 9
Horny - Mousse T (Dj Daddy Lo)
Lorde - Royals (B-Sharp)
The Worst - Jhene Aiko ft. Hasizzle (Jay Diggy)
Just Be A Man About It - Toni Braxton (Majah Ona Trakk)
Love Don’t Live Here Anymore - Rose Royce (Took)
Out On A Limb - Teena Marie ft. P Town Moe (BlaqNmilD)
Drunk In Love - Blaza & Dj Poppa
Don’t Think They Know - Chris Brown ft. Aaliyah (WestBank Red ft. McLac)
Im Out Da 9 - Gotty Boi Chris (Jay Diggy)
#TeamKeno Theme Song - Fly Boy Keno (Dj-Cal)
Josephine Calli - Fly Boy Keno (WestBank Red)


Mixed by Took

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A sweet portrait of a sweet person. Nicky was talented beyond measure and this video is the best portrait of him. Whether you knew him personally or not, his energy pulled good things, and good times, toward him. Miss you, son…Team @NickyDaB forever.

Hi people!! I just finished making my 4th mix and it’s New Orleans Bounce this time. Almost exclusively artists from this city are featured on this mix. Not shaking my ass while making this was the hardest part, but I hope it will be the easiest part for you hehe. Comment, reblog and like :))

01. Hot Boy Ronald - Walk Like Ronald
02. Choppa - Choppa Style
03. Da Entourage - Bunny Hop
04. DJ Jubilee - We Ready Ready
05. DJ Jubilee & Partners-n-Crime - N.O Block Party
06. 504 Boyz - Wobble Wobble
07. Magnolia Shorty - Monkey On The dick
08. Kourtney Heart & Magnolia Shorty - My Boy
09. Juvenile - Bounce For The Juvenile
10. 5th Ward Weebie & Big Choo - I Wanna Be Where You Are
11. Adele - Rolling In The Deep Remix (NOLA REMIX)
12. DJ Jubilee - Walk With It