Quiet night

Shou hangs out with Teru, and Teru prods into shous business. Stressed teens trying to find solace in each other.

I do think Teru and Shou are a lot alike, and begrudgingly see that in each other, and still want to help each other and themselves.

Teru wants Shou to know he doesn’t have to shoulder all this responsibility, and Shou wants Teru to know hes not the only one struggling.

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Part 1

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                       OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW

This is a spell to get rid of all the old that no longer serves you thus creating space for the new to come. This spell should be done in two parts, beginning with a new moon and ending it on a full moon.

All you’re going to need is an old bone (be it from an animal, or your tooth or anything really) and a feather, or more if you’d like.

You’re going to charge these objects before you start the spell on a new moon.

On the night of a new moon, cast a circle around you, invoke any gods or spirits or whatever you work with to come and join you. Place the bone in front of you and meditate on all the negative aspects you want gone in your life. Place all of these events, people, emotions or situations into the bone. Talk to it if you’d like, cry to it, scream at it, clench it with your fists whatever floats your boat. (TRIGGER WARNING: blood) Prick your finger and drip a drop of blood on the bone. If you do not want to do this it’s alright don’t do it. Bury this bone, or throw it in a river.

Next, on the night of a full moon place the feather/s in front of you and meditate on all the new things you want in your life, whether it be love, money, a new job, friends, health or any wish you have in mind. Concentrate real hard on what it would feel like to you if you had all you wanted. Grasp that feeling and those images and envision them going into the feather. Prick your finger and drip a drop of blood on the feather, and again its totally cool if you don’t want to. Take a cup of red wine (or a red juice if you’re not into alcohol) and go out somewhere you feel at peace. Sit under the moon for a while, soaking in her frequency and when it feels right release the feathers into the air, and really open up yourself to receiving all you want in life. Imagine what it would feel like to have achieved all that you want again under the full moon, tell her your wishes and open up your heart to her. Once you’re done, take a gulp or two from the wine/juice and pour the rest into the ground. Thank the moon and walk away. 

Magickal Uses of Black Pepper

GENDER: Masculine



Magickal Uses: Banishing negativity, exorcism, and protection from evil. Burn to rid the home or office of bad vibrations or before you move into a new place
(make sure you then use Sage.)

Carry with you to ward off petty jealousy against you. Aids in summoning up your courage to face things or do things you just don’t wanna do but have to.
Pepper is added to amulets as a protectant against the evil eye, and when worn it fees the mind of envious thoughts. Mixed with salt and scattered about the property it dispels evil. Source Scott Cunningham

In Voodoo- Black Pepper is used to flavour foods, but it is also used by Southern Root Doctors to work so-called Enemy Tricks and for Protection. It is an ingredient in Goofer Dust, Crossing Powder, and Hot Foot Powder, all of which are employed to Jinx an Enemy in Family, Money, Job, and Health Matters and to Drive Unwanted Persons Away. Some folks obtain the intimate personal biological concerns of an enemy, mix them with Black Pepper, Salt, Red Pepper, and Sulphur, and stop the mixture up in a bottle, which they hide under the enemy’s doorstep, where it must be walked over. Others sprinkle Black Pepper and Salt after a departing Witch to prevent him or her from returning.

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Proactive Study Spell

So here is a spell i use, around the time of finals, its a general progression, but it helps me to actively study. 

What you will need:

Rain Water (Can be substituted for blessed water, or purified sea water, defiantly dependent on location.)

Shells (preferably Cowry Shells)

Goblet/Chalice of some kind


Moonstone (or clear quartz crystal) charged by the moon. (preferable by the Full moon)


1.On the night of a New Moon Cast a circle, and do all of the formalities following it. (Honoring the 4 corners, any spirits, any dieties, ect. ect.)

2. Take your charged moonstone, and hold it cupped into your hand. Calm any thoughts, and clear out your head as you create a slow spinning ball of energy forming a globe over your hands, and over the moonstone.

3. Once your head is clear, and energy is flowing, Send your request. For my particular path I usually say something like “I call upon the wisdom of the god Djeheuty (Thoth), so i may have the strength and discernment to succeed over those who wish to stop me, In these next couple of weeks i will be in need of your wisdom, and strength, may you show me the way, and grant me favor.”

4. Once that is done, shrink your ball of energy into the moonstone slowly, then grab the goblet/chalice, and the water you decided to choose. 

5. With a clear mind, place the moonstone into the cup, then pour the water into the chalice. Hold it up to your lips, and speak into the water. “With this my intentions are pure.” Take a sip. 

6. Keep your chalice in your hand but, pick up your athame. This is where you set your intentions, with a plan of action. (EX. I will study one hour every night, after that hour i will put a shell into the water within the chalice, If that shell floats, It is a sign that i have not retained the information, or studied the wrong information which will not be on the test. If it sinks it will be a sign that i have retained the information, and won’t forget, or studied the correct thing. ) It’s up to you what you want your intention to be. However give the shells a purpose to the reason they float, or sink, as i did. It’s a type of divination, i see it as a direct connection with Djeheuty himself. 

7, Charge the water in the chalice with your intention.

8. Close the circle, with all its formalities.


Remember that this is a gradual spell, and you do have to do your plan of action. It doesn’t have to be everyday, set it to your schedule, but this spell has helped me alot, and i’m glad i get to share it. The discipline of it itself is very helpful. 

Don’t forget the shells, and keep doing your plan of action until your finals are over, then do a kind of appreciation spell to close it. 

PS: When you put the shells in try to put a little bit of your energy into it beforehand. 

New Classic Sailor Moon dub cast list!

Just announced from Anime Expo at Viz’s panel, the new dub cast for the classic 90s Sailor Moon series!

New Sailor Moon Dub Cast Revealed at Anime Expo

Viz Media revealed details behind its upcoming Sailor Moon Blu-ray release and the series’ new dub cast at its panel at Anime Expo on Saturday. The cast is as follows:

Pre-orders for part one of the first season’s Blu-ray and DVD release will open soon with release scheduled for November 11. The Blu-ray box set will include three Blu-rays, a chipboard box with space for part two, and a collectible 88-page booklet filled with art, character profiles, episode guides. Video extras include an interactive art gallery, dub recording behind the scenes, announcement panel and fan reactions, hype trailer, clean opening and ending, and trailers.

Take the Blame- A Pack Imagine

Imagine where you are Scotts younger sister and you get hurt during a mission that they didn’t know you were there and Scott takes away the pain and fluff from the pack while you’re healing but you get into a lot of trouble?- Anon

A/N: This is written in a strictly platonic/family way. There’s no love interest, because I didn’t really find a need for one. I also made it so that Scott knew you were there, because it made more sense with the plot line. Enjoy! 

Warnings: Minor violence

You had just broken up with your boyfriend of eight months, and you needed something to occupy your time. You overheard your older brother mentioning about planning a visit to Eichen House to talk to a patient who had written a book about the Dread Doctors. 

“Hey, Scott!” You smiled cheerfully, leaning on the door frame to his bedroom. 

“What do you want, Y/N?” He chuckled, seeing right through your attempts to suck up. 

“I want to go with you and the rest of the pack to Eichen House.” 

“Absolutely not! You’re my baby sister, I don’t want you involved with this stuff. Plus, if Mom knew I took you, she’d kill me.” 

“Please, Scott?” I’ve been so down lately. I want, no wait, I need this. I have to distract myself or else I’ll get to thinking and make myself even more upset. Also, Mason, Liam, and I have been researching those Dread Doctors. I think I can help.” You pleaded. 

“Fine,” He sighed. “but I want Mom to know that you thought of this yourself and I do not endorse this idea.”

“Okay, I’ll take the blame if we get in trouble.” 

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Thousands joined our castings :)

Thousands of people took part in our castings between the quarter moon, and thousands more during the NEW MOON COLLECTIVE CASTING EVENT !!!!!

When was the last time you heard of thousands of so many different types of people take part in a synchronized casting of ritual magic?

We are really grateful so many fascinating and interesting people decided to join our event, whew!  :)  Just look at the notes on any of the posters or images involved with the event, you will see a very diverse group of people united on their own terms.  IT’s beautiful.

For those of YOU who TOOK PART…

We will be doing many things in the future, if you want to be in the loop, please leave a note on this obscure posting in our archive.  CLICK HERE.