New memories for Haikyuu!! Donpisha Match revealed, and upcoming new characters for new schools teased. (One of the schools looks like Wakutani Minami.) Jacket cover for the DVD of the rerun of the stage play revealed. It goes on sale 14th September.

Also, new merchandise for Haikyuu revealed, including Karasuno, Nekoma and Fukurodani tapes, Karasuno character stamps, keyholders, and the Kigurumi mascots (bottom second image, no color version released yet). An upcoming (repeated) ‘Training Camp’ event is also announced, which will be held from 17-19 September in Tokyo.

Source: Public raws for JUMP, Official Website

Breaking the seal

She broke a plate
a few decades ago
in an angry passion
and now I bear his pain
on my skin,
his student, his grey morning.

If there was a way
to understand and exist
with the dichotomy…
I think I would.

He breaks the seal
of memory
every new moon
and I shudder with realization
of useless hearts
from miles away.

NAME: Toothiana
NICKNAME:  Tooth, Feather Nerd Your Majesty
AGE: > 3000
SPECIES: Human / Kinnara ( Sister of Flight; Faefolk. )


MORALITY: lawful / neutral / ( chaotic ) ///  good / neutral / evil
RELIGIOUS BELIEF:  Reveres Mother Nature and the Man in  the Moon with religious-like dedication.
SINS:  greed / gluttony / sloth / lust / Pride / envy / Wrath
VIRTUES:  chastity / charity / Diligence / humility / Kindness / Patience / Justice
PRIMARY GOALS IN LIFE:  Do right by the memory of her ancestors.
LANGUAGES KNOWN:  Knows every language communicated on Earth. Can understand new languages through memories.
SECRETS:  Will die with her.
SAVVIES:  Combat ( swords, knives, bows, claws, fangs ), Woodcarving/Woodcutting, Singing, Violin, Hunting, etc.


BUILD:  scrawny / bony / slender / fit / athletic / curvy /herculean / pudgy / average
HEIGHT:  4′11′’ without feathers
WEIGHT:  Technically around 90lbs. ( Sometimes gives the impression of being weightless )
SCARS/BIRTHMARKS: Scars everywhere, though the oldest ones have faded to near indiscernibility, and most others can only be felt through her feathers.
ABILITIES/POWERS:  Pseudo-immortal; Would not die from old age given a reasonable level of strain. Significantly more durable, strong, and reflexive than any human. Can obtain the energy required to sustain or rejuvenate her life from multiple sources, including but not limited to simply eating.

She creates smaller faeries that she is mentally linked to, and can split into small faeries herself if need be.

Does not ( cannot ) forget things.
Connection to memories carries a level of power all its own.

And Faefolk often have a way of managing to accomplish things when a favor is owed, that they would not be able to do otherwise. Tooth is no exception, but miracles are costly.
RESTRICTIONS: Is still prone to being incapacitated; Her wings are fragile, her bones can still break. Expending energy faster - through general activity, through healing wounds or fighting poison or managing her faeries or being alive - than she obtains it will cause her to die. Her body does not digest, it simply absorbs, which means there is no process of filtering toxins beforehand.

Information must still be processed, meaning memories, communication from her faeries, and her own thoughts can be overwhelming or difficult to sort through.
She can’t take something from someone unless it is won, gifted, or she gives something in return.
She can’t enter another’s home that she has specifically been denied entrance to.


FAVORITE PIZZA TOPPING: Probably green peppers ( but she’s not picky )
FAVORITE MUSIC GENRE: Sort of likes at least something from everything. Human music seems to shift a lot faster than music between spirits and their ilk.
FAVORITE BOOK GENRE:  Doesn’t read much.
FAVORITE MOVIE GENRE:  She hasn’t really taken the time to catch up on the invention of the television yet.
FAVORITE CURSE WORD: There’s a wide variety of colourful words she will opt to use in Thai.
FAVORITE SCENT(S):  Jasmine, Earthy smells ( soil, old trees, etc. ), Rain, Coconut.


BOTTOM OR TOP:  Varies, adapts, preference & interest shifts.
LIKES BAD PUNS: One of the few things mun and muse have in common      we hate them.

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  • Dazai:Chuuya is mad at me, and I'm not clear why. :/
  • Atsushi:Okay, were you talking before he got upset?
  • Dazai:Yes!
  • Atsushi:That's probably it.

arrange - “When We Saw”

I’m always pretty behind on stuff like this. I’ve listened to arrange a few times, mostly through the Ricky Eat Acid collabs, but this song/video really struck me. The images of traveling cross country mesh perfectly with the nature of the song. It’s perfect.

Support the arrange kickstarter so New Memory can get pressed.


15.8.16 [10:02pm] 52 hours/100 hours

And there goes my last day of work!! I’ve learnt a lot but I do not intend to return to that place ever again. I only did 1 hour and 50 minutes of Korean today :( although I did doodle a bit (a good big chunk bit) when I had time in work (๑ゝڡ◕๑)

“I Want to Be Alright” - Arrange

Oh man. So, our favorite… artist? Human being? Our favorite human being and musician Malcom Lacey - the man behind Arrange - dropped this on us earlier tonight, a bonus track from his latest piece of beauty, New Memory (if you haven’t heard New Memory, I am sorry that you have been missing out, and strongly urge you to follow this link to the preorder [link]). “I Want to Be Alright” is yet another example of how great a release New Memory is - this is absolutely destroying me right now. The substantial emotive power of Arrange tracks is present in spades here, abetted greatly by an exquisitely used sample of R. Kelly and Keri Hilson’s “Number One.” Just listen - my words certainly won’t do it justice. After you listen, buy New Memory, be on the lookout for the first single next week, and also keep an eye out for the lovely video that’s not too far in the future. 

- Tyler Hanan

“North” - Arrange

Malcom Lacey recently released the second single off of his upcoming mini-LP New Memory (if you haven’t, listen to the first - “Caves”). It’s an incredibly gripping track, one that stands exceptionally well on it’s own (thus a good choice for a single). Lacey often uses smooth-flowing synth-and-soft-piano-created ambiance, often interwoven with wispy voice, in creating a connection with the listener; here, though, his voice and words step to the fore, achieving a level that I’m not certain he’s reached before. The repeated whisper of “I won’t become myself undone/I’ve learned that I’m important to someone” are transformative, growing stronger with each earnest utterance, and the short conversation between a woman and child bridging the two segments of this is integrated to perfect effect. 

Lacey’s growth as a song-writer and creator is evident throughout New Memory, his best work yet. It is slated for release on July 10th, and is available for preorder via Arranged Recordings. [link]

- Tyler Hanan

I am so happy to finally have these!! Thanks so much, Malcom. The photograph lyric cards were a nice touch :3

If you guys haven’t yet, you need to go listen to both of these albums. They’re on Spotify.  Plantation was on my AOTY list for 2011, and New Memory is definitely going to be on the list for 2012. You can also buy the music from bandcamp or a physical copy from Malcom’s label.