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“Forecast,” 1998/2013, by Anthony Campuzano (Image courtesy of the artist)

RE: tidal

On some real shit though, people don’t know how hard it is to have a successful streaming music business. 

I worked in that industry for 6-7 years. I’ve sat in countless meetings, and eavesdropped on countless conversations involving the CEO and head of product (lol). 

People just don’t want to pay for music, period. 

Did you know that Spotify is not a profitable business? They’re still losing money. 

Spotify is crushing the competition. They dwarf all of their competitors in brand awareness and paying subscribers. And they still aren’t turning a profit. 

here’s the point of my post though… Spotify isn’t turning a profit and they launched in 2008, so how can Tidal be a “flop” after 3 months?

This is a long game. A long hustle. And it involves re-conditioning the public to believe that music is something worth paying for. That takes years. Its not something that can be achieved in a few months. 

Full Disclosure: I was talking shit about Tidal last night but that was strictly for the lulz