Vanyard: Digital Cyber-Punk

Vanyard (aka 최정호) is an exciting young Korean new media artist & electronic composer. Originally from Busan, he now resides in Seoul experimenting with various forms of digital art (retro lowbrow cyberpunk, collage, mosaic). He’s had a few solo & group shows in Korea & is currently looking to expand his exposure.

“Vanyard is a cybergoth ninja who came from the 27th century sink-city by time traveling.”

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Posted by Yellowmenace

Heat Wave‘’ is a work that is part of my new series ‘Paintings Beyond the Medium’.

Heat Wave
(100x70cm (39.4x27.5 inch) c-print mounted on an aluminum Dibond base, limited to 1) / ©Sander Steins - | buy my original art at Saatchi


hi this is my final film for my fiction video class and you should watch it