• green day fandom: WE ARE REVOLUTION RADIO
  • fall out boy fandom: beebo in a purple llama suit for a purple album
  • all time low: last young renegade and nice2knou
  • twenty-one pilots: new album???
  • mcr fandom: *****silence*****

me: the whole concept of the “”“emo trinity”“” is dumb and fake and I hate it
some rando: haha top is like the new mcr in the emo trinity

anonymous asked:

I'm new to the mcr and frerard fandom and wanted to know if there are any frerard fics I definitely need to read? Like fandom classics or something idk how to put it

yes yes ok MANDATORY fics to read:

unholyverse it’s long but it’s worth it, it’s a literary masterpiece it’s…..the best

anatomy of a fall while unholyverse is my favorite i think aoaf is like the definitive fandom favorite. must read.

there are two other ‘fandom favorites’ that you’ll probably hear about but should AVOID at all costs:

  • a splitting of the mind. don’t read it. it’s 1) really poorly written and 2) exploits mental illness cause its written by someone who has CLEARLY never been hospitalized they’re just using it to make the story edgy and it like really pisses me off but like!! it’s very poorly written there’s literally no reason to read it
  • the dove keeper: borderline pedophilia. frank is in highschool and gerard is like nearly 50. i say borderline cause technically in new jersey the age of consent is 16 but like it’s literally so creepy and also just too long don’t bother

so that covers ‘classics’ i think…but if you read those and want more i can definitely rec stuff but those two are like the first mandatory fics and will suck you into this hell and ruin you forever probably tbh run while you can

weshallattackatonce  asked:

Okay I'm new to MCR so I have just one question, what did bob do to make everyone hate him?

Oh god ok. Where to start. There’s been quite a lot of stuff that’s happened over the years and I don’t have all the receipts on me at the moment but basically he’s like hella racist and has said a whole litany of really shitty things. He also kind of harassed mikey a little bit on social media after he left the band which is just, not cool especially since I would die for any of the ways. But yeah I think those are kind of the main things? My good friend Sarah @isnthatsomething probably has all the receipts bc drama and hatred of bob are like her two specialties so if you want specifics I’d recommend asking her (or someone else idk I’m sorry I don’t have it all bookmarked ahh).

I hope that kind of answers your question? Welcome to the fandom, we’re all dying but at least it’s good for the aesthetic right.

just a v sad and v cliché punkin’ playlist (with a dash of emo) for those bus rides when you stare out the window and pretend you’re in a music video

listen here

(1) clairvoyant - the story so far (2) the old gospel choir - modern baseball (3) a part of me - neck deep feat. laura whiteside (4) i’ve given up on you - real friends (5) she’s the prettiest girl at the party, and she can prove it with a solid right hook - frnkiero andthe cellabration (6) pothole - modern baseball (7) plane vs. tank vs. submarine - tigers jaw (8) navy blue - the story so far (9) drown - front porch step (10) i’m already gone - a day to remember (11) never saw it coming - tigers jaw (12) northern downpour - panic! at the disco (13) me vs. maradona vs. elvis - brand new (14) twin size mattress - the front bottoms (15) disenchanted - my chemical romance (16) hold onto me - mayday parade (17) stage 4 fear of trying - frnkiero andthe cellabration (18) truce - twenty one pilots

anonymous asked:

Any mcr history new fans should know? I've been a fan for just over two years now and still have no idea who Bert McCracken was or what he did, so I feel like I should know about him and more about the band haha

Oh, geez. A history of MCR for the new fan…I wouldn’t know where to start (or stop) without running the risk of boring everyone following! Your best bet is to read articles (I try to scan as many as I can), and invest in an old/used book about the band. I personally like this one and eventually I’ll get around to scanning the photographs in it.

As for Bert, you can find some more info here. The thing to remember is that the entire band was abusing alcohol and drugs (prescription and otherwise) partly as a way to deal with their own anxiety and depression issues. As someone with depression and panic disorder myself since I was 14 (started presenting as young as five), and a brother that was addicted to intravenous heroin, I relate to both the band’s mental health issues AND I dislike those that try to keep people struggling with substance abuse stuck in the cycle.

Good luck!

-Mama Odie

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm new to the mcr fandom & I was wondering if you have any blog recommendations????

WELCOME TO THIS BEAUTIFUL FANDOM. BE PREPARED TO CRY A LOT. Anyways here are some hella amazing blogs that you should check out: @mychemicalchinchilla @boringkilljoy @gutsmcr @mikeyfreakingway @gerardstolemycookie @awsugar @cryptidway @ithinkyouremybestfriend @kname-less @lestraidel @loonixart @luna-lovesu @tealroots @vacationadventuresociety @victorious-killjoys @witchboyiero @hijokuroo @fuhking-frnk

and there are probably sooo many more i forgot