How J. Cole Cured My "Post-Grad Blues"

Lately, my life has been feeling like a skit off of Kanye West’s “The College Dropout,” except it’s not funny. Since I graduated college in May, I’ve been working at 2 jobs I can’t stand with hardly anything to show for it or any time to myself. It’s frustrating when you’ve worked so hard away at school for the last few years and you come home to selling sneakers for a living. I’ve been feeling…

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Janet Jackson, 49, has released the music video to her latest single, “No Sleeep” this morning and fans are loving it.

To make things even better, the video features rapper, J Cole, 30, who only makes the song that much better.

What do you think? Great comeback?


Janet Jackson “No Sleeep”

Ooo such an elegant bop!

Tell me this ain’t “That’s The Way Love Goes” Redux!!!!  The hair, the mood.  I really didn’t even expect her to put out a video for this song.  I thought it was just a little tease to say “I’m back” but she has blessed us with actual imagery.

AND J. COLE!!!  Listen, I don’t need a rap feature on every song.  There are very few times I feel like “Oh, that took it to the next level,” because too often, the rapper doesn’t feel organic to the production and it comes off like an afterthought.  But y'all, this production itself could have been a J. Cole track in its entirety.  I’m 98% sure Janet & Team got him on the track for some buzz and youth cred since the original didn’t make much of a splash, but at least they picked the right one with the right flow and the right sensibility.

And.  I heard somebody bumping this from an Escalade last night in Harlem.  It really is the perfect summertime evening groove y’all.  Get your life together.


Janet Jackson FT J. Cole - No Sleeep (Official Video) (New)

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Elle Varner- Only Wanna Give It To You feat. J. Cole

 Elle Varner, amazing. I have been waiting for a new artist like this. Like Chrisette Michelle kinda, but just younger and more . . younger. I mean like she has one of those rare feel good soul voices that you can listen to all day. This is a cool radio song. J. Cole was alright. I’m really feeling this song though. Thumbs Up . .