Lieutenant Briggs Kilburn Adams, an American volunteer in the British Royal Flying Corps during the First World War. Adams was from Montclair, New Jersey, and a graduate of Harvard.

He went to Europe while the United States was still neutral, initially as a Red Cross ambulance driver. After joining the RFC, Adams was posted to 18 Squadron in January 1918. He died on 14 March 1918, when his DH.4 crashed near St. Omer. His letters were published after the war, and are available here: The American Spirit

…It is war that I hate, and war that I am willing to give all to end as permanently as possible, for it is n’t the men that war kills, it is the mother’s heart which it destroys, that makes it hateful to me. War personified should not be the figure of death on a body-strewn battlefield, as it so often is. It should be pictured as a loathsome male striking a woman from behind — a woman with arms tied, but eyes wide open. To kill that figure because it has struck my own mother — that is why I am exerting myself and all the will in my being to accomplish.

Ashley Tisdale And Dylan Sprouse Have A Super ‘Suite’ Reunion

When’s the official “Suite Life” reunion happening, guys?

by crystal bell

1h ago

There’s nothing we love more than reunions between our favorite Disney Channel stars — and this weekend, we reached peak nostalgia fuel.

While former Disney kids Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas were heating up the VMAs over the weekend, “Suite Life” stars Ashley Tisdale and Dylan Sprouse enjoyed a quiet reunion in Los Angeles.

“Last night hangs with @dylansprouse,” Tisdale captioned the adorably suite Insta. We can only hope that this late night hang leads to a full-on “Suite Life Of Zach and Cody” reunion in the near future.

Sprouse and his twin brother Cole recently graduated New York University — Dylan with a degree in video game design; Cole with a degree in archaeology — and are both currently pursuing acting post-grad.

Could the Sprouse twins be cooking something up with their former “Suite Life” costar? Tisdale not only stars on the TBS comedy “Clipped,” but she also owns her own production company, Blondie Girl Productions. OMG, could the Tis actually be plotting to make our “Suite Life of Zach and Cody” reunion dreams come true?!

Maybe, maybe not. But that won’t stop us from dreaming of the beautiful day Zach, Cody, Maddie, London and Mr. Moseby are reunited at the Tipton Hotel.


BIG thanks to new Kingston graduate Jack Taylor for sending us a set of his 4 limited edition risograph prints – we’re chuffed to bits with them! Made to go with his screen-printed concertina book ‘LOST’, which explores the lives and stories that go on around us in cities – the prints offer a sneak peek into people’s lives, and encourage us to think up our own narratives around them.

Check out more of his work at


Muralist: Beau Stanton

featured previously

Stanton is originally from Southern California where he studied Illustration and Drawing and Painting and relocated to New York after graduation in 2008, where he apprenticed for Pop Iconoclast Ron English. 

Artist creates work ranging in size from tiny eye miniatures to large-scale murals ornamenting entire building facades. The work combines classical oil painting with intricate patterns inspired by ancient architecture, letterpress ornaments, and decayed infrastructure.   

Stanton continues to live and work in Red Hook, Brooklyn and has exhibited throughout the United States and Europe.
History made: Army Ranger School to graduate its first female students ever
The women will graduate alongside male service members Friday in a ceremony at Fort Benning, Ga.

“Two female soldiers will graduate from the Army’s grueling Ranger School on Friday, becoming the first women to ever complete what is considered one of the U.S. military’s most difficult and premier courses to develop elite fighters and leaders, a senior Army official said.

The accomplishment marks a major breakthrough for women in the armed services at a time when each of the military branches is required to examine how to integrate women into jobs like infantryman in which they have never been allowed to serve. But even as the two new female graduates will be the first women allowed to wear the prestigious Ranger Tab on their uniforms, they still are not allowed to try out for the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, a Special Operations force that remains closed to women and has its own separate, exhausting requirements and training. [One step forward, one step …. - PF]

The women will receive the Ranger Tab alongside dozens of male service members in a ceremony at Fort Benning, Ga., the home of Ranger School’s headquarters, a senior Army official said Monday night. The official spoke on condition of anonymity while the Army finalized a news release.

The event is expected to draw not only family and friends, but hundreds of well-wishers and media from across the country. The female graduates are expected to speak to the media for the first time Thursday alongside instructors and other soldiers at Ranger School.

The women have not been identified by the Army, but both are officers and graduates of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., Army officials said. The female graduates started Ranger School on April 20 alongside 380 men and 17 other female soldiers in the first class to ever include women. The female soldiers were allowed into Ranger School as part of the Army’s ongoing assessment of how to better integrate women.”

Read the full piece here

Congratulations to these “unknown soldiers”! Well, unknown until Thursday anyway when the women are expected to speak to the media.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Steve/Darcy 'Can you tell me what happened?' if you're still doing the prompts?

AN: unmitigated fluff to make up for the Awful Thing I just put the Jake Jensen/Darcy Lewis shippers through.  I AM SORRY.  KIND OF.

When Darcy walked in the door the first thing she noticed was the confetti.  So much confetti.  Literally every kind of fancy confetti she had ever seen before in her life, and several dozen that she had not: wedding, graduation, birthday, new license, bar and bat mitzvah, divorce, kids are out of the house, midlife crisis - Jesus Christ, there were a lot of different kinds of confetti!  It was covering everything.  Ev-ver-y-thing.  The floor, the walls, the tables, the experiments.

Oh god, the experiments.

Darcy raced into the room as fast as she could considering she was trying not to slip on all of the freaking confetti.  She found Jane pretty quickly, the petite scientist was almost exactly where Darcy had last left her: hunched over a display.  Only, instead of clutching a notepad and paper, furiously scribbling, she had an empty bottle of Jaegermeister in one hand and was… quietly drooling.

“Well, that’s… okay then.”  Darcy backed away quietly, then went looking for the other scientists because Jane was many things, but a solo drinker was not one of them.

It took a few minutes, but eventually she hard the sound of soft beeping and followed that to Tony, Bruce, Dum-E, and two strangers she recognized from Thor’s stories as Steve Rogers and James Barnes.  The picture the five of them made was, quite the picture, actually.  Tony and Bruce were curled under and around a workbench like a couple of sleeping puppies.  Dum-E was perched beside them, beeping what must be a lullaby and alternating between gently stroking Tony’s and Bruce’s hair.  Barnes was sprawled out beside them, wearing a shiny new arm with a decal of Captain America’s shield on the shoulder and clutching the old arm to his chest like a kid with a teddy bear.

Steve Rogers was standing over them, face caught somewhere between concerned and hopelessly fond.

Darcy sighed, alerting him to her presence.  “Can you tell me what happened?” she asked, closing her eyes against the headache that was starting to form and pinching the bridge of her nose.

Silence was her answer.

She opened her eyes and found that Captain America was staring at her.  As was James Barnes, who was clearly awake now and, judging by the alert (and oddly delighted?) look on his face was definitely a morning person.

“You,” she said, addressing the ex-assassin, “please explain what made my scientists get their drank on.”

“Last night’s party was to celebrate my new arm,” he told her.  “Tonight’s party will be for Stevie over here, and you.”

Darcy shot him a quizzical look.

James kicked Steven in the ankle, hard enough to send the blond stumbling.  “Say something, you lune!”

“What do I - ” he said to James, then he gulped and turned to her, wide-eyed.  “You’re - fuck, you’re gorgeous.  Oh shit, I said fuck.  Goddamnit!”

James was laughing so hard that he wasn’t even making a sound, just helplessly gasping as his whole body shook.  Steve on the other hand was clearly completely miserable, and for a man as large as he was, he could make himself look shockingly small.

“Hey,” Darcy said, stepping closer to him and laying a hand on his arm (Holy fucking muscles, her id purred, and they’re all mine…).  “I grew up knowing my soulmate was gonna think I was gorgeous, and that was pretty awesome, so thank you.  Of course, I also wasn’t allowed to wear short sleeves, like, ever - so you can start making that up to me anytime you want.”

While i spend the hours applying for jobs I’ve come to notice that the job market being this scarce of jobs is nothing new.

Well, probably yea it’s become much worse for new graduates like me. But I’ve started to see the job force in two sides:

-Career growth jobs where a person can work in the field they graduated in

-Service provider jobs such as people who help the people in ‘career growth jobs’ move their luggages to their hotel rooms, serve them their Starbucks/Tim Horton’s, or check out their groceries. 

No, I didn’t make this post to deteriorate any of my followers or people like you in our ever so beautiful web who are currently unemployed. We are all on the same boat. 

My advice is to keep applying until you get something to begin with. If you feel helpless and sad, just tell yourself that we are all doing this together. 'Service provider jobs’ aren’t bad either because then you are at least gaining experience. We have to go for anything and march forward in our lives so that we can get ever so closer to our life goals.

Yea… I don’t know lol. I’m so tired… x_x


The New Grads Guide To A Successful Job Search

You Have Finally Graduated. Yay! Now What?

A successful job search is more like running a marathon than a strut down the runway. Not only does it require a great deal of detailed preparation, it requires endurance to be successful.

If you’re hoping to reduce the amount of time it takes to land the you’ve always wanted, I’ve gathered some tips that will help. This strategic process will help you avoid the typical problems job seekers encounter. Get your job search off to a fabulous start by following these tips in order. You’ll make progress faster by starting your job search strong and finish with success!

Make Your Job Search Your Number One Priority

Break your job search tasks into manageable pieces and schedule the time to get them done. Work consistently and diligently. Think about it. If you only spend a couple of hours each week on your search, it could take over a year before you land a job. If your main goal is to be employed within six months, you’ll need to step up your game in a big way!

Decide on your priorities and be straightforward and honest about them. Plan the proper time you need to spend on your search and stick with it.

Keep Track Of Your Successes

If you decide to hire a resume writer, they will ask plenty of questions about your accomplishments. It is imperative that you are very detailed. Otherwise your resume will look like everyone else. You need to claim your successes, so be sure to keep that information for when you get to the resume-building stage.

Grasp That Your Job Search Does Not Start With A Resume; It Starts With Knowing The Job You Want

Unless your resume speaks specifically to the company your applying for needs and is based on the specific job description, in this economy, you won’t stand a chance. 

I know that’s not what you want to hear, but it’s the way it is. That’s why it is so important that you know your ideal job and use a job lead to write your resume. Hiring managers want candidates who are certain about where they are going. You need to be specific about what you are seeking and speak to what is needed for that position. 

Know The Qualities That Make You An Excellent Candidate

What “soft skills” do you have that people appreciate about you? What compliments do you get from your peers? What positive feedback is given on your performance evaluations? These are important qualities to know about yourself and to discuss when networking and in interviews. List your top qualities, and situations where you used them successfully. 

Use these characteristics in developing your personal branding statement. 

Make Sure The Position You Seek And Your Personal Brand Image Are Compatible

Your personal brand is more than just your image in-person and online. It’s a compilation of your experiences, interests, and talents that are unique to you. During the branding process you will work on a personal branding statement. Use this to convey your worth in your elevator pitch, when interviewing and in career-related communications.

The brand you portray should be exactly what the employer needs. Knowing your brand can help to ensure you are moving in the right direction with your career. 

Conduct Informational Interviews To Start Your Search

Informational interviews will give you the ability to pinpoint places where your brand and the needs of the employer are a match.  The most productive method for finding the right match is to conduct informational interviews with your network.

Informal interviewing is asking your contacts about a field, a company, a position, or a person you need to know. It is NOT asking “Who do you know that can get me hired?" 

Commit To Conducting These Interviews Several Times A Week

Knowing about informal interviewing is great, but you have to commit to holding these appointments. How often you hold a meeting depends on how quickly you want to get a job.  

Make A List Of Everyone You Know

Group your contacts into the following categories: 

  1. Contacts you know who have knowledge of your target company, plus a relationship with someone who has the ability to hire you there.
  2. Contacts who know information about the company, but will not have any influential relationships with people in your target company. 
  3. Contacts who may have relationships with decision makers, but will not have any insider information about your target company. 
  4. Contacts who will not have information about the company or relationships with decision makers, but they may know people who do. 

Start by talking to contacts in the first group and work your way to the fourth. Don't rule out networking with those who may be less obvious help to your search. You never know when someone might know someone that can help you network into your target companies.

Develop A Comprehensive List Of Target Companies Or Organizations Where You Would Like To Work

Staying alert to online or in-print job postings are good. However, you are more likely to have success if you know you’re a match for a company, and you work your way in through people. Developing and maintaining relationships with people at your target companies is key.

Of course you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket. You need to have many target companies in mind and be contacting them as you go along in your search.

Keep Track Of All Your Contacts And Networking

Keep everything organized. You don’t want an opportunity to fall through the cracks because you forgot to call. Here are a few websites designed to help you be better prepared and organized for job-hunting, including tools for storing contacts, keeping track of job leads and more:

Monitor What Is Happening Within The Fashion Industry And Your Target Company

Use tools like Google Alerts and Twitter Hashtags to stay up to date on news from your target company. This way you’ll have things to ask and discussion points in your networking meetings.  These tools will give you a huge leg up and your savvy in these areas will make you more appealing to an employer, too. 

Determine What You Can Do To Fill Any Gaps Between What The Employer Needs And What You Offer

Take additional classes, workshops, or get extra training if need be. Get up to speed with new technologies and skills needed to move up in your profession. Develop yourself professionally. Dedicating yourself to lifelong learning will advance your career even faster. 

Getting a mentor can also be a great way to improve your performance on the job, and network at the same time. Get involved in a professional association like Fashion Group International and ask if they offer a mentorship program. 

Start Building Your Resume

You want your resume to be a well-branded, targeted to the position, and correctly formatted.

Tweak Your Resume For Each Position You Apply For

You’ll want to look at each job description and each lead, then review and understand the terms that the employe uses, and put it all together in you resume to describe YOU - the perfect candidate. Use their requirements in your keywords. If there’s something in your resume that is not needed or wanted, remove it. Or, think of how you can reword it to describe a quality they need. is a website where you can cut and paste the job description and it creates a word "cloud" , which emphasizes the most important terms used in the text. With this website you get a great visual representation of what should be emphasized on your resume.

Develop Your LinkedIN And Other Social Media Profiles

Make good use of you r social media profiles. You them to describe you in your ideal job. All of your experience should be tailored to what would benefit your ideal employer. Your summary should contain keywords that would attract recruiters for the job you want most of all.

Make sure your profiles are complete and match your personal brand! Also, it’s important to stay on top of these ever-changing social media websites.

Learn How To Effectively Communicate

Taking a behavioral assessment, such as the DISC Assessment, will help you understand your communication preferences. You can use this information to learn how to be more effective in communicating with others. These techniques can be invaluable in an interview and during networking opportunities. 

Be Prepared!

For each interview you need to be doing at least six hours of preparation.  I know it sounds excessive, but the more prepared you are the better chance you have at landing the job of your dreams.

You need to research the company thoroughly, not just on their website and Google. Ask the following questions:

  • What are people saying about the company on their social media sites?
  • What has been reported on them in the media?  
  • What are their financials?
  • What trade publications have featured them?  

You also want to know the background of your interviewer.  

  • Always get the name of the person or people doing the interview.
  • Look at their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles. 
  • Ask your network for insider information. 
  • Find professional commonalities that will help you break the ice at the interview. 

Know the role that you will be filling and the department you will be working within. 

  • Always ask for a position description.
  • Search for the person currently filling the role on LinkedIn to learn more about the job. 
  • Use Google and to find similar positions and their descriptions.  

Prepare what you’d like to cover. Your successes and what you bring to the position needs to roll off your tongue. Practice answering the questions and review your own resume so you can substantiate any claims you’ve made on it. Know the questions you want to ask and how you want to close the interview. 

Follow Up

Always send a thank you note or email within 24 hou rs - without fail!

Your Dedication Will Determine Your Success

Maintaining positivity in a job search can be tough. For every disappointment, you’ve gotten that much closer to success. Do take the time to take care of yourself during this process so you can remain optimistic!

Working with an accountability partner, mentor, or coach can also help you keep the pace and finish the race. You need that support to keep your momentum going. 

Good Luck! 

Thinking of You New Graduates | Testimony - Miss F.O.

Thinking of You New Graduates | Testimony – Miss F.O.

We are at that time of year where some of you (soon to be graduates) are approaching your last exam. Keep going – you are almost there.

For those who have finished, CONGRATULATIONS! I guess its PARRY TIME for you. For others, they have begun the job hunt!

As you are job hunting, this is the time to familiarise yourself with the Word and remain steadfast. Trust God and know who your Almighty…

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My quarter life and other ramblings

I’m starting this blog because so much not-crazy (but in my head I think it’s crazy) stuff has been happening in my life. I always text my sister epic novellas that take forever to type out, lamenting about how I naively went on several dates without knowing they were dates or how I sometimes hear banjos in my head when I’m driving with my parents (because we have subtle Buddy Ebsen-like qualities).

After the second week of Bridget Jones-like texts my sister finally told me to start a blog. I think it was her gentle way of informing me she has better things to do with her life and I should interrupt the Internet with my inane stories of living at home with my pack-rat parents and spending considerable time attempting to speak to my cat, just like Taylor Swift does with her Scottish Fold. It never works for me.

While I have a couple other professional blogs, I want to keep this one as disconnected as I can from work. This way I’ll feel free to say things like “that shit cray” without some haggard boss pulling up an old blog roll on his ancient PC and shaking his head to remind me “talking like Kanye means I DON’T get the job." 

Ever since graduating last year and moving back home, I’ve been taking life one day at a time. My daily objective is to survive my parents’ "quirks” and attempt to be self-sufficient in a terrible economy ALL while having a YOLO outlook on life (though, quite honestly, I can’t subscribe to the lifestyle until I’m fully comfortable I can pull off the acronym). 

Anyway, congratulations if you reached the end of this post because it must mean 1) you’re addicted to reading and couldn’t stop, even if you wanted to 2) you’re an anthropologist gathering field research about new graduates losing their marbles. 

7 Ways to Get a Job Using LinkedIn | New Grad Life

Social Media is great and I am there, but is it really as effective as face to face contact? Perhaps, it could be used to initiate contact, but the chances that an employer would stumble across a passive job-seeker’s profile seem slim. It also seems that advice like this is most useful for a class of networker who is “uber-skilled.” In other words, I can picture a recruiter looking for highly experienced workers with credentials, recommendations, rank, and degrees that take years to accumulate. But, that’s something that the vast majority of “New Grads” are unlikely to have. Still, I won’t argue against the utility of LinkedIn. The trick is to combine it with other more classical techniques.