New Girl Rewatch Party: 3x01 All In

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Stray Observations:

  • I like this episode a lot because it gave us Paradise Nick and Paradise Jess but I hate that every time I watch this episode now I think about Brett Baer and Dave Finkel calling Nick and Jess “Sid and Nancy.” I do believe the plan was always to break them up and the writers went into S3 knowing that was what they were going to do. The downside of that is the writers did too good of a job building up why Nick and Jess should work in S1/S2 so they had to scramble to come up with concrete reasons to break them up in S3 (e.g. Nick’s box).

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New Girl Rewatch Party: 2 x 25 - Elaine’s Big Day

Bob not being able to get up from the air mattress is so relatable. I hate this things…

1. This is one of my favorite pics of the group and Nick and Jess. The group because I’m the kind of person that loves taking pictures with friends to remember special moments, and that’s what that moment is. And Nick and Jess just look so damn adorable there.

We can see that Cece is taller than Shivrang on that picture. Not that it matters, i just think it’s a funny detail, when you think about what Elaine says to him at the end.

2. This scene between them is endearing. They are both kind of nervous with all that’s going on, but they are happy at the same time. This gesture thing looks so much like something you would do to hide the nervousness of the moment. Nick is so upset with what Bob said about him…
3. Cece’s panic face says so much in so little time. I love Jess being so protective of Cece. As far as she knows this is what her friend wants, so she is going to make it all happen whatever it takes. I also like how Nick and Jess are just so into each other they don’t even care that Winston and Schmidt are there.
4. Nick asking Schmidt to not do anything because Jess asked not to makes my heart melt. I wonder how Schmidt knows that Nick is wearing deodorant under both arms. The only explanation is that Nick smelled half bad? I don’t like this idea…haha. But what Schmidt says to Nick “Either Jess wants the real you or she don’t.” foreshadowing one of the problems they had………..
5. Jess was so sure that Nick had done all that because he is the real prankster of the group. I really wish we had more of pranking Nick. But I guess this would be too ooc now. It really bugs me that Jess didn’t believe Nick here.
6. The whole “Was I?” “Yes” but and the messing with Schmidt’s hair only shows how much of a sister/brother they have. And I love it (I’ve seen some fics where they end up together and I did not like it…lol)
7. My heart hurts everytime I hear Nick saying “It’s about the fact that you think I’m gonna screw up everything I touch“.

Hm…so…when Nick and Jess fall, Bucky goes down with them, and Winston is still in the ducts having a moment. So then why when Winston comes down he was bitten in the arm by Bucky? Hi there, continuity error lol

8. It really hurts me how much self loathing Nick has. The look on both Nick and Jess’s face when he says they are not in love still gets me.

Winston helping Nick realize what he wanted and had to do, even though he was against Nick and Jess being together at first.

9. I always loved that Jess was there waiting for Nick. He comes running to meet her and stops when sees she is there for him. <3
10. Jess’s speech + Nick’s reaction + Nick walking towards Jess + THE KISS + Their laughter + the song. All this makes this episode the best season finale I’ve seen so far.

And with this we are done with S2 :)

New Girl Rewatch Party: 3x04 The Captain

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Stray Observations:

  • Writers gone meta: This episode feels like it came right from the mind of our very own Liz Meriwether. She is the ultimate Ness fangirl. This was obviously the writers tipping their hat to all the smutty, smutty fanfiction the writers knew existed but had to pretend they didn’t know about.

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New Girl Rewatch Party: 3 x 01 - All In

1. 2. Jess’s smile is so cute. I love the car scene. Their entire conversation. “You know what, I gotta say, Jess, I really like you.” “I really, really like you.” “I can’t believe this is happening. It’s crazy.” “I know. I can’t either. It’s crazy. I like you so much.” “I like you so much.” This convo is so relatable to me :)

This is where Schmidt really starts to bother me. This need for attention, being so self centered, not even caring that both his friends are so happy.

3. I love how they both decide to run together without saying a word to each other.
4. Winston and his puzzles. I love that he finally embraced his weird and goofy self.

Schmidt saying to Cece and Elizabeth he wants to be with them. UGH!!! I hate this arc so much. Schmidt was always a douchebag, but he was not supposed to be a jerk. The only thing that kept me from hating him is that he at least knew it was wrong (silver lining much?)

5. You can see that Jess actually wants to go home, but at the same time she sees how happy Nick is with Paradise Nick and Paradise Jess so she agrees to stay for him.

The scene with Winston+Cece+Schmidt kills me from second hand embarassement. Truly hate it. And reminds me a scene in Friends where Monica and Chandler are hiding their relationship and Rachel starts to do all this questions and Joey has to say all that was because he was disgusting. I don’t like that scene either.

6. This scene is so random and funny. And I think that Lamorne actually hurt his toe there, but continued the scene. That’s what you call commitment.
Winston happy that Nick went to jail before him. lol
7. Jess saying that Nick is her bitch sounds so cute to me. It really makes me smile everytime.

Schmidt was being so xenophobic that I liked how the hotel staff treated them.

8. Winston’s face when he realizes that he is color blind. Like all of a sudden  his whole life started making sense.
9. “Do you really wanna wake up to this every morning?” “It doesn’t matter, as long as I wake up next to you”. Nick is so worried he is gonna lose Jess as soon as they go home. Schmidt and WInston agreeing didn’t help at all. But I like that Jess trusts their relationship enough. Also, I love her little speech about how they are a family. I really like that particular scene. So much I used it here :)
10. At this point Nick and Jess were not the loving couple yet. They were between the two sexually atracted friends that they used to be, and the couple. So they start bickering like always, over something stupid, but now they can actually do something about it, so they just start kissing. I always laugh at Winston’s reaction (This is so weird) and Schmidt saying he still thought about Jess when masturbating (like it was said in 1 x 19 - Secrets).

To finish this post…here…have some more Nick and Jess kissing.

I don’t think I am ever going to stop watching this. I’m so emotional. It’s so perfect. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe we’re getting NEW Gilmore Girls. Its all new. Why was Kirk at Friday night dinner? Why did Rory tell Jess she didn’t have any underwear? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out! I’m just so happy. It’s been almost 10 years, and these beautiful wonderful characters that I’ve loved for most of my life are back. These perfect characters who have shaped me as a person are FINALLY back. And I think I might be more emotional then I thought I’d be, but in a really good way.