Nick: I don’t carry a key.
Jess: You don’t carry a key? Ever?
Nick: No I don’t carry a…
Jess: You never carry a key!?
Nick: Why would I carry a key?
Jess: Because you have to get in the door!
Nick: There’s always somebody home and I know how to jimmy the- **They start kissing passionately**
Nick: Mmm, my god.
Jess: *moaning* I like you so much.
Nick: I like you too and I’ll start carrying a key.
Jess: Ok I’ll carry one for you.
—  Nick & Jess bickering as a couple (New Girl 3x01 “All In”)

Nick&Jess 3x01- Safe&Sound (Capital Cities)

WARNING: There is some slight flashing so beware.