Modern Fangirling Dictionary

1. I died.
MEANS: I am overwhelmed.
NOT: I am deceased.

2. OTP
MEANS: One True Pairing.
NOT: One Time Password.

3. Mom/Dad
MEANS: Role Model.
NOT: Mother/Father.

4. I hate this.
MEANS: I freaking love this.
NOT: I deplore this.

5. Slay.
MEANS: Show ‘em how it’s done.
NOT: Murder.

6. Thanks for ruining my life, see you in hell.
MEANS: You mean so much to my life. I’ll never leave this fandom.
NOT: A series of insults.

7. Adhkydvkvecibggrxavjnxjxsz
MEANS: A state of wordless excitement.
NOT: An aneurism.

Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation

Sakamichi Onoda, Hajime Aoyagi, and Junta Teshima cool down after some practice in new art from the February issue of Animedia Magazine (Amazon US | eBay), illustrated by key animator Aika Kawasaki (川崎愛香).

Prendimi alla sprovvista.
Prendimi la mano e fammi voltare.
Guardami negli occhi e fammi sognare. Fammi perdere in quel gioco di sguardi.
Accarezzami una guancia e fammi rabbrividire.
Baciami cogliendomi di sorpresa, facendomi strabuzzare gli occhi e poi facendo in modo di farmi rilassare e farmi schiudere le labbra.
Giochiamo intrecciando lingue, mani, cuori e anime.
Mischiamo i nostri profumi; io quello di vaniglia, tu quello di fumo.
Allontaniamoci lentamente.
Guardami di nuovo negli occhi e li vedrai sorridere.
Prendimi di nuovo per mano e poi stringimi al tuo petto.
Stringimi forte.
Fammi sentire il tuo calore.
Fammi sentire che ci sei.
Riprendi le mia labbra.
Stringimi più forte.
Sussurrami all'orecchio che mi vuoi.
Tienimi con te.
Portami con te.
Io e te.
Solo io e te.

the cool uncle charlie weasley
  • okay now but listen, charlie weasly fucking loves children
  • so he’s instantly everyone’s favourite uncle because yeah whatever you say but does your uncle raises and takes care of dragons like my uncle charlie does?
  • but charlie is also extremely warm and affectionate, and he tells the best fairy tales because he changes his voice with each characterhas the loudest, most intoxicating laugh; and he doesn’t mind getting dirty playing with all of them, so what is there not to appreciate and love?
  • plus there’s no one, no one, who knows more about creatures and dragons than him
  • maybe luna lovegood, who is a cherished friend
  • (or newt scamander, mentor and always loved)
  • and also, quidditch match? he wasn’t captain of gryffindor for nothing
  • every christmas he goes to the burrow to pick a newly knitted sweater and extra snuggles (and lightly scolding) from molly he’s full of presents and stories about dragons
  • and every year, his hair is longer and longer, but it only means rose, molly and lucy can spend hours braiding it
  • one year he manages to slip a baby romanian longhorn without no one noticing, lily luna loved him and she gave it the name jade
  • (of course she couldn’t keep him, but the moment she was old enough, she spends a few weeks in romania with charlie to look over him, and all the others)
  • “i want to work with dragons, too!”
    “merlin’s beard, your parents are going to kill me…”
  • he’s also the badass uncle because he’s got scars all over his body linked to stories that hugo and dominique will never get tired to listen to
  • his mother often asks him when he’s going to settle down and marry, and with a big laugh, charlie asks her if she doesn’t have enough grandchildren
  • charlie has enough with his dragons and his nieces and nephews and he loves every second of it

This one’s been in the oven a while, tried to unite a bunch of my favorite zelda characters from the series together in a single art style. Some honorable mentions that didn’t make the cut are Beedle, the Darknut, an Octorok, The happy mask salesman, Ravio, and Zant.
(sorry the dimensions are about as un-tumblr-friendly as it gets)

I thought about, how the generation would handle their newborns and couldn’t stop thinking about ‘daddy’ Kakashi helping everyone out, because…..I mean he literally grew up everyone… so he know what to do >///< (and because I miss Kakashi in the new manga *cry*)

*Thank you technology*

Oh and Hinata is on a ‘girls night’ *cough* so she isn’t there to help :P

“This generation coming up – unselfish, altruistic, creative, patriotic – I’ve seen you in every corner of the country. You believe in a fair, just, inclusive America; you know that constant change has been America’s hallmark, something not to fear but to embrace, and you are willing to carry this hard work of democracy forward. You’ll soon outnumber any of us, and I believe as a result that the future is in good hands.” - Barack Obama