YES ! We are now 7K family ! Holy Ultron ! It’s so many people ! I am so much happy right now that it’s just AMAZING to know how far this blog have been. And it’s funny because today this blog celebrates 6 months and with 7K followers is like the best gift ever ! Thanks guys for everything, for the love and for all the good times we have seeing all these stuff that we like about our favorite super heroes ❤️, also I would like to announce that I will start uploading memes about AOU and yes they will have some spoilers. So if you haven’t watch the movie is your chance, so the next Monday they will come like a beautiful storm of memes. Thanks for everything guys love you so much and lost of love for my beautiful 7K mini ultron fans.


snoopdogg x Stevie Wonder x pharrellwilliams

Listen to ‪#‎CaliforniaRoll‬ above and stream Snoop’s new album ‪#‎BUSH‬ on iTunes Radio before it’s released here:

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- Mumbling to himself, Faervel wandered slowly down the hall. He was unaware of the man ahead of him, and he ran into him. The run of hot liquid through his thin clothes made him gasp. “Oh- I’m so sorry- I didn’t see you at all! I’m so oblivious- That’s a really cute backpack!” He commented, unthinking again as he stared at the object. “Oh!” He remembered himself and offered a hand to whoever he had knocked down. 


a 20 year-old girl, from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. She’s not your typical girl; she’s your fat-assed latina, full of pride and with a lot on her mind. 

She used to be the best, the all-A’s student, until she started college. There, the adventurous life drag her down, and since that moment, she never came back.

After being raised in a christian home, she became another person… addicted to marijuana, cigarettes (Marlboro Red 100’s being her favorites), and men. 

Since a little girl, she loved to write, and now, she tries to study Journalism (yes, tries, ‘cause let’s be real, she’s not doing much to help), a profession that she enjoys very much, and maybe one day will write more about.  Her passion for writing and her creative mind join their forces, and together they create inspiration moments, where she writes.

She writes about herself, him💘 and them.

She’s in love, as you can see… with a few. But there are two specifically that drive her crazy: her two impossible loves. About these two, she will write a lot, but she will also talk about the others.

In conclusion, Laliique is a girl who believes in God and loves him, but enjoys the lust and the mundane things too much to stay in the right path.


Hey, guys! Thanks so much for reading this. I hope to share more of my art with you. Please, if you like the blog, even though I know it’s starting, follow us, give us a try. 💖




   “How the hell did so many of you find me?”

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New Battery Technology Cuts Charging Time Down in Half

As our dependency on our smartphones continues to grow, the harder it is for us to give up a few hours to recharge its battery. Nucleus Scientific is out to change that. Yesterday, they launched a series of battery technologies, called Energy System, which rapidly cuts down the charge time, as well as helps to extend the battery life of our devices. The 10,000 mAh power bank prototype fully charges in 15 minutes, as opposed to similar models, which typically take multiple hours. At their testing facilities, Nucleus Scientific was able to recharge the equivalent to 9 smartphones in 100 seconds. If the recharging time was increased to 3 minutes, the battery life of the smartphones would have doubled. Instead of applying constant current to the battery as most charging systems do, Nucleus Scientific employs real-time monitoring of the battery life to quicken and ease the process. Nucleus Scientific is talking to several existing companies about implementing their new hardware and software into future products. They hopes to expand this technology from smartphones to medical equipment to electric vehicles. To read more about this groundbreaking advancement, click on the link to the article :