I’m loosing followers, I don’t understand. Was it the stucky post? The other stucky post? Or maybe the stucky post?

these Marvel shitposting blogs are multiplying like flies and it is GLORIOUS

NEW! Danganronpa Oc Info!!~{I shall type whats on the Paper cause my hand writing sucks!! QwQ}

Name: Ebizo Choshi

Super High School Level: Rollerblader

Age: 24

Sexuality: Bisexual((Mainly goes for guys though….cause….ill type it in Bio soon xDD))

Hair color/Length: a Long Braided Sky Blue

Eye color: a light Lavender

Shirt color: Orange with a Black Skull

Jacket color: a Dark Blue with a Gold Star on his back

Pants color: Black with Dark Blue Stripes

Shoe Stye/Color: Black Steel Toe Boots

Personality: He can be Quite a Flirt but he’s also the biggest Prankster and a Huge Cocky Asshole

Likes: Rollerblading((Obviously XD), Cooking, Pranking((again, OBVIOUSLY XDD)), sleeping, playing the Guitar

Dislikes: Squealing Girly Girls, Cats((he’s Allergic lolol)) Theifs, Creepy People((the Drunks basically, even though he’s a Drinker. Very rare though c:))

Bio will be up soon!!!

{This shitty art is drawn by ME!! DO NOT STEAL CLAIM OR REPOST MY ART!!!! I WILL FEED YOU TO CERBERUS!!!! X3}

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i just went through another unfollow spree meaning my dashboard once again is completely dead

so that means i need some new blogs to follow

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