Advice to young ppl in retail

Hi! I’ve been following ur blog for awhile now. Love it, btw. I’ve noticed a lot of young people posting their stories. Was wondering if you would consider posting this PSA? TIA!!
To all the young people working in retail/customer service:

I totally get that you may be working this job because you need money. But if you’ve discovered that you really dislike working with the public–GET OUT NOW. Don’t stay with this job because it’s familiar. Don’t stay because looking for a new job is time-consuming & interviewing is awkward. Don’t stay because your mom wants you too, or your friend got you the job, etc. @fu

Self reflect and find something you really like to do. Take classes, read, research. Stay in school. Change your major. Take full advantage of any career services available to you. Do whatever you must to get out while you’re still young.

Why? Because one day you’ll turn around and be 40-something, married with children & working a job you hate. Only then you’ll be trapped. Self discovery will take a backseat to your responsibilities. It will be difficult to find work in a new field because all your work experience is in this field you hate.

Get out now while you still can.

Good luck and Godspeed,
A customer service veteran who hates customers.

ok, I don’t do much digital art but what the hell.

Thanks to everyone in the Jacksepticeye community and the Markiplier community, tonight I signed a contract with a local art studio to teach (no not digital art, eek) You all have given this Mom the courage and support to start an entire new field of work, one I’ve longed for.  I also have a new commission with our local news paper for photography.  I still have a long way to go to make it in these fields but right now, this moment is freaking awesome.