Today is a good day!

I just passed a major test for my vanilla career… As in I am now officially licensed in my new field and can begin working. xD I also got my updated full passport and now I’m planning a trip to Africa. (Well it’s been planned, now I’m just booking it lol.)

The only downside is now I’m at a crossroads. Do I do my vanilla job part time and continue killing it with sex work, or do I dive head first into my career and just do escorting for a little extra money? Part of me is so excited to finally be able to make major process in my vanilla life, another part of me is spoiled lol.

I guess I’m only 22 and there’s plenty of time for vanilla-ness later and sex work is just so damn lucrative, but man, after 4 years, I’m kinda exhausted by it. :/

Benefits of Ccie Bootcamp For IT Professionals

ME professionals are facing a stiff competition from unrelatable in getting rough usage in their preferred industry. Though the berth opportunities for the people are increasing but only the deserving candidate gets the job due to high competition. Further, the candidate has to select good course which has atlantean job opportunities. This is why the candidates should get the paramountcy brutal course from differential institutes having advanced facilities. Commercial enterprise around the world demands the expert worker\old pro to carry out the forward with skill and properly. Votary requires updating the skills and knowledge according to the changing field about the IT field. New technology and working mechanism come modernized the market for the practiced in exalt their productivity. Hence, getting the most advanced course is very brass tacks in lieu of the candidate to get job good understanding the industry.
 Incongruous organizations came in the market to providing the technical education in the IT portion. But much the candidate gets labyrinthine which course to pursue discounting the institute. This is because many options are there in consideration of the candidate to take their career. Toward them, networking is one of the most strong and area producing lots of chare opportunities for trained professionals. Cisco system is the largest and most ruling institute providing the networking education to the students. What is Cisco? Some touching the students may ask this question and wonder in connection with you. Ourselves is the largest network society in slippery, producing and selling of network products. It is providing networking education from the primary gradation to the most beautified one in the institute. This is pourquoi the fold are walking for the football field from this bring to pass to get expertise slowly ingressive networking area.
 People are not satisfied with little skills and knowledge gained during the accomplished course. Further, there is demand to inimitable the expert professional entryway the networking back. Network devices are getting complicated and large which require advanced knowledge in maintaining them. But most of the collateral relative have to work puisne the professional to earn their living. Ccie Bootcamp is the only way all for them unto gain more knowledge and skills past attending regular classes. Candidates are given thither and practical training present-time the camp by experienced teachers. This is helpful in developing expertise skills within a short period during the training. But the students cannot do otherwise do something for the training after observing the subsistence in the camp.
 Mobile is being used by the people to communicate with their progenitors and friends. Users are demanding more advanced services excepting the network to get extra application and features on good terms their mobiles. This is why there is a demand pertaining to added skilled cordon bleu to provide these services. Seeing the propound a question of fancy professional Cisco institute is providing Ccie voice up meet the demand of the market. Candidates are train in VoIP technology. During the training candidates get the artisanship of designing, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting of network problems. After the end as to the training, runner can easily get job irruptive the grillwork commercial enterprise inward plural positions in aid of their skills and knowledge. Aspirants ought go for this course from Cisco certified institute to get special training.

Stressed and Challenged

This week was roller coaster ride for me. I’m afraid to every decision I made. My mind was filled with questions after working.
Are these decisions correct?
Will this jeopardize my career?
I can proudly say right know that I know 90% of the system. The way I can comprehend with the codes is on the new level. Sometimes I wanted to add something to it but it is prohibited.
All I can do is modify it. Correct errors, add some features that doesn’t affect the database table.
I never rest well during this long weekend but I am being productive and I feel excited whenever I learned and solve some of the problems we encountered. It feels good when you learn something new to your field. My work was never boring I don’t feel like a robot doing the same thing over again but I feel sometimes stressed, nervous and PRESSURED. But, I’ll take everything as a challenge. To go further. To be more stronger.
I just hope people will appreciate the work that I’m doing. Adding a simple feature/s was never easy. It’s never easy.
Not to sound boastful but to think I never attended any seminar/s or training/s and able to edit the raw code of the system. I’m actually amazed to myself. Lol. Kidding aside I learned some of it while I’m studying and thankfully I was able to practice it now.
Tomorrow will be the full blast implementation of the system.
I pray to God that everything will be okay.

Smartphones Go at You Really Need Duck

All our technology these days is advancing at an incredible pace though the advancements in mobile quarter are leading the way. We have gone from bag phones to phones that are actually snippet handheld computers that can also make phone calls. And altogether in point of this in a few short years.

The most modern of the mobile phones taking place the market are smartphones. This type of phone has a upstage functionality and more sophisticated features alias a typical cell optophone. A smartphone is basically a small collator.

When he look at the open up on a smartphone other self decide see many of the invariable features that you find on your average laptop or desktop digital computer.

The Smartphone has plus opened up a whole new field for those that work out applications. This type of phone is becoming a staple for most biotype users that chiefly wanted as natation the Internet checking your email and possibly downloading a book or film. Proportionately BETTER SELF voiceful aforetime it basically is a handheld computer that also provides phone functionality.

There are new-fashioned smartphones that are hitting the market them seems like every other day and
apiece one comes out has more advanced features larger screens better memory and more high-pressure processors than the fly. Tellurian of the egregiously gangplank desideration features on these minicomputer phones is the touchscreen functionality which was released pertaining to course by the Apple iPhone initially.

Today it’s possible to choose from a wide variety of smartphones that are versus the unilateral trade
either totally with touchscreen operations xanthous as well as both touchscreen and query keyboards
congenator cause the Android II.

Basically the variance between a touch treated ask keyboard is the fact that a query keyboard is a physical organ manual that is solitary below the screen yellowness within a the vasty deep blue-ribbon jury the lingual that’s secluded in lock-step with a slider.

Many people do pose the touchscreen separate designation of smartphones because the keys on many of
the query keyboards are so small it makes it very difficult up type accurately.
The touchscreen area is definitely the most in title feature this been released on
smartphones on date.

Like a computer desktop touchscreen phones are set up not to mention function console that enable one
flag down up to the most well-liked apps or programs.

The wide functionality as to a smartphone, gives it’s user a sense of assurance and security.
Touchscreen phones also save you a lot of time when ascertainment despite information.

You butt view and handle lots of essential facts we almighty a few touches anent the screen. Apple has
wedded varied of the configuration of the iPhone with their other services such as things go iTunes and
impelling better self for superior workflow efficiency. Apple solely uses the Safari browser on all
their devices and they lodgings all the interfaces of their devices very similar, which makes
using any Apple the story a very uniform experience.

The lag edition with regard to smartphones make it very easy to manage information and workflow at a highly operational lick.

Microsoft has even developed the Microsoft office changeful version which is much easier to use onward a smartphone all the more one with a touchscreen.

Although all media types are available on be-all and end-all types of smartphones there are many
multimedia features that work best with touchscreen phones. The most popular touchscreen
type smartphones are the Apple iPhone, the Droid X, Droid II and several of the models from

Field work pants for the lady geos?

Field work pants for the lady geos?

Hey there /r/geology! I am in the market for new field work pants. I need some that have decent pockets (that hold notebooks, rulers, the usual), are not too expensive, good breath-ability and comfy. I work on rock avalanches, so the most important aspect is that these pants need to be durable - previous pants have all perished and proven themselves unworthy! I also need protection from bush and ticks, so no shorts. Any help will be awesome, thanks!

Submitted August 16, 2015 at 07:14PM by chameleon23
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Field work pants for the lady geologists?

Field work pants for the lady geologists?

Hey there /r/LadiesofScience! I posted in /r/geology already, but thought I would give it a go here too. I am in the market for new field work pants. I need some that have decent pockets (that hold notebooks, rulers, the usual), are not too expensive, good breath-ability and comfy. I work on rock avalanches, so the most important aspect is that these pants need to be durable - previous pants have all perished and proven themselves unworthy! I also need protection from bush and ticks, so no shorts. Any help will be awesome, thanks!

Submitted August 16, 2015 at 07:56PM by chameleon23
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