43. “Squeeze my hand if you can hear me”  Dan.

Hello, Love bugs! 

Dan X Reader

Warnings- Smut. Also this is a really long one.

Saying you hate crowds would be considered an understatement.You could never put it into words. It’s so much more than just people forgetting what personal space is. It’s even more than the thought of everyone looking at you thinking you’re strange. It’s an immense feeling in the pit of your stomach that tightens. It’s the way you feel your breathing changing to a more shallow breath. Dan understood how you feel in crowds and has always tried his hardest to help you through any emotions you were feeling. Today was an extra stressful day as you were not only in a crowd of strangers but it was a crowd of Dan’s family. 

“They will love you just as much as I love you.” That was easy for Dan to say. He wasn’t the one who was meeting a bunch of new people who were for sure judging you to see if you were right for there Dan.

 "What if they don’t. What if your aunt thinks I’m wrong for you and tells your mum and your mum tells your grandma and then she will hate me and then I will never be able to be with you because I can’t make you choose between myself and your family.“ Dan kisses you softly to try and get you to shut up for even just a second.

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anonymous asked:

caroline blushes & klaus makes a comment about how he'd like to see if that blush extends to the rest of her body. if you want, it could even be combined with another prompt

I went with a Regency setting to this prompt, and I hope it worked out! Thanks for the prompt, anon!

Blush || Klaroline

Having returned late in the night, Klaus felt rudely awaked with a sudden pounding on his bedroom door. “Nik!” a small voice called from the corridor. “It’s time for breakfast.”

He hauled himself out of bed, rubbing his tired eyes as he opened the door to find an excited Henrik waiting for him. “Mate, I’ve barely gotten any sleep. I promise, I’ll spend some time with you this afternoon.”

“Master Niklaus,” their butler Andrew interjected, easing himself into view behind Henrik’s bouncing form. “Lady Mikaelson specifically requested your presence in the dining room.”

Sighing, Klaus gave a reluctant nod. “Thank you, Andrew, I shall be dressed shortly.”

Esther Mikaelson had summoned her errant son to their country home where she was enjoying the holiday with Rebekah and Henrik. While Klaus usually enjoyed the time with his younger siblings, he hadn’t really looked forward to hearing the grisly details of preparing for Rebekah’s first season. It was well known that the only Mikaelson daughter would be a wealthy catch, and Klaus didn’t relish the kind of attention his baby sister might attract in her hunt for a husband.

Worse, Klaus risked his mother’s ambitious eye falling to his own unmarried status. A third son without a title needed more effort than he was willing to expend on finding a rich wife, but he had been fortunate to be recognized as his birth father’s heir a few years before. Marriage suddenly wasn’t a necessity to maintain his lifestyle, and he enjoyed the chance to learn his father’s merchant business throughout the continent during that time.

It appeared, however, that his luck had run out. Esther likely already had a few candidates for his consideration; she would invite them to dinners throughout the holiday for interrogation of their prospects, Klaus was sure.

He trudged down the stairs to meet his fate of heavy expectation, only to bump into a smaller body as he rounded the corner toward the kitchen. Linens burst from a girl’s grasp as she fell to the ground, her servant’s uniform crumpling beneath her. “Damn the world,” she muttered quietly, though not quietly enough.

Klaus’s eyebrows shot up in surprise at the American accent. “You’re a new face,” he realized, watching her gather the linens with a jerk.

“And you’re rude,” she napped as she stood, though she paled at the sight of his fine clothing. Embarrassment then flooded her cheeks with a deep flush. “Pardon me, sir, I thought the family was gathered for breakfast. I apologize for speaking out of turn.”

She was a pretty thing, and Klaus greedily tracked her blush down the neck of her plain dress. “No harm done, love,” he winked. “In fact, a little frankness would go far in this household. I am surprised my mother would hire one so bold, though.”

“Caroline is still learning,” the cold voice of his mother noted from the end of the hall. Esther shrewdly watched as Klaus stepped away from the young maid. “Those linens are hardly suitable for the beds now, dear. Please take them back to the laundry and try again.”

Klaus watched as the girl - Caroline - wilted in front of him at his mother’s admonishment. Her head dropped to her chest and she sank into a small curtsy before shuffling away as quickly as she had appeared.

With an imperious cluck, Esther turned on him. “I will not have you charming the help, Niklaus,” she chided. “They tend to think a pretty smile enough to rise from their station, and Caroline is hardly subordinate as it is. Don’t encourage her.”

Fighting the urge to roll his eyes, Klaus nodded and followed his mother into the dining room. He wondered how she managed to offend her sensibilities enough to still hire an impertinent American, but knew better than to press the issue. It was early, and he just wanted some food.

He looked back, though, just catching sight of the maid as she turned the corner.

Caroline. Her name was Caroline.

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…is the 13th Doctor!

Here is a scratchy and hasty sketch of her.
A new face to sculpt! Watch this space (face)

(Including sketches I made of the other Doctors a few hours or days after they were announced)

When Where Is When

The rain falls
and I see snow,

The story’s still the same
though all the words have changed
and the star crossed lovers
have donned new faces
I watch through the walls and
see no passion in the midnight sex
she never looks at his eyes
as he remembers another,

The engine is still warm
but there’s nowhere to go,

Watch the stars move above
as the dreaming grinds to a halt
in a chair at a bare table
in a quiet kitchen set aside
for forgotten souls
wait with me as the clock ticks
but never strikes the hour
see the circles on the wood
left by glasses not raised in a toast
the wine grew warm with waiting
for the arrival of anything
to claim the soft shadows
as part of some scenario
undefined and unrealized,

Walk out into darkness
try to wake up before it’s too late,

Open book on a windowsill
pages shift restlessly hesitantly
in a soft damp breeze
tire tracks in the snow that isn’t there
tell me that I’ve already left
should be going and gone
but I’ve already been to
where I don’t want to go
I have no desire to return
the unseen author
has penned no lines for me
I no longer know the part
I am meant to play,

I could be running away
or waiting for the rest of time,

Sit with me dear
until it doesn’t matter anyways


You know that feeling when you realize you’ve just become a part of something great? Like it isn’t great in size yet and it’s something that many people may not know about yet but you know about it and you know it’s great… and you know some day it will be big and everyone will be finding their way onto the bandwagon and you’ll just be chilling here, smiling at all the new faces and watching them experience that great thing for the first time and you’ll be so content just knowing that you were here among the first… here since Day 1.

GUYS… that’s us. We are The ORIGINAL Dirk Gently Fandom!

And something tells me that this path of beautiful insanity is going to be a great ride.

Five things that make me happy...

(As tagged by @tacosaysroar - Thanks, lady!)

1. Currently, peonies. Big, fluffy, fragrant peonies. All the colors, too.

2. That end of the day Belgian Ale I’ve been drinking all summer… yummy and takes me back to my 20’s in Maine.

3. Tasting the salty ocean air and feeling that sharp breeze on my face. #new england love

4. Watching my girls giggling at their own silly ways and shared jokes. So sweet.

5. The moment right before I fall asleep. I always look forward to my dreams…wondering where they will take me each night.

I tag @hthrloo, @hopefulmisanthrope, @northernmomma, @advancedmaternalage, @klirving, @lazydad, @wheremygreengrassgrows, @unrelentingoptimist, @dover, @eternaltoska

Title: head over feet

Main Pairing: Allison/Kira (with Lydia/Scott and Stiles/Malia)

Rating: Teen

Warnings: some underage drinking, poisoning (not of or by any main character), some casual ableist language, brief mentions of fat-shaming

Words: 56,295

SummaryAllison quickly searches for their other new face just in time to watch the girl eat mat hard, fingers tangled in her own shoelaces.

It’s Yukimura.

It isn’t that Allison has seen her before, or even process of elimination. It’s just the balancing forces of the universe in action. They have an Olympian among their scholarships this year. If there weren’t a girl who couldn’t keep her feet under her on solid ground standing still, it wouldn’t be fair, would it?

Collegiate gymnast Allison Argent falls in love while trying not to fall on her ass.

A gift for the Teen Wolf Holiday Femslash Exchange!

bisexualiriswest asked for: college AU, first Christmas together, teammate bonding and competition, clothes sharing, forehead kisses, and comforting/defending one another.

Hope I delivered!

Watch: Apink's Son Naeun And Bomi Bring The Laughs By Dancing Their Hearts Out To PSY's "New Face"

Watch: Apink’s Son Naeun And Bomi Bring The Laughs By Dancing Their Hearts Out To PSY’s “New Face”

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Who would have known that the Apink members could make PSY’s “New Face” dance even funnier than it is?

Apink appeared as guests on the June 24 broadcast of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything.” The cast demanded that Apink’s Son Naeun, who featured in PSY’s “New Face” music video, show them the dance. Son Naeun walked up shyly, saying, “I’m so nervous!” However, when she started, she completely changed and…

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open to males | based on this

any other thursday afternoon, opehlia would be sitting in her kitchen, drinking her coffee and watching the people on the streets below. but this day in particular, her father had called her and asked her to come to the gym. she didn’t know what he wanted, so she agreed, intrigued. the walk was short and when she arrived, the entire room smelled of sweat and chalk. waving at the boxers she saw there regularly, the brunette made her way toward the back office when a new face caught her eye. she watched him on the speed bag for a minute before speaking. “nice shiner you’ve got there.” 

anonymous asked:

Hello!! This is for the prompt thingy! Uhmm...Damian has a really bad nightmare and nobody is home to comfort him but Jason ;-;

His nightmares were always the same. Mother’s skin would slowly begin to peel off, revealing a face he couldn’t recognize. The new face would watch him, thin lips stretched into a pleased smile as Heretic’s sword was thrust through him, piercing his chest like he was made of something weaker than flesh and bone.

He would turn his head to look out the window. They were always surrounded by water, and right outside the window, he’d see bodies chained. He’d scan over them. Grayson, Todd, Drake, Gordon, Pennyworth, and Father were always together, thrashing around, though escape was futile.

Mother was beside them. Her skin was pale, eyes lifeless, though he could hear her voice in his head. 

I’m sorry.

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