An opportunity from my mom’s neighborhood socializing

I was quieter than I am now when I was a kid. At school, I absolutely did not speak during lessons.  When we were asked “Do you understand this problem?”, even if knew, I thought “If I’m wrong, I don’t want to make a mistake,” and I would look down to ensure I would not be called on. I think that maybe I didn’t want to be seen as inferior by other people there.

However, I did like soccer and playing with friends outside, and I did jump rope and double dutch very often. Come to think of it, when I was in first grade, I went up to the horizontal bar during break time, and the female deputy teacher started calling out “Look, look!”, because I’d done a flip for everyone to see (laughs).

I started dancing when I was in kindergarten. The opportunity came from my mom socializing in the neighborhood (laughs). All the mothers had good, friendly relationships with each other and suggested “Why don’t the kids all try it together?”. Since I have no memory of announcing my own intention to starting dancing, I’m guessing that was the beginning of it.

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Patch Perfect

Quirky cool patchwork has never looked so good

The embroidered patch look popularized by soldiers and specialized groups decades ago has since become a way to make a fashion statement among today’s top tastemakers. Denim bedecked with floral iron-ons and sweatshirts emblazoned with witty badges are the new norm for girls who covet that ‘cut and paste’ style. Now you can get that DIY look from cool-kid brands like Thierry Boutemy and Stella McCartney, whose eclectic collections show off a mélange of patches and prints. Bring out your scrappy side with an assortment of collage-like clothing and accessories that are guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

The Patched Look

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Mary Katrantzou Fall 2014

LOVE Magazine Senior Fashion Editor Phoebe Arnold at PFW Fall 2014

Blogger Alexandra Pereira of Lovely Pepa

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anonymous asked:

hallihallohallöchen. die new era x halligalli snapback, auf der vorne "chg" draufsteht scheint es ja im shop nicht mehr zu geben. hast du vielleicht ne ahnung, ob man trotzdem noch irgendwie an die rankommen kann? ich bin echt verzweifelt gerade, weil ich die schon immer gern haben wollte, aber es komplett an mir vorbeigegangen ist, dass man die kaufen konnte 🙈

Nee, hab leider keine Idee :(
Außer vielleicht wenn einer sie verkaufen würde. Hast du schon mal auf Ebay gesucht?
Oder schreib doch mal hin und frag nach, ob sie noch welche haben 😊💙