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The question is; since everyone believes that billboard interview wasn't their real words, it was mgmt etc. How then is it explained that they also bash their own label. How's that allowed by management? These two things seem like oxymorons to me

Not at all actually, it’s pretty smart. See, to sell the new “Ot4″ image they need to make people believe that things are different than they were before. The fact is, Camila’s departure, plus the recording of Lauren crying, which is strategically mentioned in the interview, rose up a LOT of questions around the well being of the girls and whether or not they were happy at all being in the group. Fans all over were saying that they would unstan just so that the group could fail and break up so the girls could be “free”. 

Management understood very well that the image of the happy healthy girls was completely compromised. So for this new era, since the girls haven’t changed label or management, they need to make the fans believe that things have changed, that the girls have more control, are now happier and that all in all Camila’s departure was a good thing. The label couldn’t find any excuses for Lauren’s recording, so instead they have her say that it was just one of those days, and that now things are different. 

The label doesn’t give a shit about what the fandom thinks of it, they care about what the fandom thinks of the girls, and they know that if there’s even a tiny little chance that the girls aren’t happy, the fandom will go crazy and will want for the group to break up, sooner than intended that is, because 5H will definitely be over after 5H3.

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  • Harmonizers @ start of 2016: YAS a new era, our girls are gonna dominate, they gon have so much fun, iz gon be litty 🔥🔥🔥
  • AwsomenessTV: Take Over episodes stop
  • Harmonizers: oh...well that's ok I'm sure we'll still get some amazing OT5 interactions
  • OT5: slowly sensing some tension
  • Harmonizers:'s fine their new single's coming out and they're gonna be working hard on that together!
  • Camila: releases Bad Things
  • Harmonizers: Awh...well that's really cool it means she's broadening her career and developing her passion ya know...nothing to worry about...
  • The Media: Camila Cabello Leaving Fifth Harmony⁉️
  • Harmonizers:'s just rumours...the girls are too close
  • The Girls: Camila not seen with them
  • Harmonizers:'s...ITS NOTHING
  • Little No Life Shits: racially bully Normani to the point where she has to take a break from social media
  • Camila: leaves
  • Harmonizers: ...🙃