(I found a site to watch the new ep on and it was a good ep. It didn’t quite meet expectations but it was good nonetheless. Poor Shota just can’t catch a break, I hope he gets a win or at least does better against Satoshi when he finally gets Mega Sceptile. Alan vs. Satoshi was pretty great, I’m glad they became friends because that will make it all the more painful for them when Team Flare shit goes down. Not sure why that blast burn didn’t really effect Satoshi but I have faith they’ll explain how this stuff with Satoshi!Gekkouga works later on. 

Good ep, I enjoyed it and I’m always happy to see Shota and Alan. I’m gonna go eat dinner soon but I’ll do replies/starters I owe later tonight.)

im watching remember and cheese in the trap rn (korean dramas!!!)and they are so good hurry up and release the new eps….😨