just watched the new su ep it was so good!! felt like a season 2 ep!! connie was SO cute and good, peridot and lapis weren’t ~magically friends~ and had realistic arguments, lapis’s hair wasn’t drawn in zuke’s ugly style, the characters actually felt in-character? nostalgic

All Night

Pairing: Dan Howell X Reader

Warnings: May contain swearing

Based on a song from Kirstin’s new EP called ‘Love.’ The song that inspired this plot was none other than 'All Night.’ Go check out her new EP! It’s so good!

You stared at the white ceiling above you, marking out all the different patterns indented into them. The London streets were, unsurprisingly, very busy during the crisp, Tuesday evening. So much honking, screeches and police sirens were going off every now and then. 

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