Building a Movement to End the New Jim Crow: an organizing guide
Building a Movement to End the New Jim Crow: an organizing guide - Kindle edition by Daniel Hunter.

Today the Kindle version of “Building a Movement to End the New Jim Crow” – a guide to helping organize and participate in the anti-mass-incarceration movement – is free on Kindle.

Normally this is the kind of thing I’d put in Radio Free Monday but I’m not sure how long it’s going to be free for, so if you have access and want the guide, go grab you some today.

Il legno sembra fermo, ma è sottoposto a pressioni interne che lentamente lo spaccano. 
La ceramica si rompe, fa subito mostra dei suoi cocci rotti.
Il legno no, finché può nasconde, si lascia torturare ma non confessa.
Io sono di legno.
—  Giulia Carcasi, Io sono di legno

“What is your problem?”

Steve blinked, looking up from his book. His eyes met Tony Stark, his teammate, and a friend, standing in front of him, looking stern and irritated. He even crossed arms on his chest, already looking defensive.

Steve looked around the room, making sure, that Tony was addressing him. What was his problem? He didn’t know. He was just reading a book. Was that a crime? Maybe it was in the Avengers Tower, where every thing was high tech and he was expected to use tablets and holographic screens.

“Sorry, Tony,” Steve sighed, “using an ebook is not my style,” he said, remembering the shiny new ebook Tony had given him and Steve used twice, before stashing it away. Nothing could replace the feeling of a real book.

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I’m re-reading Jewels of the Rebellion and can I just say I think that Ophelia is one of the most bomb characters in the book. She’s keeping her bff Adelaide on track, she’s winning drinking competitions, she’s training messenger birds, she’s constantly sassy, she’s caring for her family, and she’s always reading the situation and responding in clever ways. I feel like she needs more appreciation. 

  • Pottermore: J.K. Rowling releasing three new ebooks of content mostly already on Pottermore, but some is yet to be released on the website.
  • Other Media: J.K. Rowling writes three new Harry Potter ebooks!!!!!!!!!
  • Me: ..... Can you guys be anything more like Rita Skeeter.....
Pottermore Presents Spoilers

So, there is nothing in the Pottermore or Minerva McGonagall tag about this, so I thought I would start a post on this for those who cannot (or won’t) pay for the new ebooks. Here is a quick and dirty summary of the new info:

- During the First Wizarding War, McGonagall worked as a spy (using her animagus form) with aurors for the Ministry. She was not a member of the Order of the Phoenix.


- She didn’t fully join up with the second order until after Dumbledore’s death. (this one doesn’t make sense to me, because wasn’t she at Grimmauld in book 5, or am I remembering wrong?)

- Dougal McGregor, his wife, and kids were killed by Death Eaters. McGonagall blamed herself for this, thinking she could have prevented it if she married him.

- McGonagall’s brother Robert was killed in the First Wizarding War.

- After the Second Wizarding War, she was awarded an Order of Merlin, and got put on a Chocolate Frog Card. 


-Seriously, why was that not the number one thing hyped? There is a whole DETAILED section on how to become an animagus. 

-It seems like the rarity and difficulty of the transformation have a lot to do with the danger? Also luck? 

- Here is the process: Hold a mandrake leaf under your tongue for a month, from full moon to full moon, Put the leaf in a crystal phial along with your saliva and have it receive the full rays of the full moon (if the night is cloudy, you have to start over), add one hair to the crystal phial along with dew (from a place that hasn’t seen sunlight for seven days) and a chrysalis of a Death’s Head Hawk Moth. Store the mixture in a quiet dark place until the next thunder storm. Every sunrise and sunset put your wand to your chest and say “Amato Animo Animato Animagus.” When the storm arrives and there is lightening in the sky, drink the potion (which should look like blood) and say the incantation and transform.

- If it goes wrong, it is possible to become a weird man/beast hybrid. This is irreversible.

-Don’t panic when you transform the first time, or the animal mind could gain control.

- It is mentioned that the thunderstorm could take years to arrive, but you cannot move or touch the potion. Meaning it is easier to become a animagus in a stormy place. 

- An animagus who is really good at transforming can leave their clothes behind if they choose (Peter Pettigrew Plothole closed.)

- The Animagus Registry is actually meant to be a crime deterrent. 

- The Slughorn content was really boring. All of it was pretty easy to guess at considering what we knew of him. He is confirmed, along with Regulus Black, to have reformed the reputation of Slytherin House after the Second Wizarding War.

So yeah, that’s it. Most of the ebook material has been up on Pottermore for years, but it is nice to have it all together. If I am missing anything, feel free to chime in.

Team Leader Headcanons

Now that the trainer designs for the team leaders have been released everyone is coming out with headcanons so here is mine. 

 CANDELA: Always ready for a fight. So ready. She will beat you up right now this instant cmon lets go lets do this. She knows so many different fighting styles and she is ready to throw down vs you AND your pokemon.

 But also: Very protective of literally everyone and hugs people (and pokemon) to her chest and calls them her precious children. Blanche and Spark still don’t really know how to react to this so they just stand there awkwardly blushing.

 BLANCHE: Quiet and reserved, often deep in a new ebook researching some obscure topic. One day its manky eating habits the next its pikachu tail shapes. Trains their pokemon for optimal stats. Very serious attitude, keeps calm no matter how bad or ridiculous the situation. Meditates daily. 

But also: Forgets to watch where they are going and walks into things a lot. Doesnt usually make “jokes” but on rare occassions will drop a real zinger with a completely straight face. Sass Master. 

 SPARK: Very enthusiastic and energetic! Bad puns 24/7 he cannot be stopped. Pretty much constantly moving. Even when sitting he is tapping his foot or something. He isnt as strong as Candela or wise like Blanche, but knows that as long as he follows his heart and is kind to his pokefriends he will be a great trainer! He repeats this often, partly to reassure himself. He will be all “I might not be as str-” and Blanche and Candela are like “WE KNOW YOU TOLD US!5 TIMES TODAY!”

 But also: If you hurt any of his friends THE STORM WILL BE UNLEASHED AND THERE WILL BE NO SHELTER🌩🌩🌩


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