The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink by Maria Shriver and the Center for American Progress  - released today by Rosetta Books and available as an eBook at NYPL - examines three major cultural and economic changes over the past 50 years:

  • Women work more outside the home, but still earn less than men.
  • Women lead more families on their own.
  • Women today need higher education to enter the middle class.

Featuring the insight of a power packed roster of big thinkers and talented contributors, including Hillary Clinton, Anne-Marie Slaughter and Lebron James, the book examines practical solutions surrounding the issues that face women and the economy.

A Century of War - Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order 

This book is no ordinary history of oil. The bare facts can be found elsewhere. The causal force driving the events is rarely spoken of. Here we present a sometimes controversial description of power and war, finance and economic warfare, and the relation of oil and finance to that power. 

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Two Weeks Until OLIVIA – here’s a snippet!

Two Weeks Until OLIVIA – here’s a snippet! Agent Abram is up to no good… #olivia #choisie

Abram is Livvy’s agent. He’s sophisticated. He’s astute. He’s twenty-five, and he has an eye for art.

He also has an eye for his client, Livvy Holland. Here’s a little snippet from OLIVIA, to be released June 17th!

“Such a birds-eye point of view,” Abram says.  “How could one not be voyeuristic living in a place like this?”

“Well, one wouldn’t stare out the window at them,” I say softly, mocking…

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Announcing WOW YOUR WAY INTO THE JOB OF YOUR DREAMS, a new eBook by client Frances Cole Jones

Wow Your Way into the Job of Your Dreams!
A New eBook by Frances Cole Jones

You’re smart. You’re self-aware. You have a lot to offer. So why do you need this book? Because you’re savvy enough to know it’s what you don’t yet know that can make all the difference in whether you land or lose that coveted job. Distilled from The Wow Factor, Wow Your Way into the Job of Your Dreams takes all your skills, smarts, and willingness to learn and transforms your vision into a reality. By the time you finish reading this book, you will have the edge you need to set yourself apart from even the toughest competitors.

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Un estratto dal prossimo ebook in arrivo!

Il moscerino la guardò, rimase in silenzio per qualche istante ancora, prese un gran respiro e iniziò:

«Io arrivo da un mondo lontano, un pianeta dove tutto è bizzarro. I miei avi erano esploratori, avventurieri. Io mi sono messo in viaggio per ripercorrere le loro orme ed entrare nel leggendario libro del mio popolo, Mondo Moschino. In questo libro vengono annotati e tramandati per sempre tutti i migliori, i più popolari, insomma coloro che si sono distinti per coraggio e destrezza nelle situazioni mi disparate.»

La Piccola **** (manteniamo il riserbo sul nome della protagonista!) rimase interdetta e incuriosita chiese ancora:

«E come diamine sei finito in quella bottiglia?»

Il moscerino arrossì. Prese coraggio e, ad occhi bassi, disse:

«Ehm…sono finito in quella bottiglia per….Amore.»

«Per amore??», chiese titubante la Piccola ****.

Peter Pan is a character created by the novelis and playwright J. M.Barrie A boy who can fly and who never ages, Peter Pan spends his never-ending childhood adventuring on the small island of Neverland. This ebook is part of the Fairy Tale Projec of Errant Editions. It is an illustrated edition with an appendix edited by Marie Laffont.( the cover image is taken from the web, and for this reason considered available. If not so, please contact us, we will change it)


The Rhine Castle Wine Copy

Wieners, John. Ace of Pentacles

New York: James A. Carr & Robert A. Wilson, 1964. First trade edition. 8vo, 72 pp, bound in gilt-stamped blue cloth. Lacking the unprinted glassine jacket. With a wine label laid in.

This copy is inscribed by Wieners to Dave Haselwood on page 23, with the printed label from a bottle of Paul Masson Rhine Castle wine carefully removed and laid in. The inscription occurs directly below the brief and enigmatic poem “The Pool of Light” -

“A shimmering fern leaf, 2 upraised em-/ blems of gold / lift an instant, trem-/ blings revolved. / O Switzerland, O Schon castle, o land across / the Rhine.”

The label is bracked by embossed gold emblems above a pastoral view of the castle. We’d always been puzzled by this wistful but beautiful poem, but the presence of the label makes us think that the poem is a meditation on this label or one like it.

Wieners wasn’t a stranger to Rhine castle wine. In “Poet Be Like God,” by Kevin Killian and Lewis Ellingham, there is an account of “A Famous Evening”, as Kyger termed it, when Wieners introduced Kyger to Tom Field and Michael Rumaker, who taught them how to make a proper martini of Rhine Castle wine and gin.

Haselwood printed Wiener’s first book, the Hotel Wentley Poems, so named because Haselwood had loaned him his room at the Hotel Wentley where the book was written. A beautiful association linking Wiener’s first and second books, and one which illuminates one of the best poems in the book.

Near fine with a faint 2" area of staining to the front board (from Rhine castle wine, we hope). Lacking the unprinted glassine jacket.

Amazing Weight Loss Results

(Chelsea Now)

Hey guys. Recently my good friend Chelsea lost a load of weight and dropped 3 dress sizes in 3 months after following a new program that was created specifically for her by a friend.

They were so amazed by the results that they created a program based on her results, called Flab2Fab, which is specifically aimed at helping young overweight women between 18 and 35 lose weight and get back into shape. 

 Here are Chelsea’s before and after pics:

Chelsea was so happy with her results that she decided to join the Flab2Fab team so that she could help other young women reach their weight loss goals. 

She asked me to create this post to help her promote their new free ebook called 8 Simple Steps To Lose Weight And Get Back Into Shape which highlights all the steps she took in order to go through this amazing transformation. 

So please help us support her and reblog this post so that she can help other girls reach their goals and overcome their weight problems. 

If you are a young women between 18 and 35 and are struggling with weight loss, or, your wife,sister or girlfriend is having trouble losing weight, then I highly recommend you check out this program as well! Thanks! Much love!

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Forgotten Suns

by Judith Tarr
$6.99 (Novel)

I am no one. I pass from dark into dark. I hunt a track gone cold as stone.

“Evil government agencies, powerful psionics, tense diplomacy, ancient mysteries, the multiverse, and an intelligent starship…there’s no slowing the momentum of the high-stakes adventure. Space opera fans will enjoy this lively story and its homages to the pulp SF era.” –Publishers Weekly

For five thousand Earthyears, the planet called Nevermore has been empty. Its cities are deserted, with every trace of their inhabitants erased. Only a handful of nomadic tribes remain, none of whom remember the ones who went before.

An expedition from Earth has been excavating one of the planet’s many ruins, and attempting without success to find the cause of its people’s disappearance. Now the expedition is in trouble, its funding cut; unless it makes a major discovery, and soon, it will be shut down. Then the United Planets will invade Nevermore and strip it of its resources, and destroy its ancient and enigmatic treasures.

Aisha, the daughter of the chief archaeologists, tries to save the expedition by opening a sealed tomb or treasury–and manages instead to destroy it. But one treasure survives, which may be the key to the planet’s mystery.

Khalida is a Military Intelligence officer with a quarter-million deaths on her conscience. She has retreated to the near-solitude of Nevermore to try to come to terms with what she has done, but her past will not let her go. The war she thought she had ended still rages, and is about to destroy one planet and spread chaos through a hundred more. Her superiors force her back into service, and dispatch her to a world that may also offer a clue to the mystery of Nevermore.

With a mysterious stranger, the sentient starship he liberates from an unholy alliance of Military Intelligence and the Interstellar Institute for Psychic Research, and a crew of scientists, explorers, and renegades, Aisha and Khalida set off on a journey to the end of the universe and beyond. What they find will change not only the future of Nevermore, but that of all the United Planets.

Download an Ebook Sample:

Caution to the Wind Available for Kindle

Today’s the day! I am so excited to announce that Caution to the Wind is now available on Amazon in Kindle format!

Book One of the Elementals Series

Loren Bramley was no one–at least, that was what she’d grown up believing. She was unimportant. Even having superpowers didn’t give her an edge.

Then Loren meets a hooded vigilante with superpowers of his own and ties to one of the richest families in the country.

“We’re going to save the world.”

Suddenly, Loren is pulled into their lives. She is the one they’ve been searching years to find, the last of the four Elements–and she is the key to saving the world… or destroying it.

Can she throw caution to the wind and dive headfirst into her new calling, or will she be the pawn in a mad quest for power?

She wanted to be important, but not like this. Never like this.

Read an Excerpt

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There’s still a little more work going into getting the print version ready, but it should be available by the end of April. Keep on the look out for it and happy reading!

Announcing a new book: Atargatis

This one has been a long time coming. I haven’t released a new book since my debut novella, Absolute Tenacity, in January of last year. Atargatis has been a manuscript since well before then, the idea maturing over time and going through several phases of rewrites. About six months ago the final thematic piece of the story clicked into place in my head and triggered massive rewrites. I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be releasing Atargatis on April 20th, in just ten days.

A Goddess stirs in the deep…

The underwater city of Atargatis is the only bastion of the last humans, a genderless population of nearly identical clones. They share their ocean world with a sea-faring species, the Scorps, who have prophecied human extinction. As the day of that prophecy nears, Atargatis fearfully blocks the Scorp pilgrimage to their goddess in the deep ocean.

The Scorps’ only advocate among the humans, Senator Edessa, is convinced that the Scorps’ true intention is to save humanity from the prophecy. But when Edessa’s last ally is assassinated in a coup by his nemesis, all political pretense falls away and Edessa is no longer safe in Atargatis.

Watch for the ebook on sale starting April 20th, and print not far behind! For now, find it on Goodreads