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What do you do on an everyday basis? Do you work or study? Tell us a day in the life of Bonny!

Always studying
Always working
Sometimes playing 🙈

There are so many things that goes into working online that people don’t realize.

Just a little upload since you’re curious this week has been really good! Everyday this week I have been testing two recipes a day for our new ebook with Tim and filmed two new videos 👏🏼

Today I’ve been creating a new banner for my YouTube channel so that mainly involved watching tons of tutorials on YouTube because the font and photo I’m trying to use are a bit complicated, and also have edited half of my new video “top vegan places to eat in Sydney”.

Just about to hop off the computer and test a new recipe for tonight’s dinner 👅

There is always something to do that why I can get behind with videos but my aim now is 3 videos a week.

-A full what I eat in a day
- a vlog
- a sit down question/chat or a work out video.

What do you guys think in terms of what videos you want to see each week? I want to get into routine and film on certain days of the week.

Yewwwwww 😘

Hey guys, I just released a new ebook on Kindle/ Amazon. It’s titled The Prince and the Magician.

It’s an original, LGBTQ fairy tale:

“ ‘Love is simply politics.’

A fact his father takes to heart… and expects Prince Amadeus to do as well. Yet when Amadeus meets his betrothed, Princess Isela, he cannot help but wonder if that is all that love is about.

As the days go by and the wedding grows closer, Amadeus feels that perhaps his father is right. Just when he is ready to give up, he meets someone who changes everything he knows about love: Cal, the Magician.

Now, Prince Amadeus and Cal must fight so that they can be together. Will they win against those who will stop at nothing to make sure the marriage goes through?”

A few things I think people might like:
-Princess Isela is a lesbian and her story also plays a part.
-Cal is a from New Spain, aka one of the first mestizo Mexicans.
-Part of Amadeus’ struggle is dealing with his Catholic background and his gay identity during the Renaissance.

I’m a Mexican author trying to contribute to a nonexistent genre (LGBTQ fantasy). Support would be greatly appreciated not only for me, but to get more stories like this out there.

It’s available as an ebook on Kindle and I’ll have it up for paperback soon as well.

“What is your problem?”

Steve blinked, looking up from his book. His eyes met Tony Stark, his teammate, and a friend, standing in front of him, looking stern and irritated. He even crossed arms on his chest, already looking defensive.

Steve looked around the room, making sure, that Tony was addressing him. What was his problem? He didn’t know. He was just reading a book. Was that a crime? Maybe it was in the Avengers Tower, where every thing was high tech and he was expected to use tablets and holographic screens.

“Sorry, Tony,” Steve sighed, “using an ebook is not my style,” he said, remembering the shiny new ebook Tony had given him and Steve used twice, before stashing it away. Nothing could replace the feeling of a real book.

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do you buy paperbooks or hard cover copies?

Neither if I can avoid it.

Have a story:
For christmas my girl made me a gift card and told me I could buy any books I want up to the amount of 250€. She knows I’m a geek for books so naturally she thought I’d buy a couple of Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics that I was gushing about. But then I went to amazon, downloaded a couple of new cheap ebooks that have been on sale (I think around 20 books for a little over 30€), ordered pizza from her favorite Italian for around 25€ and told her she should keep the rest because that would be everything I needed. No one will get me to pay a fortune just to have a hardcover book in my collection. 

Listen, I love leatherbound classics. I love paperbacks. I LOVE books. And that’s the essence. I love books. I don’t care if they are professional, amateur, paperback, ebooks, hardcovers or pdf. I just love to read, period. So I love any kind of books but I prefer ebooks and pdfs the most because they are just easier to carry around and they don’t take as much space as other books.
Glitter on the Garland: Helen Juliet: 9781999706708: Books
Buy Glitter on the Garland by Helen Juliet (ISBN: 9781999706708) from Amazon's Book Store. Free UK delivery on eligible orders.

When my first book Glitter on the Garland went on sale as on eBook on New Year’s Eve, it was a dream come true.  But I honestly thought it would just be this little thing that no one would pay much attention to.  I wasn’t prepared for the number of people who demanded a physical copy, or that just six months later I would have my own table at a MM author signing event! 

Thank you so, so much to everyone who has supported me so far! You can get your own copy of my book in the link above, or it’s also available from Amazon US!!!

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Main channel is now pulling more views than Freekees! Dawg, that was fast! Can I get a promo code for that new Hannah Chloe eBook? Looks hawt. "DR banged me terribly! Feel sympathy for me! ....oh, and buy my eBook!"

Social media is a circus and you don’t have a sense of humor you will burn out and sell out hard like KSI did.

2014 Casserole: I love LGBT+ representation!

2014 Casserole: *writes an entire book about a bisexual man of color*

2014 Casserole: *tells fans that one of their favorite characters is asexual*


2015 Casserole: *commits bi-erasure by saying Magnus is pan when the books said he’s bi* 


2015 Casserole: Simon and Jace are so straight 

Fandom: Really? Because there are some scenes where-

2015 Casserole: SO STRAIGHT

Fandom: But-

2015 Casserole: HAHAHA SIMON ISN’T INTO GUYS! #nohomo is pretty much one of Simon’s canon lines in my new ebook! 

Fandom: ?????? 

2015 Casserole: I love giving LGBT+ readers characters they can relate to :) praise me for my open-mindedness :)))

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Super excited about your new ebook coming out do you have a rough idea of how many recipes? I like the idea of build your own bowl and oats if the have a variety of sauce like tahini nuts and seeds also pasta and smoothie bowls will bliss balls and stuff would be really cool as well...You such an inspiration thank you for keeping us in the loop and making vlogs what I eats with recipes and showing us you.Love you gurrrllll

Thank you!!!! I am excited too :) Because the build your bowl stuff will be smaller recipes I am thinking around 40-60! Some of them will be actual complete meals though

  • Pottermore: J.K. Rowling releasing three new ebooks of content mostly already on Pottermore, but some is yet to be released on the website.
  • Other Media: J.K. Rowling writes three new Harry Potter ebooks!!!!!!!!!
  • Me: ..... Can you guys be anything more like Rita Skeeter.....
Pottermore Presents Spoilers

So, there is nothing in the Pottermore or Minerva McGonagall tag about this, so I thought I would start a post on this for those who cannot (or won’t) pay for the new ebooks. Here is a quick and dirty summary of the new info:

- During the First Wizarding War, McGonagall worked as a spy (using her animagus form) with aurors for the Ministry. She was not a member of the Order of the Phoenix.


- She didn’t fully join up with the second order until after Dumbledore’s death. (this one doesn’t make sense to me, because wasn’t she at Grimmauld in book 5, or am I remembering wrong?)

- Dougal McGregor, his wife, and kids were killed by Death Eaters. McGonagall blamed herself for this, thinking she could have prevented it if she married him.

- McGonagall’s brother Robert was killed in the First Wizarding War.

- After the Second Wizarding War, she was awarded an Order of Merlin, and got put on a Chocolate Frog Card. 


-Seriously, why was that not the number one thing hyped? There is a whole DETAILED section on how to become an animagus. 

-It seems like the rarity and difficulty of the transformation have a lot to do with the danger? Also luck? 

- Here is the process: Hold a mandrake leaf under your tongue for a month, from full moon to full moon, Put the leaf in a crystal phial along with your saliva and have it receive the full rays of the full moon (if the night is cloudy, you have to start over), add one hair to the crystal phial along with dew (from a place that hasn’t seen sunlight for seven days) and a chrysalis of a Death’s Head Hawk Moth. Store the mixture in a quiet dark place until the next thunder storm. Every sunrise and sunset put your wand to your chest and say “Amato Animo Animato Animagus.” When the storm arrives and there is lightening in the sky, drink the potion (which should look like blood) and say the incantation and transform.

- If it goes wrong, it is possible to become a weird man/beast hybrid. This is irreversible.

-Don’t panic when you transform the first time, or the animal mind could gain control.

- It is mentioned that the thunderstorm could take years to arrive, but you cannot move or touch the potion. Meaning it is easier to become a animagus in a stormy place. 

- An animagus who is really good at transforming can leave their clothes behind if they choose (Peter Pettigrew Plothole closed.)

- The Animagus Registry is actually meant to be a crime deterrent. 

- The Slughorn content was really boring. All of it was pretty easy to guess at considering what we knew of him. He is confirmed, along with Regulus Black, to have reformed the reputation of Slytherin House after the Second Wizarding War.

So yeah, that’s it. Most of the ebook material has been up on Pottermore for years, but it is nice to have it all together. If I am missing anything, feel free to chime in.