Only things I'm hoping for now;

1. Don’t change the name. The doctor is the doctor, keep it that way. That means no making the name more feminine.
2. Romance isn’t necessary. The doctor’s still married to River, don’t put them into any more relationships. Romance isn’t the centre of the universe and it isn’t the key factor of this show.
3. Don’t put them in a dress or skirt. The doctor does too much running to not be in pants. Also pants are always more comfortable and protective.
4. Don’t make her feminine. Over 2000 years of being a man would probably reflect a lot about your behaviour. Make her a tomboy.
5. Keep her hair short. Long hair gets in the way, and when trying to defend the universe you don’t want to be dealing with hair issues.
6. There is nothing wrong with a male companion. There’s always been a male doctor and a female companion. Switch it up, make the next companion a guy. Have it play out the way it always has, the companion follows the doctor. That’s just how it works.

I mean, yes, I’m not expecting the BBC to be brave enough to cast a woman as the Doctor. Especially not with all the rumors that they “want to go back to the David Tennant era” with the handsome young Doctor and cute companion (can we not). But please, at least not another white man. Can we have that? A non-white Doctor? 

I know the latest rumor is Kris Marshall (though considering the source I’d take it with a huge grain of salt), and he’s a good actor, I’m sure he’d do a good job, but I just don’t want that. I want something new. Doctor Who keeps on living because it always changes and takes risk. You can’t do that by going back to what you’ve already tried before. 

Story time

Ok so one time while I was standing in line at the store I was walking down the aisle and there was this cute boy wearing a Captain America shirt. I’m wearing my doctor who. We’re standing there looking for whatever we needed until he turns and very nervously say ‘Wonderful weather this morning, isn’t it?’ Me being a huge Marvel fan replies with, ‘Yes, but I always carry an umbrella.’ And this was literally his expression

How to reveal the Doctor is bisexual
  • DON'T
  • Doctor: This is my new companion generic British man and we're going to fall in love by the end of the first episode
  • DO
  • Companion: Who is that lady in the picture on your desk?
  • Doctor: Oh that's my wife
  • Companion: So you're gay?
  • Doctor: Technically on your world the word closest is bisexual, man I had some fun times back in my ninth regeneration with this guy fr-
  • Companion: TMI, let's go fight some aliens

Okay so I just found out  that the new 13th Doctor is Jodie Whitaker who played Beth Latimer in Broadchurch that also starred David Tennant, and whole bunch of other actors who also starred in Doctor Who. First of all yay for first ever female Doctor, and may I add about bloody damn time.  Also, from seeing her act and portray her emotions on Broadchurch, it’s easy to see that Jodie has what it takes to take on such a big and iconic role.  And I have to give the BBC and Chris Chibnal credit where credit is due because honestly I never speculated that she could be the new Doctor. It’s just that my concern is that at first I might only see her as Beth, and not as the Doctor, but like all the other Doctors I have been through; I am willing to give her a shot. Plus Doctor who is all about embracing change isn’t it, and this is a big change indeed.