I mean, yes, I’m not expecting the BBC to be brave enough to cast a woman as the Doctor. Especially not with all the rumors that they “want to go back to the David Tennant era” with the handsome young Doctor and cute companion (can we not). But please, at least not another white man. Can we have that? A non-white Doctor? 

I know the latest rumor is Kris Marshall (though considering the source I’d take it with a huge grain of salt), and he’s a good actor, I’m sure he’d do a good job, but I just don’t want that. I want something new. Doctor Who keeps on living because it always changes and takes risk. You can’t do that by going back to what you’ve already tried before. 

Story time

Ok so one time while I was standing in line at the store I was walking down the aisle and there was this cute boy wearing a Captain America shirt. I’m wearing my doctor who. We’re standing there looking for whatever we needed until he turns and very nervously say ‘Wonderful weather this morning, isn’t it?’ Me being a huge Marvel fan replies with, ‘Yes, but I always carry an umbrella.’ And this was literally his expression

Just want to give a massive appreciation shoutout to all the rookie Doctors out there working your butts off in residency, especially those with families. Watching my brother spend every sleep-deprived hour trying to be the most caring, amazing father and husband and constantly worrying about patients with no complaints has me in awe. The next time you have a young doctor taking care of you, try not to be so critical and remember they DO care about you and they are working their absolute hardest to take care of you. Say a prayer that God will guide their hands and minds and give them great confidence. They chose one of the noblest jobs and this is the roughest part of their journey, give them a break.