Brazilian wasp venom kills cancer cells by opening them up

The social wasp Polybia paulista protects itself against predators by producing venom known to contain a powerful cancer-fighting ingredient. A Biophysical Journal study published September 1 reveals exactly how the venom’s toxin–called MP1 (Polybia-MP1)–selectively kills cancer cells without harming normal cells. MP1 interacts with lipids that are abnormally distributed on the surface of cancer cells, creating gaping holes that allow molecules crucial for cell function to leak out.

“Cancer therapies that attack the lipid composition of the cell membrane would be an entirely new class of anticancer drugs,” says co-senior study author Paul Beales, of the University of Leeds in the UK. “This could be useful in developing new combination therapies, where multiple drugs are used simultaneously to treat a cancer by attacking different parts of the cancer cells at the same time.”

MP1 acts against microbial pathogens by disrupting the bacterial cell membrane. Serendipitously, the antimicrobial peptide shows promise for protecting humans from cancer; it can inhibit the growth of prostate and bladder cancer cells, as well as multi-drug resistant leukemic cells. However, until now, it was not clear how MP1 selectively destroys cancer cells without harming normal cells.

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Neuroscientist Develops New, Rapid Dementia Screening Tool that Rivals 'Gold Standard’ Clinical Evaluations

Determining whether or not an individual has dementia and to what degree is a long and laborious process that can take an experienced professional such as a clinician about four to five hours to administer, interpret and score the test results. A leading neuroscientist at Florida Atlantic University has developed a way for a layperson to do this in three to five minutes with results that are comparable to the “gold standard” dementia tests used by clinicians today.  

The “Quick Dementia Rating System” (QDRS), which uses an evidence-based methodology, validly and reliably differentiates individuals with and without dementia. When dementia is present, it accurately stages the condition to determine if it is very mild, mild, moderate or severe. QDRS has applications for use in clinical practice, to pre-qualify patients in clinical trials, prevention studies, community surveys and biomarker research.  

James E. Galvin, M.D., M.P.H., is one of the most prominent neuroscientists in the country and a professor of clinical biomedical science in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine and a professor in the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University, and the QDRS is his brainchild. He recently published an article on his findings in Alzheimer’s & Dementia, the journal of the Alzheimer’s Association. Galvin has developed a number of dementia screening tools including the AD8, a brief informant interview to translate research findings to community settings that is used worldwide to detect dementia in diverse populations.

“After extensive testing and evaluation of the Quick Dementia Rating System, we have found it to be as effective as the gold standard used today to screen for the five stages of dementia,” said Galvin. “This new tool gives you a lot of power to see the same results as a full screening in a fraction of the time it takes for a complete screening.”

The QDRS is a 10-item questionnaire that can be completed by a caregiver, friend or family member, and is brief enough to be printed on one page or viewed as a single screenshot, maximizing its clinical utility. Scores range from 0 to 30 with higher scores representing greater cognitive impairment. The questionnaire covers: 1) memory and recall; 2) orientation; 3) decision-making and problem-solving abilities; 4) activities outside the home; 5) function at home and hobbies; 6) toileting and personal hygiene; 7) behavior and personality changes; 8) language and communication abilities; 9) mood; and 10) attention and concentration.

The total score is derived by summing up the 10 fields and each area has five possible answers increasing in severity of symptoms. The 10 areas capture the prominent symptoms of mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, and non-Alzheimer’s neurocognitive disorders including Lewy Body Dementia, frontotemporal degeneration, vascular dementia, chronic traumatic encephalopathy and depression.

A total of 267 individuals with various forms of dementia from Alzheimer’s disease to Lewy Body Dementia participated in the study, which included 32 healthy controls. Study participants also included their spouses/significant others, adult children, relatives, friends and paid caregivers who completed the QDRS.

“Most patients never receive an evaluation by a neurologist, geriatric psychiatrist, or geriatrician skilled in dementia diagnoses and staging. Early detection will be important to enable future interventions at the earliest stages when they are likely to be most effective,” said Galvin. “The QDRS has the potential to provide a clearer, more accurate staging for those patients who are unable to see these more specialized clinicians and get them the treatment, referrals and community services they so desperately need.”

The Quick Dementia Rating System is copyrighted and permission to use this tool is required. QDRS is available at no cost to clinicians, researchers and not-for-profit organizations.

Galvin is working to improve clinical detection by combining biomarkers including high density EEG, functional and structural MRI, PET scans and CSF biomarkers to characterize and differentiate Lewy Body Dementia from healthy aging and other neurodegenerative diseases. He led efforts to develop a number of dementia screening tools in addition to the QDRS and AD8, and has done cross-cultural validation of dementia screening methods in comparison with Gold Standard clinical evaluations and biomarker assays. His team also developed sophisticated statistical models to explore transition points in clinical, cognitive, functional, behavioral and biological markers of disease in healthy aging, mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Galvin was recently appointed as a member of the Clinical Neuroscience and Neurodegenerative Study Section of the National Institutes of Health. He has generated millions of dollars in research funding from the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Alzheimer’s Association, Michael J. Fox Foundation, local and state Departments of Health and private foundations.

Same Old Same Old

I may not have been blogging much in the last few months but I have been actively involved in all matters sim.  I have also been working and to say I am tired is an understatement.

Part of the lethargy relates to the The Sims 4.  I look back at some of my earlier rants and I wish to high heaven I had been wrong in my predictions.  Sadly no.  There are many ways to describe this game possibly the kindest is an unwholesome mess.  A large part of my free time in recent months has been wondering what the company have been playing at.

First this ridiculous silence on the official forum.  Leaving a group of rank amateurs in the form of developers to cope with the tidal wave of complaints and abuse when the game was released and then gagging said developers equates to shooting yourself in the foot.  I have complained before about the lack of communication from this company and it would seem nothing has changed.  The young and trendy can get on Twitter and go hang out with the Gurus.  The rest of us are left in stoney silence.  Those that are still there that is.

As for the complaints themselves.  Well the game was released unfinished.  The paucity of content was shocking. A game without a life stage, dishwashers, trash compactors, newspapers, house phones, cars, restaurants, cinemas, theatre, spa, swimming pools.  To be fair the company has produced some free patches but I suspect that is only because of the outrage of disappointed fans.  That has not stopped the company from saying that some of the missing articles are too difficult or too expensive to make.  Take lounge chairs.  Apparently the game engine used does not give the developers the necessary freedom to create the interactions for these.

The bugs.  Now there is a particularly nasty bug in TS4 which the community has christened the Incest Bug.  It is exactly as described on the tin and it has a large number of variants.  Despite complaints, some at a very senior level and repeated assertions it is fixed, it keeps coming back.  In a game with a teenage rating and certainly a gaming community which includes children younger than that?  This is one where the expression same old, same old will not do.  We will not dwell on the unhealthy obsession the Gurus have with woohoo but by saying the pack coming out in November will include an interaction to woohoo in a bush should give you a clue.

Now the packs themselves.  The content level varies wildly but the price does not.  They are expensive.  They all revolve around the single, young adult sim having a good time.  Even the Careers pack concentrates on the individual sim rather than the family.  There are many different playstyles not being catered for as a result and the last few releases have left the family players very disappointed indeed.

So being tired of it all is no surprise to me.  One can almost predict what the company are going to do to put a positive spin on given situations.  The company simply ignores it and carries on regardless.  There would seem to be an unpleasant little sideline in making sure the community remains divided into small warring factions but that is a tale for another day.  I will say there are those who like the game and quite happy with the approach being taken.  Others, including LGR, are now publicly questioning what the company are doing.  Simmers are a bright, articulate lot and the company must soon realise same old, same old will not do.

I am part of a group of simmers called the Penguin Party.  We are investigating the possibility of another developer making a sandbox life simulation game.  We would welcome input from fellow simmers and plan podcasts with our community members to discuss.  We are past the same old, same old stage and feel there are better alternatives to be had.  You are welcome to join in the discussion even if you don’t agree.  Simmers do have different opinions but whatever the view are happy to respect others.  For that same old, same old is perfect.


Brazilian wasp has been found to have CANCER fighting venom.

The venom of the Brazilian wasp Polybia paulista contains a powerful “smart” drug that selectively targets and destroys tumour cells without harming normal cells, a study has shown.

In laboratory tests, the poison has been shown to suppress the growth of prostate and bladder cancer cells, as well as leukaemia cells resistant to a range of drugs.

New research has now revealed the secret of the venom toxin, known as MP1. Scientists found that it blows gaping holes in the protective membranes surrounding tumour cells by interacting with fatty molecules called lipids.

Dr Paul Beales, a researcher from Leeds University, said: “Cancer therapies that attack the lipid composition of the cell membrane would be an entirely new class of anti-cancer drugs.

“This could be useful in developing new combination therapies, where multiple drugs are used simultaneously to treat a cancer by attacking different parts of the cancer cells at the same time.”


tumblr: look at this new feature we just developed and didn’t have anyone even beta or anything btw this is what ur dash is gonna look like tomorrow :)

everyone: please no we are so tired please don’t do this to us

tumblr: so happy u love it :) :) :)))))))

Some General Star Wars Headcanons

(Disclaimer: these are just my personal headcanons. If you don’t like them, please don’t comment.)

  • As a hairless species, eyebrows and eyelashes on Twi’leks (male or female) didn’t become popularized until they interacted with humans and humanoid species who do have these traits more over several millennia. Many Twi’leks use makeup or simply tattoo eyebrows on, and many females wear false lashes either to appear more alluring to other species or just because they want to.
  • Zabrak tattoo artists are some of the best in the galaxy, and have made a lucrative business of it away from Iridonia and other Zabrak cultural hubs, where it’s considered more traditional and sacred. Many artists have developed new ways of tattooing or new methods for different types of tattoos. Miralians have elbowed their way into off-world industries, as well, and business competition is common on planets that see lots of traffic – whether it’s friendly competition or not depends on the individuals involved.
  • There are different morphs of all sorts of species depending on where they’re from; a good example of this is the difference between Iridonian Zabraks and Dathomiri Zabraks or the differences between Togruta from Shili or outer colonies. Depending on the existence and age of colonies in different regions across the galaxy as well as conditions there, populations have adapted and changed in appearance. These changes can be severe and obvious or hardly noticeable to others not of the same species, and can range from simple color morphs to completely different physiological functions. For example, Mon Cal whose families have lived on mostly terrestrial planets with little access to water would probably have shorter spines and thicker shells/skin in order to retain moisture. 
  • Pets are popular universally, of course, but sometimes it’s hard to tell where the lines for “smart pet” and “actual sentient being” – and subsequently “slave” – are, especially in the Outer Rim. 
  • Droid maintenance hubs are basically their equivalent to spas or bars, and the worst gossips in the community are Astromechs and service droids. That is, up until any confidentiality protocols kick in.
  • Pantorans’ blood cells rely on hemocyanin (copper-based), rather than hemoglobin (iron-based), for oxygen transfer. This isn’t the reason for their blue skin, but it does mean that their blood is blue. Nautolans and Quarrens also share this trait.
  • Wookiees only have the reputation of being grumpy and/or wanting to rip people’s arms off with little provocation because people never stop trying to pet them in public on Core System planets. It is true for millions of individuals, but those that aren’t as violent don’t do anything to stop the rumors, either.

starting to get that awful like.. immense pain after socializing. it’s like I’m developing new ways to not be able to deal with people every day so I fat joe lean back on my superiority complex

minkcreaturereturns asked:

I bet they r seeding 4 a miscarriage w baby gate what do u think

I think (and hope) they’re seeding the end of babygate. I’d prefer a paternity scandal to a miscarriage. But God only knows what 1DHQ has planned. We could be seeing sad Louis in a downward spiral partying his troubles away with the clubbing stuff. Or we could be seeing Louis celebrating dodging a bullet. 1DHQ would probably prefer the downward spiral. Everybody else would prefer dodging a bullet. :/

Maybe WTF Wednesday will bring some babygate news. They’re overdue for some new developments.

Cor Cordis

Close cousin of the deadly Hearteater Virus, the Cor Cordis was created as part of an attempt to cure the virus in 1986. Though they are not really a cure, they do extend the lifespan of the victim to some extent, taking the transformative magic of the Hearteater Virus and instead channelling it toward a different from. Made by a combination of potions made using a similar theory to Polyjuice, and complex Healing Transfiguration, the Cor Cordis changes from a heart with numerous cartilaginous teeth to an entirely different organism.

First of all the heart develops new arteries, and the “teeth” shift to form a single mouth. Shortly after this point they develop eyes, creating a head. It is during this stage, sometimes called the “embryonic stage”, while the eyes are still developing, that they are symbiotic creatures, extending the lifespan of the host as long as they are changing. However, as soon as the eyes are fully developed the Cor Cordis detaches itself from the cardiovascular system, leaving the host to die as it eats it’s way out of the hosts chest.

Curiously the Cor Cordis is able to levitate, to an extent (in a similar manner to Lethifolds), and use this ability to move in order to feed. Cor Cordis are, once separated from their hosts, obligate carnivores, and will eat any meat, living or dead. Like the Hearteater Virus from which Cor Cordis was created, the cartilaginous teeth are more than able to eat through most bodies, and Cor Cordis have even been witnessed biting through bone to reach the marrow within.

The use of Cor Cordis as a medical treatment was quickly banned, despite the extra six months of life (on average, over 30 patients) it could grant a sufferer of the Hearteater Virus. This was due to the properties of the blood they left behind in the hosts, which becomes a powerful, magically resistant, carcinogen upon the Cor Cordis leaving the body of the host. Due to these properties there is a minor black market in Cor Cordii, for both specimens, and for the blood of the hosts they can leave behind. This is made easier for these wixes by the slow pace at which Cor Cordii tend to move at, once detached from their host, however they are incredibly rare, due to the complex procedure for their creation, and breed yet more rarely, being asexual creatures with a slow life cycle and metabolism, after their initial six month embryonic stage. Under current ICW law possession of a Cor Cordis specimen, without Ministerial and ICW permits, is an offence punishable by immediate imprisonment.

Have a Heart by KatePfeilschiefter

(Created with the aid of the same friend who helped with the invention of the Prairie Rabicken and the Heqet Frog. I hate that I have to include this but PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE IMAGE SOURCE OR MY CAPTION.)
NBC Developing New Series Based on Dracula’s Brides | Nerdist
Although NBC's last attempt at a vampire television series, the Jonathan Rhys Meyers-starring Dracula, ended up a flop and was cancelled after one season (deservedly too, as no vampire TV series should ever be that boring), NBC is still forging ahead with plans to mine the work of Bram Stoker. They just announced that they're developing a new series focusing on the infamous brides of Dracula, titled appropriately enough, Brides. The show is being put together by playwright, screenwriter and comic book writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and television super producer Greg Berlanti, and NBC has given the pilot a production commitment. Brides is being described as a "hot gothic soap drama", and also as a "sexy reimagining of Dracula as a family drama with a trio of strong, diverse female leads, a show about empowered women and the things they do to maintain wealth, prestige, legacy — and their non-traditional family." The show has the brides living in modern day New York City, having survived

So sexy.

So confusing.

NBC: Brides of Dracula.

…Ah, who knows; maybe it could be awesome?

Another love interest cast?!

When will it end? Grace gets a love interest? Jerry (Jerry needs so loving for real tho) the show doesn’t have to have relationships all the time. I am happy that Chin seems finally ready to move on but am I the only one hoping he’d call Lalani up? She was so good and what? The show is supposed to forget her? No.

As for Steve’s, I just…I mean…all articles are saying “fans are concerned about Catherine.” But I’m not really. Catherine left Catherine hurt Steve Catherine has been gone and now she’s back for a little just to fuck up Steve’s head again for a few episodes only for him to meet someone new? No. Let Steve be Steve. Let him have some closure for Catherine and let him grow some more before showing a new girl. Show some more of his friendship w Ellie. Hell if the producers really feel Steve needs a new (female) love, develop that! I’d be on board if that’s the case. But don’t just throw people at us and our characters…
(Of course the whole time they say “Cath” and I’m thinking “okay but what bout Danno?” Lol)


This is completely unrelated to dolls and wigs but I just wanted to share a new development in my life as of late. Its also zilla’s life too as he’ll be joining me in this life change. 

I’ve been vegetarian for a while now and was vegetarian for the majority of my childhood. I’ve also been trying to be dairy free but I have decided that actually veganism really is for me and can be for me, despite years of not feeling like I could due to a dietary issue I have with calcium. Doctors of course, told me I had to drink milk. How very wrong they were and how ignorant I have been.

I think a lot of the problem is just that people are not educated enough and those that know or see what is going on, would prefer to just look the other way. I just can’t support it any longer. 

I’m not really a big fan of the vegan police (despite agreeing with them entirely. I can see their anger. I can see their desperation to change the way the world operates) and while I’ll never shove my opinions at people forcefully, please watch this video. It doesn’t show hardcore super animal cruelty (though you SHOULD watch that because its the truth of what is going on) but this will educate you in a gentler way and the speaker seems like a pretty awesome guy.

And if you do want to know whats really going on. Please watch this. It is not for the faint hearted but it is the truth. 

Man yknow Drive and the other two riders were really overpowered by the enemy in the newest episode, if only they someone had developed a new driver that anyone could use and had given it to someone competent for backup, and not had the entire thing be a stupid joke. 


May 25, 2014 – Spacious Williamsburg Penthouse Condo

34 North 7th Street, Apt. PH1F
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
$3,500,000 | 3.5 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms | Approx. 1,995 sq. ft.

Finally an opportunity to combine the benefits of quiet, private and spacious townhouse living with the conveniences and amenities of a large modern condominium! This like-new, one-of-a-kind duplex penthouse in the sky is 2000 sq. ft. of pure indulgence and views inside and 600 sq. ft. of outdoor living in four unique exterior areas, all with unrivaled city and water views and amazing entertaining, gardening and play space!

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