Can we just talk about Todd?

(Spoilers for Season 3 of Bojack Horseman)

I’ve always loved Todd for his childlike innocence and naivety, he’s always so optimistic and sweet. We can all agree it’s easy to have a soft spot for him, he is the mooch that we can adore. But he’s not just a goofy housemate for our main character, nor is he simply a “best friend” - the amazing writers of this show have given him many depths that I think are really important. He CAN speak up for himself when he would like to. He is LOYAL but understands he is a person that doesn’t deserve to be treated badly. He has spoken up against Bojack several times now for his wrong doings, but because of his kind hearted nature that Bojack is so used to, when Todd is upset, Bojack does listen. Todd is hard to hurt, so Bojack KNOWS he’s fucked up if Todd is angry at him.

But in Season 3, there was a new development. A new childhood friend of Todd made an appearance, and she clearly had a strong attraction to him. Todd obviously cares about her, but the series toys with us and makes us question how. He’s given several opportunities to make their relationship sexual, but reacts with reluctance and excuses, he also seems incredibly uncomfortable with the idea.

And it’s hard for us too, the audience, to imagine him wanting intercourse. Especially when he has never experienced any attraction romantically or sexually so far. But when Bojack sleeps with Emily (the childhood friend in case you’re not following), Todd is hurt, he clearly saw her as more than just a friend. So what is Todd’s deal?

Well… Nothing. Todd later sits down with Emily who asks him if he’s gay. His response? 

“I think I’m nothing.”

This is it. Something other than being gay or straight in mainstream media. Bisexuality is slowly becoming noticed but Asexuality doesn’t exist according to popular television. Todd has been given another layer of depth for being an openly asexual character.

Loyal, Funny, adorable, asexual… Todd is a wonderful character and I would love to see how many more layers they can give him in the upcoming seasons.

We’re back from the Snappy Sprint!

Shoutouts to Canonical for sponsoring us to attend the Snappy Sprint in Heidelberg, Germany. We spent the week there learning about Snap packaging and participating in intense discussions to shape its future development. We’re very excited to have learned more about Snap packages, their security model, and the features that they could bring to elementary OS users.

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The Ultimate 3D Bioprinter?

3D printing is becoming a big deal when it comes to replacement parts for people. Substantial advances have been made over the past 5 years, and a new printer under development from a company called Aether looks more advanced than most others in the field.

Most printers have a relatively limited number of biomaterials (”inks”) that they can print at one time, and many of the actual materials are proprietary. They tend to be very expensive, sometimes $200,000 or more.

Aether has developed what I would call a great “pilot” printer to demonstrate that this can be done better and more cheaply. The printer in the 8 minute video is printing two pieces of bone connected with a tendon. In this case, the printer uses 6 “inks” including graphene for bones and stem cells to seed them as well as the tendon. The printer can actually print a mix of organic and organic “inks” with up to 10 syringes (”cartridges”). And in this case, it actually embeds two transistors and wires in the product. Printing bionic parts? And the final cost of this printer is projected to be under $10,000.

A number of other companies are out there competing in this market. They are providing tissue samples and skin for drug testing and research. So expect technology to advance and prices to fall as these printers become more sophisticated and more clinically useful.


I have no financial interest in Aether.


10 arpeggios over a Maj7 chord

It is often difficult to keep coming up with fresh ideas for solos and not play the same lines all the time. Looking for new arpeggios is a great way to expand on your vocabulary for lines.  It is important that we always keep developing new options and solid melodies that we can apply to the chords that we solo over.

You can download a PDF and read the article on my blog via this link:

Hope you like it!

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Today’s Tarot


Ace of Swords

Something new begins today. You might make a new friend, start a new project, get a new job opportunity, or develop a new way of thinking. Whatever it is, make sure you follow through on it. You will have success in what you pursue today. 

Photo features Crystal Visions Tarot © 2011 US Games

Consider: Fake AH Monster crew. But they’re vampires, all of them, except for one. 

The golden boy himself, human through and through, but more powerful than the vampires despite his squishy human body. Older than most of the vampires in his gang, too, born to a family of powerful magic users. The vampires serve his family, protecting them like royalty. It started with Geoff, who practically raised little Gavin, centuries ago, after the witch hunts took his parents and caused Geoff to flee with a ten year old, to the house of another vampire, Jack. 

Gavin’s magic was strong and he honed his skills over time. Magic slows aging, as it bleeds into the soul and pulls them out of sync with time and space. The tiniest touches of vampiric blood in Gavin certainly helped. His desire for all things golden and shiny was just as consuming for him as fresh blood was for his caretakers turned bodyguards. 

Over time Michael joined, Ryan joined, Ray came and left, Jeremy is the newest, all utterly devoted to this whimsical ancient witch with magic as golden as the vampiric false fangs in his mouth.


There’s absolutely a disparity. That’s a statistical fact. Why that is, I don’t really know. I am excited, though, that there are so many wonderful women emerging now and directing.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman directed by women filmography

Developing dir. Marya Cohn - 1994
New York, I Love You dir. Mira Nair - 2008
Illusions & Mirrors dir. Shirin Neshat - 2013
A Tale of Love and Darkness dir.  Natalie Portman - 2015
Planetarium dir. Rebecca Zlotowski - 2016


This snipbit from the promo gots my brain cookin’

What if this is a dream? So get this. Angels can only go into the bodies of certain people without exploding. Most of the times these people are blood related. Cas may have said yes but his body is not blood related to Sam. (Lucifer’s proper vessel) Cas may not be able to contain Lucifer. So since Dean is blood related to Sam, Dean should be able to contain Lucifer without exploding. 

How to get Dean to say yes though? Lucifer visits people most of the time in their dreams wearing their lovers faces. (This would make me believe in canon) He will tell Dean that Cas felt so unloved that he let the devil himself in. Dean will feel bad. Then Lucifer will drop the bomb that Cas is very much in love with Dean. Making Dean feel even worse. Then Lucifer explains Cas’ body cant contain him and Dean must say yes so Cas wont explode. Dean says yes to save Cas because he loves him.