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Then I’ve got the right thing for you! BEHOLD, the amazing new BINGO game developed by ME! This will make my big brother’s awful blog more tolerable, and can liven up even the most boring parties!

How to play:
Cross out the ones that apply to a post. First one to get five in a row gets to ask themselves: “Why am I still following him?”

somehow over the course of 2017 i have developed a new potential drunken behaviour so now my three courses of action while Appropriately Smashed But Not Like Too Smashed are

  1. i am a woman on a mission and my mission is to snog someone
  2. oversharing

it is the third option that strikes the most fear and shame into my heart

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Hi do you know any fan fics where h find out she is a pureblood but d and h cannot get along ? Complete around 30 chapters

This kinda:

  • Alexandra - M, 35 chapters - After restoring her parents memories, Hermione finds out she isn’t who she always believed to be. However, she decides not to let this new development affect her live at all. Problem is, life does seem to happen when you’re busy making other plans. Especially, when a charming Draco, a meddling Narcissa and 2 rogue Death Eaters turn it upside down. M for a reason

- Lisa

New organizations such as Black Lives Matter, Dream Defenders, Black Youth Project 100, Justice League NYC, and We Charge Genocide are a few of the new-generation organizations that have developed new models of leadership and that acknowledge how important Black feminist insights are to the development of viable twenty-first-century radical Black movements.

Angela Davis, Freedom is a Constant Struggle

Organizations to know!

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I think the best way to get over someone is not with the help of your friends, is not turning her or him into art or literature, is not distracting yourself to death, because letting go of someone isn’t quite like quitting smoking, even though they both may sound similar, as a daily habit that makes you feel good but is internally destroying you, there is no nicotine patch to compensate for people, but may be that’s why the only way to get over someone, especially for those who have trouble letting go, is developing a new human connection that slowly but firmly replace the old one you want to let go of, because people are like colors, they’re never replaceable, but that gap and horrible emptiness that someone leaves behind him/her, can only be filled with someone else.

Good morning, Lovelies. Today the message is about Craftsmanship, Skill, Creativity
Tarot of the Day: Eight of Discs/Pentacles

The Eight differs from the other Pentacles in that it speaks to the spiritual and esoteric rewards of refining your skills; less to the financial reward for them. It speaks to the application of knowledge and creativity to a utilitarian task; the difference between making a sturdy shelf that works and making a beautiful sturdy shelf that works.

If you are looking for a job it shows a desirable career that tests your skills and develops new skills. 
In current employment, it suggests an increase in workload - use discretion and take a balanced approach.
In finance, it suggests that you may receive financial assistance. Be prudent with these resources. They come to you because of work not luck so do not gamble with them - be practical and think long term.

In a relationship, this card can indicate the workload of you or your partner may be getting in the way. Try to strike a balance between both; work to ensure that your relationship is as spiritually rewarding as your workplace.

Wherever the Eight of Pentacles fits into your day, it’s letting you know that you have the skill required, now comes the refining and honing of them. By developing your talents, you will find success in your efforts; investing in yourself now will lead to greater rewards later.

Peace out…

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Any new T developments?

probably! still nothing major just lil things my voice has probably changed a bit but i haven’t checked yet and my hips are a bit different but still big as hell

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I just reread that really long layout post you did awhile back on the space pirate au. Any new developments? Also how did Lance decide to start doing his "information gathering"? And when they all go back to Lance and Hunk's island planet for vacation, does Shiro like all the attention he gets from Lance's family. I can just imagine them ALL asking him SO MANY questions for days on end bc holy smokes Lance, you did good landing that one!

Aaaah it really is a long layout post XD new developments… there were a few. Mainly dealing with Shiro and Lance’s relationship growing. For example both of them have hard night sleeping, and eventually after bumping into each other for awhile they seek each other out for comfort. Ummm that’s all I can remember right now actually XD

As for Lance, I feel he more or less stumbled a bit into the role. Allura’s aggressive nature wasn’t getting them any useful information really. So Lance gave it a shot. He was more than surprised when his tactics actually worked. Aliens don’t know what’s cheesy flirting after all. Lance eventually gets a kind of confidence from it that he gets better with his words over the year he’s with the group. Some of it also piques his interest a lot. Like finding out a bit more about culture and language too.

When shiro meet’s Lance’s family it’s a bit overwhelming to him. He’s use to it just being Keith and him for the most part. Though he sees Keith being scooped up into hugs of people that he seems comfortable and he decides its not all that bad. He ends up loving Lance’s family. Especially the younger siblings that take to climbing up on his shoulders and asking him about his cool robot arm.

oc questions: sleep edition

1) how does your oc get ready for bed?

2) does your oc prefer a warm or cool bed?

3) how many pillows does your oc need/use?

4) which oc sleeps with stuffed animals?

5) which oc prefers to share a bed with someone else?

6) which oc would be an absolute nightmare to sleep with (stealing blankets, cold feet, etc)?

7) which oc snores?

8) in what position does your oc sleep in?

9) describe your oc’s sleepwear.

10) how long does it take for your oc to fall asleep?

11) does your oc remember their dreams?

12) which oc experiences sleep paralysis?

13) is your oc more likely to have a good dream or a nightmare?

14) does your oc require certain conditions in order to fall asleep?

15) is your oc a restless sleeper?

16) which oc sleep talks?

17) which oc sleeps the most?

18) which oc can naturally run on less than 5 hours of sleep a night?

19) which oc is an insomniac?

20) a fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night while your ocs are asleep. how do they react?

21) what odd locations have your oc been found sleeping in?

22) which oc could probably sleep through the apocalypse?

23) where is your oc’s typical napping spot?

24) what is your oc like immediately after waking up?

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I know nothing about Jrey but I already love him

Is the youngest of 7. The ace of the class. competitive and cocky, has a heart of gold. Is rivals with Coran, over both serious and silly stuff. Also he and Coran dated for awhile. 

rival bf