Rfa child (update info)

Ren Choi
Age: 12 (new update)
Parents :
Dad: saeran Choi
Favorite food: simple snack and traditional food
Favorite fruit: strawberry and papaya
Disliked: modern food and orange
Ren is nice and polite to people who older than him,and really respect to his father. He also has sharp tounge and sarcastic sense of humor .
Ren genius and known a lot about gardening,he love to study about anatomy and adores anatomy,he also love to saving money for stuff he wanted. He goals are become a doctor.

- ren is secretly cry baby and childish around his father and risa.
- ren disliked haneul (seven son) because he feel haneul take risa from him(before haneul born ,risa and ren always play together)
-ren adores angel so much,but he unaware about his felling to her
- ren bff with jay and byul
- ren has illness due of saeran mint eye drug effect (but not dangerous)
- ren disliked having a sibling
- ren broke jaehee window to cockblcoked jay and mina (poor jaehee)
- ren pretty obsessive and overprotective with someone he cares a lot (risa,saerand and angel)
- ren biggest fear is get abandoned by someone his love and cares

Hello guys new update info for ren :) msg for stuff you wanna talk about! Im sorry my eng are not good but I’m doing my best!


Who can possibly understand a baby better than a BABY? I sat down with 6 week old Amalah to talk all things Infant. I learned a lot.

in psych we were talking about rules and restrictions that parents put on their kids and my teacher put me on the spot asking “lucas, what are the rules your parents give you?” 

and i spent like 30 seconds trying to understand what she meant bc it was so jarring to hear parents. as in plural. as in having more than one. 


My daughter weirdly wanted me to create a MATH book for her.  She actually wanted some extra math work to do, outside of her own homework.  You have to capitalize on these odd bursts of interest in boring things.  When your kid is like, “Let’s rake the whole yard!” or “Science is fun!” you have to pretend it’s true and see if you can instill a better work ethic in your kid than you have.

Luckily, math has moved on from New Math back to Old Math.  I don’t know if they just do New Math first to confuse and dispirit parents or if the kids end up confused and dispirited and then they throw in the towel.  Back to Old Math either way!  Happy to see ya old pal!  Pull up a chair!  Ya know what, pull up 5 - 4 = 1 chair!  Good Old Old Math!

Ya know, not some damn number line or bracket system but Old Math:

-   31

But also, my favorite:  word problems.  Officially sanctioned word problems are always so boring:

  • “Joe and Jennifer drove from Memphis to Boston.  If Memphis is zzzzzz
  • “Nathan and Joan bought 645 whatever from who cares.  They sold 45 of the BORING.  How many SHUTITs did they have left?

Well, heck I can pep that up for my eager daughter.  I can’t ever let well enough alone.  I gotta cause trouble, stir the pot, ya know PUT THE SYSTEM ON TRIAL and basically make things more complicated.  So I started making up weird word problems for my daughter’s home-made math book.  A sample:

  • “Sally found 4 sacks hidden in the floorboards of a haunted mansion.  In each sack there were 234 gold coins.  A ghost came and demanded all the money.  How much did Sally pay the ghost?”
  • “A wizard wants to turn a village of people into toads.  Each spell can transform 5 people.  If the village has 200 people, how many spells will it take?”

Ain’t that more fun?  And isn’t FUN the point of MATH?