Percival with a pregnant partner

Could you do HC for how Percival would be around a pregnant reader? <3

I certainly can my lovely

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He wouldn’t be able to decide whether to wrap you up in cotton wool or keep things as they were

Ultimately he knew that if you needed or wanted his help, you would ask

But that wouldn’t stop him from being a tad more protective than usual

He might grumble about being poked awake at two in the morning, to retrieve your odd requests

But that would melt away once he tasted the delicious concoctions for himself

“alright, I must admit, fries dipped in vanilla ice cream are amazing, but I still want to go back to bed, darling’

He would be a bit cautious when new things happened, worrying if it was normal, and at the right stage of the pregnancy

He would be more affectionate than he used to be

Every morning before he left for work he’d give you a goodbye kiss, then crouch down, and place the gentlest of kisses to your swollen stomach

He would work even harder to make the world a better place

Some nights he struggles to sleep, you’ll quite often find him sitting at the kitchen table, on your frequent trips to the bathroom, writing down possible names, pouring over parenting books or scribbling down things that you could all do together

He would be impossibly organized, having everything and anything that you might need, when you do go into labour

You had never seen him happier, than the first time he held your new born baby


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Rfa child (update info)

Ren Choi
Age: 12 (new update)
Parents :
Dad: saeran Choi
Favorite food: simple snack and traditional food
Favorite fruit: strawberry and papaya
Disliked: modern food and orange
Ren is nice and polite to people who older than him,and really respect to his father. He also has sharp tounge and sarcastic sense of humor .
Ren genius and known a lot about gardening,he love to study about anatomy and adores anatomy,he also love to saving money for stuff he wanted. He goals are become a doctor.

- ren is secretly cry baby and childish around his father and risa.
- ren disliked haneul (seven son) because he feel haneul take risa from him(before haneul born ,risa and ren always play together)
-ren adores angel so much,but he unaware about his felling to her
- ren bff with jay and byul
- ren has illness due of saeran mint eye drug effect (but not dangerous)
- ren disliked having a sibling
- ren broke jaehee window to cockblcoked jay and mina (poor jaehee)
- ren pretty obsessive and overprotective with someone he cares a lot (risa,saerand and angel)
- ren biggest fear is get abandoned by someone his love and cares

Hello guys new update info for ren :) msg for stuff you wanna talk about! Im sorry my eng are not good but I’m doing my best!


15th April

Dear little Daisy,

Today we woke up and as it was a beautiful sunny day we went to a local garden centre for some lunch. A little bit random but we like finding geeky little activities to do together. You get a lot of attention wherever you go. Especially from the elder generation. They tend to rub silver into the palm of your hands for good luck - your piggy bank gets bigger the more you get out and about! 

You also get a lot of attention because of the amount of hair you have. It’s a pretty good amount and I’m glad about that, considering the amount of heartburn I had whilst pregnant with you! It’s beautiful and soft and I can’t wait until your little headbands fit you. 

It’s crazy how much more I love you with each day and each night. I won’t lie though - the night are hard. I’m someone who lacks a lot of energy, my iron levels are low and I’m pretty dependent on a good nights sleep. But I’m exhausted. You’re worth every sleepless night, but I really definitely am struggling with it. 

So instead of writing to you right now, I’m going to try get in a little cat nap. 

Lots of love,



tinypi  asked:

yooo fic prompt time: gav's kindergarten picnic is coming up but then! two days before, ryan sprains his ankle pretty bad so now HOW WILL HE DO THE THREE-LEGGED PARENT-KID RACE WITH GAV??? gav has been looking forward to this as soon as it was established to be a thing WHO COULD POSSIBLY FILL IN THAT ROLE NOW AND BE MISTAKEN FOR GAV'S DAD BY NEW PARENTS THAT DON'T KNOW EVERYONE YET???

Geoff did not think this through. Yesterday when Ryan mentioned the worst part of spraining his ankle was Gavin’s face when he had to tell him he wouldn’t be able to take him to the kindergarten picnic, Geoff had said, “So basically you need someone to fill in,” quickly followed by, “Sure, I’ll take him. Consider it done,” because, sure, he liked kids, Gavin was adorable, and he wasn’t doing anything today anyway.

Ryan’s resulting smile was bright and so grateful, and Gavin jumped all over him in triumphant excitement, so even if Geoff had taken a moment to consider it, he wouldn’t have done anything different. But he hadn’t thought about how it would look.

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Bump progress

After visiting the midwife yesterday she felt around my stomach and said that I’m 3/5 palpable and so therefore 2/5 engaged! I know that doesn’t really mean anything but it got me excited for some reason. Just made things feel so real knowing she’s heading down in the right direction. I definitely feel like I’ve dropped and feel a lot more pressure in my lower stomach and less pains and aches in my chest area - still finding it hard to breathe and catch my breath though! 

I’ve been drinking a lot of raspberry leaf tea, hoping it will help when I go into labour, but if not then I still like the taste so I see no harm in drinking it! None of my clothes fit and I feel like a beached whale in everything. So I’m kinda ready for things to speed up now. I can’t really complain though because *touch wood* this last trimester could have been a lot worse than it has so far! 

I still find it so surreal looking at my bump and bump photos and thinking how there is a tiny little human being living in there. I don’t think I’ll ever not find that surreal! Surreal, but amazing.