Who can possibly understand a baby better than a BABY? I sat down with 6 week old Amalah to talk all things Infant. I learned a lot.

“Fathers and Daughters”, a Haiku

Watching her grow up
The days can feel so slow, but
The years go by fast.

(Starring the amazing Kevin Stock of!)

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I am 25.  Supposedly, I’m part of the first generation to grow up with the internet.  And I’m told that someday, when I have kids, they’ll be able to google my name and find things I wrote 30 years ago on the internet.  And I’m told this will be a new experience for humanity.

But my dad is an early adopter, and when I google his name, I can find a bunch of Usenet posts that he made long ago.  And I wanted to tell you this now, because 30 years ago today, on April 1, 1985, my dad submitted the following “bug report” on Usenet:

Subject: echo command always prints its arguments

Message: On every UNIX system I have ever used, there is no way to prevent the echo command from printing its arguments.  I would like to propose a “-q” option to echo which tells it to be quiet and go about its work without printing its arguments.

Thirty years later, and it’s still funny.  Dad, I don’t think you’re reading my Tumblr, but please know that I love you.

Dear little Daisy, 

Today I had my last scan and consultant appointment which feels pretty surreal. They had a hard time measuring your head as you are so low, getting ready to come say hi! I’ve been discharged from the consultant now too as everything is going smoothly and you’re growing to size. Right now you almost weigh 6lb! My hands are swollen and last night I had the worst nights sleep I have possibly ever had - heartburn is a little b*tch! 

I bought a few more items for the labour bag and your daddy came over after uni and greeted me with sour skittles and more ice lollies - he knows me way too well. I’m hoping tonight you’ll allow me to sleep a little better! It’s okay though, not long to go now. 

It’s pancake day tomorrow! Next year we can make pancakes together. 

Mummy loves you, always.


Rfa child (update info)

Ren Choi
Age: 12 (new update)
Parents :
Dad: saeran Choi
Favorite food: simple snack and traditional food
Favorite fruit: strawberry and papaya
Disliked: modern food and orange
Ren is nice and polite to people who older than him,and really respect to his father. He also has sharp tounge and sarcastic sense of humor .
Ren genius and known a lot about gardening,he love to study about anatomy and adores anatomy,he also love to saving money for stuff he wanted. He goals are become a doctor.

- ren is secretly cry baby and childish around his father and risa.
- ren disliked haneul (seven son) because he feel haneul take risa from him(before haneul born ,risa and ren always play together)
-ren adores angel so much,but he unaware about his felling to her
- ren bff with jay and byul
- ren has illness due of saeran mint eye drug effect (but not dangerous)
- ren disliked having a sibling
- ren broke jaehee window to cockblcoked jay and mina (poor jaehee)
- ren pretty obsessive and overprotective with someone he cares a lot (risa,saerand and angel)
- ren biggest fear is get abandoned by someone his love and cares

Hello guys new update info for ren :) msg for stuff you wanna talk about! Im sorry my eng are not good but I’m doing my best!