New Dad Shiro

Here are some Allura and Shiro having a baby (more specifically Shiro reacting to being a father) HCs that no one asked for but I made anyways:

  • Shiro and Allura had been married for a few years before they decided to have kids
  • Shiro had always wanted to have kids bc he loves them so much and family meant so much to him growing up
  • When Allura tells Shiro she’s pregnant, Shiro all but loses his mind bc that means he’s gonna be a dad and they’re gonna have a little baby to raise and omg wait it’s actually inside Allura right now omg omg omg
  • He tells everyone he works with and all of his friends bc he cannot contain his excitement
  • From that moment forth, Shiro dotes on Allura 24/7 and is constantly checking up on her
  • He even drives her to work and cooks more meals and does more housework
  • He insists that Allura rest most of the time and that she shouldn’t be waking up so early, especially when it’s the weekend and she can sleep in
  • Sometimes Allura is a little annoyed by Shiro’s worry and protectiveness, but it’s also sweet bc it shows he really cares about her and the baby
  • Then they find out the baby is going to be a girl and Shiro is sobbing bc he’s gonna be a real dad and have a daughter and he cannot wait
  • They go out and buy a crib and paint and decorations for the nursery
  • Shiro tries his best to put everything together, but, of course, he needs some help from Allura bc IKEA directions are confusing
  • He doesn’t allow Allura to go up on the ladder while painting, so she does the bottom half and he does the top
  • Shiro would often lay in bed and press his ear and hands against Allura’s belly to hear and feel the baby moving around inside of her and he still can’t believe there’s a real baby in there and it’s his baby and he’s gonna be a dad
  • As Allura’s due date gets closer, Shiro starts to really worry about the baby bc he’s so afraid something will go wrong
  • He goes to every single doctor’s visit and asks questions that make Allura roll her eyes and the doctor chuckle
  • Then he starts going almost everywhere with Allura just in case the baby decides to come early and she he can make sure that she’s not straining herself while shopping or something
  • Then one day Shiro gets a call at work saying that Allura was going into labor and needed to go to the hospital
  • It takes a minute for it to sink in and he literally sprints to his car to drive to the hospital bc holy shit Allura is having the baby now
  • He gets to the hospital and he’s so nervous and stressed he’s shaking and can’t form sentences and somehow the nurses figure out where he needs to be
  • Shiro holds Allura’s hand as she delivers the baby and he’s surprised it isn’t broken by the end
  • He practically passes out as Allura is giving birth bc so much was happening
  • But, in the end, a healthy baby girl is brought into the world and Shiro is sobbing as the doctor hands her to them
  • He is so happy that the baby is okay and that Allura is okay
  • Shiro feels like he is going to crush the baby bc he’s so big and she’s so tiny
  • Just look at her little tiny toes and little fingers and little everything
  • They get to go home after a few days and Shiro posts pictures of the baby online and shows photos to his coworkers bc he is so proud and happy
  • Lance, Hunk, Keith, Pidge, and Coran come and visit, Hunk bringing over meals for them
  • Shiro does the most he can for Allura and the baby while she’s an infant
  • He tries to make sure the work is divided evenly, considering that Allura is home alone with the baby while he’s at work all day
  • Shiro loves it when Allura visits him at work with the baby bc all of the little elderly women have been dying to meet his new daughter
  • Shiro loves his daughter to pieces and is so devoted to his family
  • He becomes a sort of stay at home dad once Allura can go back to work, but they mainly try to split work evenly, though he is usually the one to respond to emergencies at daycare bc his work is closer to the care center
  • Then, about two years later, Allura tells him she’s pregnant again and Shiro breaks down crying again
  • And this time they’re having twins
Percival with a pregnant partner

Could you do HC for how Percival would be around a pregnant reader? <3

I certainly can my lovely

Master list


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He wouldn’t be able to decide whether to wrap you up in cotton wool or keep things as they were

Ultimately he knew that if you needed or wanted his help, you would ask

But that wouldn’t stop him from being a tad more protective than usual

He might grumble about being poked awake at two in the morning, to retrieve your odd requests

But that would melt away once he tasted the delicious concoctions for himself

“alright, I must admit, fries dipped in vanilla ice cream are amazing, but I still want to go back to bed, darling’

He would be a bit cautious when new things happened, worrying if it was normal, and at the right stage of the pregnancy

He would be more affectionate than he used to be

Every morning before he left for work he’d give you a goodbye kiss, then crouch down, and place the gentlest of kisses to your swollen stomach

He would work even harder to make the world a better place

Some nights he struggles to sleep, you’ll quite often find him sitting at the kitchen table, on your frequent trips to the bathroom, writing down possible names, pouring over parenting books or scribbling down things that you could all do together

He would be impossibly organized, having everything and anything that you might need, when you do go into labour

You had never seen him happier, than the first time he held your new born baby


Have a great day and be safe


Theirin Baby Nights

Short for Alistair appreciation day 4.

From my ao3

Alistair knelt next to the wooden cradle. His eyes drinking in the sight of his precious baby girl. She was going to look just like her mother when she was grown. Little Fiona already resembled Ana so much; Beautiful dark hair, tight curls near her ears and neck, long lashes, and striking blue eyes. He listened to her soft breathing, and occasional coo. For good reason; that breathing was music to his ears. He would never tire of the sounds she made. Even the loudest fussing, would always be considered a blessing.

She stirred…

Alistair’ held his breath, hoping she would fall back asleep. Fiona restlessly turned her head and that’s when he noticed noticed the flush on her cheek. He gently pressed his hand to her forehead. She was warm. A fever? The baby continued to toss and turn. Tiny fingers curling and uncurling in the blanket. Alistair’s heart rate quickened as he began to panic. Unlike her mother; who was the strongest woman he had ever known, he always saw his daughter as frail, and delicate. From the day she was born, he had worried for her. The birth had been a little over a month ago, and still very fresh in his mind. The terrifying moment replayed in his thoughts on more than one occasion. Those lips blue and silent, Skin pale and cold, and tiny body lifeless in his large trembling hands.

“Alistair? What’s the matter?”

Alistair whipped around startled, having forgotten that his wife was in the room with him. Ana remained calm, and composed in the large oak chair. She continued the rhythmic rocking as she fed their son.

“She’s warm. Do you think she’s feverish?” His failed attempt to hide the worry in his voice, only resulted in speaking louder. .

Duncan fussed in his wife’s arms, obviously irritated by the sudden break of silence. She tutted him, and adjusted his mouth to her breast again. With their son latched and satisfied Ana’s blue eyes returned to Alistair. “You fret too much Alistair.” She smiled sweetly. “She’s stronger than you give her credit for. It’s just warm in here. Uncover her a little.”

Alistair turned back to the fussing baby beside him. He was uncertain, anxious. The baby’s eyes clenched shut now, and cranky mumbles made his heart skip beats. He gently rolled the blanket down as he uncovered all but her feet. The king watched intently for any change in her behavior. Within a few seconds, Fiona had calmed down and drifted back to sleep. He turned back to Ana who smiled knowingly. Alistair admitted defeat and came to sit cross legged on the floor in front of her.

The hushed murmurs, suckling and the almost musical squeak of the rocker were the only sounds in the room. Alistair felt the tension in his shoulders melting away as he observed his breathtaking wife nursing their son. Her long dark curls fell over one shoulder, as she looked lovingly at the light blonde boy. Ana had decided to feed their children herself, despite the impertinent whispers about how distasteful it was for a Queen to do so. Alistair stood beside Ana, and quickly dismissed any remarks that questioned his wife’s propriety. He believed it to be her well deserved right, and perhaps a little sway was from him loving to watch her when she did. Once she had asked why he enjoyed watching her feed them, and he couldn’t think of a specific reasoning behind it. Just something about it so natural, so loving, it made him burst with happiness. Ana was utterly amazing with the twins; falling into motherhood as if on instinct. Of course, even if he had experienced that connection with his own mother as a baby, he wouldn’t have remembered. That fact never took from the mental image of what a family should have been like, and this was it, in so many wonderful ways.

Duncan reached out, and Alistair slipped his finger into the infant’s hand. The tiny digits closed around it tightly, and he continued nursing. “He’s a healthy eater.” Alistair whispered, crooked smile tugging at the right side of his mouth.

The baby fell asleep for a moment, lips falling away from her. In seconds he objected to his sleepy state, and let out a cry. Ana helped him to latch, and once again he was content. “That he is.”

“How do you do it?” Alistair wondered out loud.

“What do you mean?”

His voice was almost sad, as he looked at the tiny fingers clutching his. “You are so good with them. How do you always know what to do?”

“Well the truth is, I do not ‘always’ know.” She winked.

“Well then you are very good at pretending.” Alistair chuckled. She stifled her laugh, and it resulted in a snort. He looked at his large hands. “I never know what to do. And just feel I will break them with this big, bumbling hands.”

“Alistair.” She hushed him. “I’ve seen the way you hold them. So gentle, so protective. I can assure you, you will not break them. And about not knowing what to do; you are there whenever they fuss. When you play with them, or talk to them they always laugh. That beaming smile you get when they look at you. Do not doubt that you are an amazing father. The moment I saw you with Ainsley, I had no doubts. Ainsley, Kyla and Kendric adore their uncle Alistair.” Her words and expression, full of sincerity.

Alistair remained still and let the words sink in. Sure he was decent with with his nieces and nephew, but it was only for the briefest visits, and they were much older than the twins. He felt his lack in newborn experience somehow would negatively affect his children. Deep down it scared him.

One thing was for certain. He would always be there to love and protect them and their mother with everything he had. They would never have doubts of who their parents were, or how much they were loved. It had taken him thirty years to find out his mother was the elf, ex- grand enchanter Fiona. That knowledge would remain a secret to the rest of the world possibly forever. And although he had only a few months to experience the closeness of mother and son, he would never forget it. Fiona’s sacrifice was the largest reason behind he and Ana’s ability to even conceive the twins. Fiona Eleanor and Duncan Bryce. Named for four loved ones they would always be thankful to the Maker for.

“He’s asleep.” Ana whispered, as she attempted to sit up.

“Here. Let me?” He asked reaching for his son. The smile his wife greeted him with bolstered his confidence, as the baby was shifted between them. Alistair cradled him to his chest and shoulder, careful to support his head. Making certain to do everything he was shown with absolute perfection.

He carried his son over to the cradle and slowly laid him beside his sister. Duncan protested for a moment, and Alistair rubbed his chest till he was lulled back to sleep. Alistair then turned his attention back to Ana who was watching contently from the rocker. That all knowing look plastered on her face.

“Fine fine. Now off to bed with you.” He pretended to scold her with a chuckle. As she walked by him, he wrapped his arms around her waist. Alistair pressed his body flush against her back. He could clearly smell the elfroot and vanilla in her hair, and nuzzled into its rich comforting aroma. Lips brushing the shell of her ear. “I love you Anastasia Theirin. Thank you for making me the happiest man in Thedas.”

Life as A Single Dad

Prompt - An au by @vipeejunior7​. Check it out!


Aaron had always wanted kids, but he had never met anyone he wanted to share them with. So he decided to adopt. He wanted children to raise, but he just wasn’t interested in marriage.

He was 25 years old when he moved into his apartment. It had 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room and a kitchen with just enough space for a table to eat at.

A few months had passed since Aaron moved in, and he decided it was time. He had moved here just so he could adopt a child, and have a comfortable house with them, and have access to the town. Aaron looked up the nearest adoption centre, grabbed his jacket, and started walking.

The centre was about a 20 minute walk, so he ended up tying his sweater around his waist, seeing as it was spring right now, and the weather had just started getting warmer.

He opened the door and a little bell on the door jingled. The lady at the reception desk looked up at Aaron and smiled.

“How can I help you today sir?”

“I was wondering if I could adopt a child?” Aaron said, walking over to her.

“Well sure! If you could follow me please.”

And so he did.

Aaron didn’t know how it happened, but it did. Before he knew it he was walking out of the adoption centre with 5 little children. Blaze, Rylan, Dottie, Maria and Daniel. All werewolves.

Maybe that was what made him decide to adopt them, or maybe it was just that they all looked so close and friendly, he just couldn’t split them up. But he had 5 kids now, and no idea how they were all gonna fit inside his tiny apartment. But they did.

It had been a year since Aaron adopted the children, and he never regretted it for a second. They were all angels, and although sometimes hard to handle, they would listen to Aaron.

Blaze was now 7, Dottie and 6, Rylan and Maria were 5, and Daniel was 4.

They had all grown up so fast. Aaron was brought back from his thoughts as he heard a crash from the shared bedroom of Blaze and Dottie.

Aaron came running in to see what had happened.

“Alright what happened in here?”

Aaron saw dottie hitting Blaze in the head with the doll he had bought her for her birthday.

“Blaze knocked my wolf piggy bank off of my table! He did it on purpose!”

She continued hitting him with the doll.

“I did not! My tail brushed against the table and I knocked it off! I’m sorry, but can you stop hitting me?”

Aaron sighed, before walking over to the two kids, and taking the doll out of Dottie’s hands.

“It was an accident, ok Dottie? Blaze said sorry. I’ll buy you a new one, is that alright with you?”

“Fine,” said Dottie, pouting at the ground.

“Alright, now say you’re sorry for hitting Blaze.”

Blaze stuck his tongue out at her, “Yeah! Say you’re sorry!”

“Blaze, don’t tease her. Now say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry for hitting you in the head repeatedly with my doll.”

“Alright. Now I’m gonna finish getting ready, then we can all head to the park. You two wanna help me finish packing the lunch?”

“YEAH!” Dottie and Blaze said in sync. They both ran ahead of Aaron and into the kitchen.

“Alright, you two place the sandwich’s in the basket, I’m gonna clean up the mess you two made.”

“Ok Dad!”

Aaron was carrying Daniel in his arms, and holding Rylan’s hand while the other three kids ran ahead of them.

“Hey! Don’t run to far ahead! Stay where I can see you.”

“Sorry Dad!” He heard them call back, while slowing down.

After about 5 more minutes of walking, they all saw the park, and all the kids except Daniel (who was still in Aaron’s arms) ran over to the playground. Aaron chuckled to himself, “You wanna go play with them Daniel?”


“Alright, stay safe buddy,” Aaron said, putting Daniel down and ruffling his hair.

“Thanks Daddy! I wuv you!” And with that, he ran off.

Aaron placed their blanket and basket down on the ground, before spotting some of his friends. He walked over to Ivy and Teony.

“Hey guys, came here with Gene, Sasha and Zenix again?”

“Of course,” Tenoy said, “This is their favourite place to hang out. They just can’t get enough of it.”

Aaron laughed, and sat down next to them on the bench, continuing their chat, and just having a good time.

Over on the playground, things weren’t as friendly. Blaze started climbing up onto the play structure, before someone stood in his way.

“Hey!” Said Blaze, standing up to face the person, “Let me up!”

By now, the other 4 children had gathered behind Blaze, waiting to see what was going to happen next.

“Nuh uh! This is our playground now!” Said a boy who looked to be around 7 or 8. He had ocean blue eyes and black curly hair. Behind him were two kids who looked about a year younger than the first boy, There was a guy with brown spiky hair and red eyes, then a girl with long white hair and purple eyes.

Blaze had seen these kids around, his dad new their parents, so they had seen them while Aaron had talked to Ivy and Teony.

“Well we get to use it as well!” Blaze said, trying to walk past them.

“Only cool people can play here!” Said the girl, who Blaze thinks is called Sasha. He thought he’d heard Aaron call the other two, Zenix and Gene.

“Why don’t you prove that you’re cool enough to play here!” Said Gene, walking closer to Blaze.

“Fine! I will prove it!”

“Ohhh, I smell a competition happening!” Sasha said, her eyes lighting up.

“Blaze, you don’t have to do this,” said Rylan, walking over to him.

“Yeah, this doesn’t sound like a good idea.” Dottie added.

“Awww, you guys are wimps! You should totally fight him!” Maria said, in her usual loud voice.

“I like butterflies,” Daniel added, not entirely sure what was going on.

“Fight me Gene! I could beat you any day of the week!”

“Oh it’s on!” Gene shouted, and so everyone but Gene and Blaze decided what the competition would encase.

Sasha and Dottie walked over to the two boys, while everyone else took a seat along the edge of the playground.

“Alright, listen up you two!” Dottie said, “We’ve come up with three challenges for you guys to compete in, and whoever wins the most, wins!”

Sasha started talking, “The first challenge, you guys are gonna have to run through the entire playscape, and whoever does it the fastest, wins.”

“The next challenge is whoever can build the best sandcastle!” Dottie said, pointing over to where the sandbox was, filled with toy shovels and buckets.

“And finally,” Sasha said, pausing for dramatic effect, “The third, and most dangerous challenge, you need to jump off the swing set! Whoever jumps the highest and farthest, wins!”

“To the first challenge!” The girls screamed together.

Gene was going first. He got into his starting position at the foot of the stairs, leading up to the playground. Suddenly, Sasha yelled, “GO!”

As soon as she said ‘go’, Gene went. He was fast, Blaze had to give him that. But no way he was gonna beat Blaze. He was a werewolf after all!

“Time!” Sasha yelled as soon as Gene came out the other side. “Good job Gene!” They high fived.

“Alright Blaze, you’re turn! Good luck!” Dottie said.

Blaze took his starting position at the bottom of the stairs, then Dottie shouted, “GO!”

Blaze was up the stairs on crossing over a little bridge. He ducked under a bar, and over some stairs. He jumped over a small gap, but then he heard Daniel yell, “GO BWAZE!” And he accidentally tripped. Not wanting to lose, he stood up and ran to the end, rubbing his face once he finished.

“TIME!” Dottie yelled, walking over to Sasha. After a hushed conversation, Dottie looked up, pouting. “GENE WINS!” Sasha yelled. Gene stuck his tongue out at Blaze, who kindly returned the gesture.

“There are still two more rounds doofus.” Blaze said, then walked over to the sandbox with Dottie.

Gene and Blaze sat on opposite sides of the sandbox, Sasha and Dottie standing in between them, the other kids sitting on the side.

“Alright, you guys have 2 minutes to build the best sandcastle you can. And your two minutes, are starting, now!”

Gene and Blaze both started building as quickly as they could, ignoring each other completely.

Blaze thought his was going well, he had a square shape of sand, and he had made some windows and a door and a moat around it. He was quite proud of it actually. Just before he started to make some tiny people outside of the house, Sasha shouted, “Times up! Stop building!”

Blaze looked over at Gene’s sandcastle and almost died laughing, all Gene had was a pile of sand with a stick coming out of the top of it.

“Is that what you call a sand castle?” Blaze said tauntingly.

“Shut up! I can’t work well under pressure!”

All Blaze did in response was laugh harder.

“Well,” Dottie started, “I think it’s clear who the winner of this round is. Congratulations Blaze!”

The 3 kids on the sidelines cheered, while Zenix looked grumpy, and glared at them all.

“To the last challenge!”

Blaze and Gene were both sitting on one of the swings, glaring at each other.

“Alright, so whoever goes the highest and farthest, wins!” Sasha said.

“On your marks, get set, SWING!”

They both started kicking their legs back and forth, trying to get higher that the other kid. All of the kids on the sidelines were cheering, screaming for whoever they wanted to win. Of course, Blaze got more cheers, he had more siblings.

Then Gene went flying off. Blaze saw where he landed and knew he could easily beat that. Just as he started to jump off, he heard someone calling his name.

“Blaze! Oh my Irene! Be careful!”

Blaze went flying through the air, and all the shouting stopped. He landed on the grass face first, but there was a fair amount of distance between him and Gene. Blaze sat up, his nose bleeding, but he smiled and laughed.

“I did it! I beat Gene!”

“Blaze oh my Irene are you ok?” Aaron said, rushing over to him and placing a napkin beneath his nose. “I was coming over to see if you guys wanted to eat lunch now, then I saw you flying off the swing sets!  Never do anything like that again, you hear me?”

“Sorry Dad,” Blaze said looking down, “But I had to! I had to beat Gene so we could play on the playground!”

Aaron looked over at Ivy and Tenoy who were comforting a crying Gene. Aaron sighed and looked at all of his kids, “Alright, I won’t punish you this time, but don’t do anything dangerous like that again. That goes for you four as well!”

“Ok Dad!” They all replied, then Aaron stood up, holding Blaze’s hand. “Well, let’s all go get some lunch. You all must be pretty hungry.”

“Yeah!” Maria shouted, racing over to the picnic blanket, The other 3 following in her footsteps, before Aaron and Blaze walked over calmly.

Aaron smiled as he thought to himself, looking over all of his kids. They were laughing and talking, and just having a great time. Aaron thought, “This is my life as a single dad, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”


Word Count - 1968


Here’s a list of tropes that popped in my head over a series of days. 

  • Friends to lovers
  • Friends with benefits to exclusive relationship
  • Love triangles (two character choices, you can decide to tell me who you want chosen in the end or leave it as a surprise)
  • Ex boyfriend who you run into later (could also have two characters, one is your current boyfriend, one is the ex. Tell me which is which).
  • Male character finds out he has a kid 
  • Created family (Kid!AU in which characters are kids and adults, can pick up to three characters [two as children, one as adult]
    • Sub-categories of this trope:
      • Kid(s) try to find new mom / dad for remaining parent (either because of death or walking out
      • Kid(s) try to get the parents back together (can pick up to three characters, one or two being children and another is their father/mother) 
  • Fake boyfriend / girlfriend
  • Bad boy with good girl
  • Bad girl with good boy
  • Forbidden love (family issues)
  • Misunderstandings (thinking someone cheated, is with someone else, etc. This can also have two character choices)
  • Coworkers to lovers
  • Supervisor/boss/manager and subordinate 

If there are some you love or I simply missed, please tell me and I’ll add to my list (and of course give you credit). 

If you like this list, please reblog instead of copying and reposting. 

Thank you!

Rfa child (update info)

Ren Choi
Age: 12 (new update)
Parents :
Dad: saeran Choi
Favorite food: simple snack and traditional food
Favorite fruit: strawberry and papaya
Disliked: modern food and orange
Ren is nice and polite to people who older than him,and really respect to his father. He also has sharp tounge and sarcastic sense of humor .
Ren genius and known a lot about gardening,he love to study about anatomy and adores anatomy,he also love to saving money for stuff he wanted. He goals are become a doctor.

- ren is secretly cry baby and childish around his father and risa.
- ren disliked haneul (seven son) because he feel haneul take risa from him(before haneul born ,risa and ren always play together)
-ren adores angel so much,but he unaware about his felling to her
- ren bff with jay and byul
- ren has illness due of saeran mint eye drug effect (but not dangerous)
- ren disliked having a sibling
- ren broke jaehee window to cockblcoked jay and mina (poor jaehee)
- ren pretty obsessive and overprotective with someone he cares a lot (risa,saerand and angel)
- ren biggest fear is get abandoned by someone his love and cares

Hello guys new update info for ren :) msg for stuff you wanna talk about! Im sorry my eng are not good but I’m doing my best!
It’s Time to Take a Serious Look at Michael Stuhlbarg
The supporting actor had a breakout year with turns in “Call Me by Your Name,” “The Shape of Water” and “The Post.” Will the academy remember?
By Adam Cook

Call Me by Your Name (2017): “Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer are deservedly two of the year’s most-talked-about actors for their turns in this moving gay coming-of-age romance, but Mr. Stuhlbarg, as Mr. Chalamet’s father, delivers the showstopper in “Call Me by Your Name.” In a soliloquy that may stand as the most stirring single scene of last year — one that prompted the singer-songwriter Frank Ocean to proclaim Mr. Stuhlbarg his “new dad” — the parent has a tender talk with his son following a discreet heartbreak. It’s a moment that deepens his character and shifts the focus from the blossoming young man to someone whose own matters of the heart have left him forever changed. “You had a beautiful friendship. Maybe more than a friendship. And I envy you.” Mr. Stuhlbarg delivers these poignant words with great sincerity and pathos, opting for naturalistic restraint where others would have telegraphed the emotions. Mr. Chalamet’s tearful reaction is in sync with the audience’s. With a remarkable display of unconditional love in an all-too-rare portrayal of a parent’s acceptance of their child’s sexuality, Mr. Stuhlbarg’s graceful conviction makes this movie moment immortal.“

The most moving scene in any film this year. Bravo, Stulhbarg!

tinypi  asked:

yooo fic prompt time: gav's kindergarten picnic is coming up but then! two days before, ryan sprains his ankle pretty bad so now HOW WILL HE DO THE THREE-LEGGED PARENT-KID RACE WITH GAV??? gav has been looking forward to this as soon as it was established to be a thing WHO COULD POSSIBLY FILL IN THAT ROLE NOW AND BE MISTAKEN FOR GAV'S DAD BY NEW PARENTS THAT DON'T KNOW EVERYONE YET???

Geoff did not think this through. Yesterday when Ryan mentioned the worst part of spraining his ankle was Gavin’s face when he had to tell him he wouldn’t be able to take him to the kindergarten picnic, Geoff had said, “So basically you need someone to fill in,” quickly followed by, “Sure, I’ll take him. Consider it done,” because, sure, he liked kids, Gavin was adorable, and he wasn’t doing anything today anyway.

Ryan’s resulting smile was bright and so grateful, and Gavin jumped all over him in triumphant excitement, so even if Geoff had taken a moment to consider it, he wouldn’t have done anything different. But he hadn’t thought about how it would look.

Keep reading