I’m forming a squad, who else is down to wear trenchcoats and cargo shorts  with sandwich bags sewed all over the inside and then liberate the Walmart bettas by pouring them into our many pockets and escaping the store undetected as human aquariums

liberated bettas will be sewn their own cargo shorts and given appropriate training so the cycle can continue


After fleeing as a teenager from the rising unrest in Tsarist Russia, Viktor Nikiforov quickly assumes a shining role in the new craze of “moving pictures” that sweeps across the world. A talented dancer, singer, actor and wit, the “Exiled Prince” became a heartthrob and personification of the break from conformity that came in the wake of the Great War. 

One day he hears a familiar voice on the wireless; a stray recording of a young  actor reciting one of his most famous speeches that rekindles an old memory.

Because that 1920s au.  Quick doodle before bed. I just wanted to draw Victor as Valentino tbh.

I feel like this whole “zero waste lifestyle” is just another example of rich, usually white people being praised for something poc have been doing forever. Like, it’s all buying clothes from thrift stores and reusing plastic grocery store bags and using every part of the food you buy. And all of that is great but just like riding bikes it’s only “green” when white people do it. When brown people do it, they aren’t making a conscious decision to save the planet, they just can’t afford to throw anything away.

And as I see more YouTube videos and blogs and books coming out about this “new green craze” I keep thinking about all the brown people who could really tell you how to use every part of everything, but would have a hard time making money from it cus it’s only marketable when white people do it.

For those wondering what hip dips are, these are what they are.
Everyone who has them seems to want rid of them. Everyone who doesn’t have them, wants them.
Hip dips aren’t a reflection of your weight. Some people get them for carrying ‘extra’ weight on their hips, some people get them for having a 'lack’ of weight on their hips. Some people, like me, just have them. If I gained weight, they’d probably be exaggerated, if I lost weight then I’d probably end up looking like a box (nothing wrong with boxes, just not what I want.
I don’t think they’re particularly desirable or undesirable, they’re just there. EMBRACE YOUR CURVES, NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO IN OR OUT!

FMA Headcanons
  • Ed gets Al a cat to help cheer him up during his recovery after getting his body back. He names her Ellie, after Elicia Hughes. She is ecstatic when she visits.
  • The Hughes visit Al often during his recovery. One time, Elicia and Ed get into an argument over who has a better apple pie, so Gracia and Winry have a bakeoff. No one can decide a winner.
  • Whenever Roy visits Ishval, he often faces assassination attempts. He has many guards to protect him, but never fights back himself, and insists the assassins never be killed, even in self defense.
  • When Roy and Riza make their first official trip to Xing, Riza notices the high collars often worn by women there (like May’s dress in the final picture), and she buys many, as they are fashionable while still covering her tattoo. She ends up creating a new fashion craze in Central when they return.
  • When Ed visits Xing for the first time, he introduced to Ling’s royal court, not as the great alchemist or the man who saved the world, but as “The man who fed the emperor a shoe”. Ed is pissed, Al tries not to laugh and fails, even Lan Fan can’t help but laugh from her hidden post.

When white people try to do the new dance craze, and you and your squad are just trying hard not to call child protection services for the mental abuse they are causing you.


I just realised I completely forgot to post this when he was done, whoops
So everyone remember that tiny Anon I was making last year? HE IS DONE! :D
1st picture: Anon chilling with the lightcycle I made in woodwork class a while back (it had to have wheels otherwise it wouldn’t beat everyone else’s cars in a race)
2nd picture: Anon is being a smol bean (he’s like half the size of the Disney infinity figures)
Not shown because my camera wouldn’t focus, his circuits are actually really shiny since I mixed in some silver Acrylic to the paint (which is also Acrylic btw) I can’t remember whether I mixed in some glow in the dark paint or not tho.
Also due to the Australian heat, some of his lacquer melted off so I had to fix that (this was before that heatwave we had recently mind you)
But yeah, this is Anon, he is great, he is smol, he can’t stand up and constantly falls off of things (pretty accurate to how he is in the games for me to be honest)



“What’s your definition of friendship goals?”

— ac crazed audios
new watermark :)

Made with Vine

I’m sorry. Am I meant to continue “going along” with this whole Dean is “heterosexual” thing after the way he looked at that wrestler. Am I? Am I really?

anonymous asked:

//scoots in// im a little new to the antisepticeye craze, and ive made a little bit of fanart, would it be fine if i submitted it here?? ;u; ive been meaning to interact with this fandom for a little bit because yoUR THEORIES ARE INSANE GUYS

Of course :D

Lupin/Tonks, Dancing

for @greennonmonster

“I told you, Remus…I’m shit at this…”  Tonks sighed in resignation.  “I’m going to embarrass you…”  

Remus snorted and dipped down to kiss her lips.  “You couldn’t embarrass me if you tried…Besides…I prefer your way of dancing.”  

“I look like a lame hippogriff…”  

He shrugged.  “Perhaps you could just teach everyone the steps, start a new dance craze.”  

Tonks rose up on her toes, wrapping her arms around him.  “I love you, Remus.”