I would advise you not to ask me about CPD at the moment unless you want a brutal honest opinion, and I promise it will be brutal. However feel free to go tell the writers what DUMBASS STUPID writers they employ and how they need NEW ones ASAP. No seriously do it. Maybe then they’ll realize they’re tanking their own show and ruining characters they’ve (barely) developed for 4 seasons, all for the sake of saying they created relationship drama to keep it interesting. (Yes I have a million eye rolls for that one)

So I just want to point out that Magnus’ red couch seems to be in his bedroom due to the curtains and window ledge:

except the original bedroom set seems to not have allowed room for a couch, suggesting they might have widened it after the picture was taken or something? but anyway, given these two items, i just want to say that there’s a possibility, however distant, of Alec and Magnus making out on that couch and then moving onto the bed and continuing there.


Portland Living by SaudadeSims

This set is for my lovely @deelitefulsimmer’s birthday! Today is her birthday and she requested a living set. This is my first set that includes couches and they are tough! 

There are 12 new meshes including couch, love seat, chair, end table, bookcase, coffee table, plant stand, fireplace, TV stand, lamp, shelf mirror, mirror, and a set of retro recolors of my Augusta Artwork. 

Please click keep reading to get to the downloads and to see the color palette for this set :)

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All the adventure time references and cameos i know

Inside Cartoon Network:


On the episode ‘’Where the wild Chads are?’’ It seems like Chad is watching something interesting

On ‘’Benson’s sleepover’’, a small Jake plush appears on the shelf

Black hat Finn poster on a wall on the Clarence episode ‘’Attack the block party’’ (thank you @mewberty for telling me :D)

-We bare bears:

On ‘’My clique’’,guess what is Chloe Park watching on TV

-Uncle grandpa:

On the Steven universe and UG crossover episode appears a Finn mention just above Steven’s name on UG’s list.

Out of Cartoon Network:

‘’Adventure time’’ mention on a pannel of the Bravest warriors comic issue 22

A small Jake plush(i want to think so) is falling on the Bravest warriors Holo John special (2015)

A kid is cosplaying Finn on the South park episode ‘’A nightmare of facetime’’

Finn and Jake appear fettered on the Futurama episode ‘’Leela and the genestalk’’

The simpsons parodied Adventure time on the new episode couch gag ‘’Monty Burns’’ 

But actually they had parodied it before on the Halloween special ‘’the treehouse of horrors 2014′’

And finally, the most controversial.This is my interpretation so it is very possible that i am wrong.

On the Cleveland Show episode ‘’hot cocoa bang bang’’ the family visits the San Diego comic con.On one scene we can see a character that reminds me a lot of Adam Muto wearing a Jake the dog T-shirt. 

That was all,friends. If someone has more references, please add them to the pile.Thank you! <3

Today is March 15th, 2017

Today is the one-year anniversary of the old Grump Couch being retired! Meaning it’s the birthday/anniversary of the New Grump Couch!

A nostalgic video for you to watch today:  Goodbye Old Grump Couch! - GrumpOut

A fun fact about Arin for today: Arin’s favorite color is pink, and he’s more than ready to defend himself about it. Just because it’s a ‘feminine’ color doesn’t mean he can’t like it!


TITLE OF STORY: Rosmarinus


AUTHOR: theunconventionaldudette


STORY SUMMARY: Imagine that you and Loki have been married a while and you live on Midgard. One day you get badly injured on SHIELD mission and you lose all your memory from past 2 or 3 years. When you wake up in the hospital and see Loki, you freak out because you recognize him as the god who attacked New York. He tells you that you’re married and he loves you and he would never hurt you, but you don’t believe him. Loki is with you all the time, but because you’re terrified of him, he doesn’t come near you, he just quietly watches you so that you can see him too. 


STORY WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: Even though the imagine helped create the concept of the story, I was also inspired by the Metal Gear Solid series. Likes and comments are greatly appreciated!

The sounds of gunshots roared as the screams of pain echoed through. She could not see anything for everything was pitch black. She could hear her name growing louder and more clear each time. It soon overpowered the screams of unwanted pain.


Esther gasped as she opened her eyes. She began to control her breathing as she roamed around the room she’s in. It was full of white walls, fluorescent lights, and the sounds of monitors beeping right next to her. She began to wonder if that dream was either just a dream or a cruel reality.

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“You were born broken, that’s your birthright. 

And now you can fill your life with projects. Your humans and your songs and your little girlfriends but it won’t make you whole.

You’re Marceline Abadeer. There’s no cure for that.”