The role of the post is very important in this achievement in which the details of the mountain are fascinating.
Mountains clocked, Dry fields in-between
© Richard Gemmell aka Richard G :


Photos from the Halloween night “LAX/SFO” Opening curated by thinkspace-gallery at hashimotocontemporary (spokeart) in San Francisco!

It was really exciting to have work in such an incredible show, and it was super fun to go all out building a crazy costume too. I made the mask, wings and collar of my Lunamoth Faerie outfit ❤︎

My piece is “Midnight Blossoms” Oil and Mixed Media on Lasercut Panel, 14"x14" featuring the model Binta Dibba.

Event photos thanks to roxannawalitzki


Its so exciting to finally reveal this piece! “I used to watch the butterflies” 16x24 Oils over Mixed Media on Lasercut Panel, featuring the brilliant Benjamin Staker, sold

For the Plus 1 show opening this Friday (June 12th 6-9pm) at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle! I’ll be there, so come say hi if you’re in the area!
“+1” is a short-run invitational featuring the work of a few Roq La Rue artists and their invited guests - this show is a window into the work our artists are looking at and inspired by!

staceyrozich | Matt Craven
John Brophy | Deanna Adona
Peter Ferguson | Olivier Bonnard
Travis Louie | Dorian Vallejo
Redd Walitzki | Meghan Howland
Amanda Manitach | Adam Mars


Yesterdays Co. Stepped up and made these insanely gorgeous pins come to life - Now the T.s. Claire Icarus medal is available for pre order online. These will benefit T.S. T.s. Claire, with 100% of the proceeds going towards her medical bills and recovery. Help spread the word of her fight and carry her art as a symbol of strength with you.

Please share with friends and pin collectors, these are not only beautiful as objects but the gesture on behalf of Yesterdays ( Suman you are a absolute hero for making these happen ) is beyond heart warming.