I saw this on Instagram and it’s the coolest thing! ❤️

When Bill said to the Doctor in the finale, I thought it was kinda her way of saying, “I go for girls, my age, but you’re ok and I like you.”

Not in a romantic or sexual way…..but you’re special to me…..if you see what I mean!

But what if this was what she meant? Does Bill know the Doctor regenerates?
I would so love it if Bill came back from travelling with Heather and decided to stay with The 13th Doctor. That would be so cool.

We don’t know if Bill (or Nardole) are going to be staying around or if we say farewell to them at Christmas. But this could be a thing.

Well I think so anyway! 😁😁

  • The doctor: *seconds before wiping bill's memory*
  • Bill: just imagine if someone does this to you
  • The doctor: *stops for a second, gives her a look then Clara's theme comes on*
  • Me: *runs outside barefoot in the cold night with my pyjamas on while holding a knife* THIS IS MURDER WTF I'M HUNTING MOFFAT DOWN