30 days of Big Finish.

Day 11- Favourite original companion (not Eight)

We have to pick our favourite bowler hat wearing cutie Oliver Harper who features in the companion chronicle trilogy The Perpetual Bond, The Cold Equations, and The First Wave. Oliver is a new companion (and at this point the only new One era companion on audio) and he’s a 1960′s companion which we love because he sort of fits perfectly as a ‘modern day’ companion of the era if this had been made back then. Oliver has his own character arc and reasons for escaping from his time and the audios gradually reveal more and more about him and his life back on Earth. He has a great relationship with Steven and we love the three male team just for a few adventures.

Oliver has a great personality and voice. We love it when he and Steven tease each other. But also at the core of the audios is a sad journey and themes of ‘borrowed time’, secrets and heartbreak. The three audio stories are brilliant anyway but all the better because of Oliver, the darling old chap.



Let me just lay it all down for y'all…

Clara Oswin Oswald has just left the doctor, and the doctor, trying to move on, goes to visit his old friend Sarah Jane, only to find someone else living at 13 Bannerman Road. No Luke, no aliens, nothing. Confused and worried, he tries to track her down with some new doo hickey, and tracks it to a graveyard. Walking further in, he comes across Luke Smith, laying down the flowers on her grave.

The Doctor, having felt so fondly about his old companion, felt it was part of his duty to see that Luke would be okay. He even takes Luke out on an adventure to try and lift his spirits.

Discovering what Luke was like, and how similarly Luke has grown up to be like his mother, The Doctor developed a kind of fatherly-fondness of Luke. Denying it at first, but all the same inviting Lukey boy for a few more trips in the TARDIS. Luke, having lost the one true guardian and carer he ever had, takes the opportunity to get away, find a distraction from the devestating loss he’s had to deal with. Alongside the stress of himself leaving university with his qualifications, whilst his  friends, Rani and Clyde, are still in the process of completing theirs. They travel the universe, discover more aliens, and overall live life full of new adventures.

A few extra reasons why I desperately want this:

  • We NEED a male main companion. We had Rory, but if it wasn’t for Amy, could you really see him being invited along? Captain Jack was close with the Doctor, but there is definitely still that uneven male:female ratio. A male companion, like Luke, would be different, unique and AMAZING.
  • We need a lovely Luke Smith back. And we can have these characters sympathize with each other. They’ve lost the people they care dearly about. They both loved Sarah Jane, and can both use her as encouragement to carry on.
  • Don’t you think it’d be great to see a companion that the doctor could get fatherly to as opposed to wondering if they’re going to be shipped? Whenever a female companion comes along, it’s always a worry how many shippers are going to shove them into a dark closet together, waiting for the sexual tension to blow over. With Luke, it’s highly doubted that would happen.
  • They could easily link Luke and The Doctor together. Luke has already encountered past generations, and they could say it was all leading up to this. He’s not a normal teenager, but he’s a teenager that a lot of fans could relate to -since Lukey boy is one who struggles to get along with everyone. He’s different, and that’s what we love! The Perfect Human being which he’s finding to be is not so perfect.
  • A lot of companions seem to spin off into other Who things. Martha Appeared in Torchwood, the Doctor appeared in SJA’s so many times… Perhaps after Luke becomes a companion, he can rebuild what happened at Sarah Jane adventures, taking over what Sarah Jane did in her honor.
  • How many fans would rejoice to see a previous whoniverse character return?

I know I would have a little squee of joy if this happened.