Lin-Manuel Miranda’s dressing room is literally a bedroom, albeit a very small one. The kinetic 28-year-old star and composer of In the Heights, the new pan-Latino pop opera that celebrates the Inwood-Washington Heights neighborhood Mr. Miranda grew up in, has outfitted his room at stage right like an 8-year-old boy’s, with items that speak to his own affinities, not his characters’. There are Transformers sheets for the bunk bed that’s above his dressing table, a television set and PlayStation 2, and a G.I. Joe Cobra Commander poster on the door. The stuffed monkey next to his pillow isn’t a transitional object, he said. It’s a prize from a claw machine in Times Square. “I’m only good at two things,” Mr. Miranda said, “writing music and the claw. And I’m unbelievably good at the claw.” He proffered his guest book, which has been signed by his parents, his grammar school music teacher and his director, Thomas Kail, who wrote, “You are all hype.”

Besides the bunk bed, the other notable feature of this closetlike room is its grass cloth walls, put there, as the bed was, for Joel Grey when he played Amos Hart in Chicago in 1996.

[Sources: Setting the Stage, Offstage on The New York Times; pic by Tony Cenicola, HQ version from]

I am scared
You will make
A design in my
protective Walls
So Unique
That nobody
Would be able to
—  Nobody will be you again 👫/methethinkinggirl
hello fellow kids

so, idk if i’ve been v vocal about all this, but i’m currently out of a job. i might be getting my top surgery fairly soon, so it would be silly to get a job now and say ‘oh by the way i need like a month off to recover’. 

that being said, i just sold my tablet and i’m gonna buy a new one p soon after the semester ends. it’s gonna be one of those ones where you can just draw right on the screen. that’ll make digital art much much easier for me.

i’m gonna make the purchase soon, but i’m gonna need folks to commission me. my mom is going to college too and we can’t spare much money. soooo yeah. please check out my commissions page and shoot me a message if u wanna have something done. here’s my art tag too for funsies.