Because I really love psicommander :^) And I know how much she loves Clausy.
I’d totally wear Claus’s shirt tbh.

I’d also love to know who got him that shirt

Shed and dream, by Bob Hicok

Rest with me under the linden tree. 

I do not have a linden tree.

Come with me to buy a linden tree, stopping first
at the bank, for I need a loan to buy a linden tree.

Stay with me while the linden tree grows.

We can have babies while the linden tree grows,
colorectal cancer while the linden tree grows,
an infestation of ladybugs while the linden tree grows.

Babies sleep on blue blankets in July, shadows
of heart-shaped leaves brushing their new faces
as the linden tree grows.

Let us warn others of the hard work of the linden tree.

Then rest with me beside the knocked-down shed and dream
of the cherry tree.

O pie in the sky. 


so i know this is SO weird and it actually goes way out of my comfort level, but it’s time to put the past in the past and to start appreciating my features for what they are (now) lol

top 3 are pics from freshman year of college. i thought i was amazing at makeup. i wasn’t terrible, but i knew i would be capable of much more and it was always a goal to do my makeup so it would look like a MAC artist had done in

bottom ¾ are pics from sophomore year of college (and 1 from this summer, on my way to becoming a junior in college). my skills improved drastically with the help of jaclyn hill, experimenting, new brushes, and new products. i am beyond thrilled with how much i have excelled and how i have finally reached that goal. i made it possible to “achieve that makeup talent” and though i knew i had it in me, i never thought i’d “hit” it. i still have a LOT more improving to do and a whole lot more to learn, but i’ve made it pretty far along this journey so far so yay!


trying some new  brushed in a not so pleased generation of miracles

bet they were told they resemble and oversized skittles bag

Lunchtime inking on #Powerman. Made even more fun by a new brush pen I discovered: the @kuretakezig_usa no.24 small brush. Kind of hard to control but if I make a mistake, I just make the line even thicker! #trade secret