I sat down with the gorgeous Nadja Rochelle (@ghost-coven ), a beautiful writer with an amazing mind. We talked briefly about her current WiP, the wonderfully haunting YA/NA? fantasy, AEGIS. (I can’t wait to read this in its entirety!)

There you have it! I wanted to ask more questions but I was hopelessly mindless when it came down to it. Be sure to give her a follow and see more of her self-made covers (they’re beautiful and so well done) for her series!

What I Want From This New Series

-Ronan dealing with the new reality behind his father’s death and the fresh wounds of his mother’s.

-Literally he was an alcoholic. This needs to be addressed. How does he manage it? Does he get help or stubbornly try to power through on his own? Does he ignore the fact that he has a problem?

-The reparation of his relationship with Declan. Is it even possible? They were both absolute shits and Declan caused a lot of emotional damage, whether intentional or not. When you spend years at somebody’s throat, the relationship is practically destroyed. How do they go about this?

-Ronan being less of a shit to Ashley because that was 100% unnecessary.


-This barely-18yo is now essentially a father. He pulled a dream child into reality and he is responsible for her care. His brothers are in DC, he now has a farm to run. His boyfriend is away at college and his only other friends are on a road trip through the US. This boy knows nothing about raising children. How’s his support network formed?

-He is in his first ever relationship, and it’s serious and new and heavy. Not to mention its long-distance. I want to know how they get their shit together and work it out and learn how to communicate with and trust each other. I want to know about these touch-starved boys growing with each other. I want the late night phone calls and the insecurities and and the doubt and the love.

-Noah, arguably the person who knew him inside and out, his best friend, is gone. He left without saying goodbye. Ronan never got closure. How does he grieve for a ghost?


Release Date: September 6, 2016

Pottermore Presents: A new eBook series that celebrates Hogwarts
by J.K. Rowling

Pottermore Presents is a series of bite-sized eBooks that dig deep into the Harry Potter stories, with titbits taken from Pottermore’s archives and original writing from J.K. Rowling. The series offers Harry Potter fans added insights into the stories, settings and characters and were all lovingly curated by Pottermore.

The covers were designed by powerhouse designing duo Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima – the graphic design team behind the artwork of the Harry Potter films, otherwise known as MinaLima.

The three eBooks will be released on 6 September – just in time for a new term at Hogwarts – and each explores a different Hogwarts-related theme.

Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide dives into the nooks and crannies of the beloved wizarding school itself, unfurling everything from details about the Hogwarts ghosts, to what happens when the Sorting Hat can’t decide on a student’s house.

Short Stories from Hogwarts of Power, Political and Pesky Poltergeists explores the darker roots of the wizarding world. You’ll learn more about the troubles that faced the Ministry of Magic, the horrors of Azkaban prison and enjoy an entirely new original piece of writing by J.K. Rowling on Horace Slughorn.

Finally, in Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies, Pottermore celebrates the colourful staff of Hogwarts. There’s more to discover about Care of Magical Creatures teacher Silvanus Kettleburn, as well as another new piece of writing from J.K. Rowling on Minerva McGonagall, and her involvement in the second wizarding war.

Source (X)

Vow of Celibacy by Erin Judge, Another Brooklyn by Jacqueline Woodson, Pink Ink: The Golden Era for Gay and Lesbian Magazines by Bill Calder, Safe Is Not Enough: Better Schools for LGBTQ Students by Michael Sadowski, Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit by Jaye Robin Brown, Sideshow by Amy Stilgenbauer, Adieu, Warm Sunshine by CE Case, An Accident of Stars by Foz Meadows,  Cry Havoc Volume 1: Mything in Action, Storm Cloud (Devi Jones’ Locker Book 3) by Darusha Wehm, After Sunset by Kerry Belchambers, The House at the End of the Street by Stephanie E Kusiak

Queer women books out this month!

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