im very content with my blog and my content yet on the other hand i think i may change my blog name

fourtygay was originally merely a sort of pun and a way to make it clear i make a fair amount of warhammer artwork thats gay-centric so that stupid people full of flames and anger would not follow me but now i really dont do much art at the current time due to the constraints of school and work on my time, and i also no longer blog exclusively warhammer content (in fact i barely blog any unless it really appeals to me)

so maybe i need a new blog title thats more personalized

and also i want to not have “Gay” in the blog title because quite a few blogs that arent porn blogs with “gay” or “trans” in the title are…. i don’t know, they just post that kind of “im better that other people because i’m not one of The Straights” stuff and it’s just not really my bag. I’m not into ironically /or/ seriously saying I’m better than other people because of something that’s just an aspect of my life. it’s just not really funny or cute to me to go around being like “the straights are awful and I’m better”

this is probably related to the same reason why my blog  description doesnt say “trans man” and why my fb gender also just says “male” 

transness and sexuality is fairly incidental to my character as a person idk. it’s a part of my life, but i don’t build myself around it. 

princess-vongola  asked:

Can you imagine Lance being unable to return home until decades worth of fighting? Can you imagine him walking up to his old home,. Can you imagine him coming home only to confront his siblings, asking where mom is, only to be told that she has long passed away, probably from the stress and sadness of his disappearance. Can you imagine him being led only to a grave, and him collapsing, screaming and crying and begging forgiveness for leaving, how sorry he was, and how he wants to hug her again.

Yes, Very Well B,^) fun times all around

DCMK | kaishin a.k.a. ‘i still can’t believe i drew that and it’s been ag e s –

Tbh, that has been kept in my folder for almost a year now, and I didn’t upload it in here all this time until now.

The theologians seem to have recognized a special, nonrational–I wouldn’t call it irrational– aspect of the feeling of sacred or holy. They call it `numinous.’ The term was first used by… let’s see… somebody named Rudolph Otto in a 1923 book, The Idea of the Holy. He believed that humans were predisposed to detect and revere the numinous. He called it the misterium tremendum. Even my Latin is good enough for that. In the presence of the misterium tremendum, people feel utterly insignificant but, if I read this
right, not personally alienated. He thought of the numinous as a thing `wholly other,’ and the human response to it as `absolute astonishment.’ Now, if that’s what religious people talk about when they use words like sacred or holy, I’m with them. I felt something like that just in listening for a signal, never mind in actually receiving it. I think all of science elicits that sense of awe.
—  “Numinous" Carl Sagan, Contact
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