I’ve realized that I’m painfully out of the loop when it comes to music. Since I don’t drive regularly anymore, I don’t get daily radio exposure (not that the same 5 songs aren’t played on all Clear Channel stations anyway, but you know). I listen to the same things that have been on my ipod since, oh, 2008 probably? Literally the discography of Britney Spears spliced with grunge. 

All this is to say that nope, not into this weird fiddle/banjo/upbeat/indie-gone mainstream thing that’s all over now. Mumford, FUN, whatever else that sounds like it was made for the purpose of advertising or a movie trailer…nah. Not for me. I have no shade for anyone who does enjoy it, you do you, but where has all the angst gone?! I miss you, minor chords. I’d be totally fine if music stopped being made after like 2000. Probably. 

If you need me I’ll be in the corner listening to the Empire Records soundtrack on loop. 

Back On Track

Since I am bored and alone at work right now and I also left my earphones at home and I’m just hearing workplace noise throughout the day I’ll just give you an update of what I’ve been up to this week and a critical realization that I just had.

I started the 3rd version of the website that we’ve been working on and I actually made some significant progress. I am actually starting to absorb the things that I have been doing and by the end of this project I will be able to really understand these things.

I was quite lost during the past couple of weeks and now I was able to establish my direction which is critical because I just don’t go with flow and I was stuck in it for the past two weeks. I decided to finish this website as soon as possible so that I can start working on my capstone immediately. The biggest blessing would be the month long break that I am going to have after this term that I will be spending on working on my capstone and learning how to drive as I was given the go signal to do so.

During the first week of the next and my supposed to be final term in the Institute we are going to have the 2nd and 3rd part of our capstone waived since by that time I should have made significant progress on our system already. I’ll be working on that system throughout the quarter including the necessary documents are needed in order to complete that damn thing. At the same time, I would still be having 2 subjects to attend and work on as well. Those are the main things that I will be doing for the next several months.

Thank God, I was able to get back on track and regain control. I know that this would not be easy for I am taking the shortest path to finally get out and step-in the real world once and for all. It took me a month to finally regain control of things and now that I did it’s back to work.


The theologians seem to have recognized a special, nonrational–I wouldn’t call it irrational– aspect of the feeling of sacred or holy. They call it `numinous.’ The term was first used by… let’s see… somebody named Rudolph Otto in a 1923 book, The Idea of the Holy. He believed that humans were predisposed to detect and revere the numinous. He called it the misterium tremendum. Even my Latin is good enough for that. In the presence of the misterium tremendum, people feel utterly insignificant but, if I read this
right, not personally alienated. He thought of the numinous as a thing `wholly other,’ and the human response to it as `absolute astonishment.’ Now, if that’s what religious people talk about when they use words like sacred or holy, I’m with them. I felt something like that just in listening for a signal, never mind in actually receiving it. I think all of science elicits that sense of awe.
—  “Numinous" Carl Sagan, Contact