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How about a new blog title?

TOKYO GAY BAR. ocean man, take me by the hand, lead me to go the store, buy participating items, scan the receipt, earn cash! That easy. And again, Paypal gift cards? So, y’know, basically cash??? HEL-lo. .

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(i came here to ask you something but also your new blog title is the best) so i'm really appreciating how class deals with people's reactions to aliens, like, obvs people don't expect to see aliens but there isn't the trope of 'aliens?? you must be mad!' (esp since after like, ten years of p regular public alien incidents since the christmas invasion), thoughts?

(thank you)

Yeah, I think Patrick Ness is doing a phenomenal job of swerving around the genre cliches. We’re getting stuff like Ram telling his dad all about it or Tanya pointing out people don’t just see things when they’re grieving and that the dragon is probably real. And I like how they’re extrapolating off the In the Forest of the Night explanation, that people remember it but reject it as a sort of coping mechanism, preferring not to deal with it. I know I’ve certainly got plenty of my own problems without throwing alien invasions onto that pile of stress!