Admin Cora // fact 5

Kpop snatched me when I saw ‘War of Hormones” for the first time. Kim Taehyung took this opportunity to snatch my heart.

|| Back to town yo.

Hewwo to you all!! I’m finally back! *crow sounds in the backgroud* 

Okay so…. I’m sorry it took me more than I’ve actually thought to come back on this blog, but so many things has happened during these days I was off wahhh and I was also waiting to change my theme and yai, now I have a new cool theme, thanks to @littlxlamb and her fantastic skills in editing!

I’ve passed wonderful holidays, the best in my life and I hope you guys did too and that you’re still doing all cool! Imma start slowly replying to my asks and drafts, thanks for those who kept following this dead blog and a special thanks to my new followers! I hope that with the new RP blogs our muses will have a chance to interact soon.

P.s.: if I lost any thread or you know I have to reply to one please contact me, lately I might even forget my name so….