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HIPS is a collaboration between LA-based musicians Christina Gaillard and Drew Denny. Christina plays drums and produces for many of LA’s favorite indie and dance music projects, and Drew has performed in diverse bands ranging from noise to pop. The duo met while performing and touring in post-punk outfit BONBON. Since then they have been honing in on a new sound - one closer to Christina’s roots in r&b, funk and soul (she’s the granddaughter of eccentric jazz icon Slim Gaillard and the niece of Marvin Gaye). HIPS incorporates innovative dance beats, heavy bass melodies, and throwback synth sounds with lush vocal harmonies. Both women write and sing on every track, trading leads and harmonies according to the needs of the song. Christina produces all HIPS recordings from her home studio in Highland Park, LA, with Drew writing lyrics and melodies. Unlike most bands performing within this genre, HIPS play all parts live.

Hey guys! So as I said earlier, I’ve been thinking about starting a music blog for a while now and today I final did it! I have my first post up which is just a short introduction but I plan on getting up some content very soon. I plan on posting about new and upcoming indie, rock and alternative artists, telling you about these new bands, reviewing albums and gigs and hopefully at some point, getting interviews with some of these artists. If you want to give the blog a follow, the link is there, but the main purpose is just so I can help people find new music and give these artists the recognition they deserve! :)

The Boys From Valencia | Polock at the Latin Alternative Music Conference
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by Pablo Medina Uribe Polock started big, with a debut album, Getting Down from the Trees, that was released in 2010 in their native Spain and beyond in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and even Japan, where the group became a sensation. With an incredibly polished sound and a defined graphic style on their covers, the boys from Valencia…

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(Kiara Nelson)

Fin/Swe/American artist of age 18, aiming to make it internationally in the music business. First single ’ Cool My Rush’ released 21.5.2016! Goooo get it!

okay so i’ve been starting to think about changing my url?? all my new url ideas involve frnk oops, but i’m super connected to stomachaches songs so… but okay please vote in this poll for my new url and i’ll give a selfie reblog, blog rate, shuffle playlist based on your name, whatever you want, just tell me you voted and then what you want in an ask!!

(Opal Blue)

Alternative London band Opal Blue, have returned with their delectably electronic sound in new single “Taking My Love Away”.
Up until now, the producers have remained a mysterious collective creating woozy and emotive music. Now returning to the spotlight with an up-tempo sound, their latest cut “Taking My Love Away” builds into a sultry, sensual beat with a throbbing baseline.
With R&B undertones and a smoldering blend of up-tempo electronica, the unstoppable Londoners flaunt their impeccable production skills on this latest offering. “Taking My Love Away” showcases their creative versatility, and proves to be yet another seductive soundscape, blended with an electric audio tune vocal layer.
Opal Blue are no strangers to the music world, their sensational EP ‘She Goes Deep’ released earlier this year, gained support in fans at BBC 6, Beats1, Radio 1XTRA and more. Their hit lead single “Time Travel” reached the number one spot on Hype Machine and gained support from tastemaker sites Indie Shuffle, EarMilk, Wonderland and The 405.
Having been compared to the likes of The XX, and Majid Jordan, Opal Blue are continuing to leave listeners intoxicated with their sound. Moving firmly into the realms of taste-maker talent, Opal Blue constistantly pushing the boundaries of soothing electronica.

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