trash aus
  • i borrowed ur pen and its been 2 weeks and i still haven’t returned it because every time i talk to u, i am reminded of the massive fucking crush i have on u which always ends up leaving me speechless” au 
  • “u caught me dramatically lip syncing/dancing and instead of laughing u joined in v v badly and we did a fucking duet together” au
  • u sat next to me on the plane and idk if ur nervous or something but wHY DO U NEED THE TOILET SO FUCKING MUCH” au
  • “i’m a bus driver and despite my no-coins policy, u always manage to weasel ur way into giving them to me w/ stories that cannot possibly be true” au 
  • i didn’t realise i was staring at u while daydreaming” au 
  • “i have never met u in my entire life but u keep sarcastically responding to my tweets and i wanted to punch u until i saw ur avi and now i sort of want to kiss u” au
  • i thought u had a crush on our friend and u thought i had a crush on the same friend when in reality, we have a crush on each other” au
  • “we fucked last night and i left before u woke up and ur standing in front of me right now… for a job interview” au 
  • we’ve been married for 2 years now and u just had surgery that left u real fucking dopey and u keep telling me that u wanna take me out and marry me” au
  • “this is my first time at a gay bar and i’m kinda nervous so i got real drunk and now ur listening to me rant on and on about how gay two characters are for each other,” au
  • i drunk texted u thinking u were my ex and in the morning i woke up to a hangover and a long ass text from u telling me i could do better and shit” au
  • “i’m a popular fanfiction writer and u catch me writing the latest chapter in a cafe, and we end up talking and i keep going on and on about this cute commenter who i find out is u when u comment on the next chapter” au 
  • ur my best friend’s older brother and u just caught me singing along to my to best friend’s brother by victoria justice with a bunch of dicks drawn on my face.” au
  • “ur in a band i really like but ur band name is fucking stupid so i made an anonymous twitter account with new band name suggestions except it got really popular and now u wanna meet me” au 
  • ur my daughter’s teacher and u asked to meet me after school so i got real scared and now i’m shouting at u about how u shouldn’t make assumptions about a child’s skills due to their disability” au
  • “u helped me shout at some prick at a bar” au
  • ur the really sassy blind kid in my class who always brightens up my day with ur remarks and one day u confront me abt why i always laugh” au
  • “its a school reunion and woah u got really hot and woah we’re fucking in the bathroom” au 
  • we’ve been binge watching this show for a while and then i found out u didn’t ship my otp so i spent the rest of the day convincing u to ship them together” au

if u write any of these, TAG/MESSAGE ME!!!

Panic! At The Disco

Ryan Ross

birthday : 30 august 1986

role in panic! : singer/songwriter/guitarist

years active : 2004 - 2009

• also after left panic! formed a new band named ‘The young veins’ with Jon Walker and other members.

Brendon Urie

birthday : 12 april 1987

role in panic! : singer

years active : 2004 - present

Jon Walker

birthday : 17 september 1985

role in panic! : bassist

years active : 2006 - 2009

• also after left panic! formed a new band named ‘The young veins’ with Ryan Ross and other members.

Spencer Smith

birthday : 2 september 1987

role in panic! : drummer

years active : 2004 - 2015

Brent Wilson

birthday : don’t care

role in panic! : annoying

years active : too many

tour based contributors :

Dallon Weekes

birthday : 4 may 1981

role in panic! : bassist, keyboardist, backing vocalist

years active : 2009 - present

Kenneth Harris

birthday : 29 october 1980

role in panic! : guitarist

years active : 2013 - present

Dan Powlovich

birthday : february 27 1987

role in panic! : drummer

years active 2010 - 1015

• filled in when Spencer Smith departed in 2009

Ian Crawford

birthday : 29 september 1988

role in panic! : guitarist

years active : 2009 - 2012

Bartram Nason

birthday : unknown

role in panic! : cello, keyboardist, electronic drums, percussion

years active : 2006 - 2008

Eric Ronick

birthday : unknown

role in panic! : keyboardist, organ

years active : 2006 - 2008

Jesse Mollay

birthday : unknown

role in panic! : saxophone

years active : 2016 - present

Erm Navarro

birthday : unknown

role in panic! : trombone

years active : 2016 - present

Chris Bautista

birthday : unknown

role in panic! : trumpet

years active : 2016 - present

{got the idea to make this from @panictheatdisco_ on instagram since they handwrote a table with some of this information ye+ tell me if i missed anyone/thing}

This Day in 1D History - March 20


  • X Factor Live Tour concert – London, UK #4



  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Birmingham, UK 


  • Niall gives a Gaelic lesson 


  • this too-cute clip of the boys singing ‘I Gotta Feeling’ for Paul’s wedding video is posted 
  • Louis goes on holiday in Park City, UT!
  • “We’re starting a new boy band. Looking for names…” (via Mark Lee’s Insta)

Chilling at the Mystery Spot with my soulmate Madi.  We LOVE Santa Cruz..Quirky, creative, open minded and loving:) Just like us. We hug each other every hour it seems. I can’t help it she is so cuuuuuute! Love you MADS! They call us Curly and Freckles! (This is our new band name I swear)  I am so blessed that our paths crossed again. LA to the Bay!  Future professors are coming… :)

About cophine in OB 5x5: A lot of people have been very excited about the cophine scenes & kisses, and it’s obvious why. TMas & EBro are amazing actors and Helen Shaver is a great director. The emotion and charisma pours off the screen. Add to that the long-standing-and-suffering of cophine fans who wanted to see them talking and kissing again, the general attractiveness factor and the desire for queer people to see queer romantic scenes at a similar level as straight ones (which we still haven’t seen here if you consider heterosexual sex scenes in the show) and you get a lot of excitement. 

I do get the problems people had with it, however. The use of the word “consent” when talking about how Delphine does things without telling Cosima was a very poor one. Consent is specifically used in contexts of power in relationships and sex and as a concept that must be learned and central to respecting and not violating others. It’s frequently used in discussions of rape culture and sexual assault, and as such has become something of a trigger word. At best, we can hope the writers were somewhat ignorant of that usage, rather than trying to make some sort of anti-liberal dialectical point. I think a number of other words or phrases could have been used that didn’t upset people, but I do imagine that it was an unfortunate mistake in trying to express that Delphine doesn’t tell Cosima everything and sometimes acts against her wishes in trying to protect the clones. Delphine can be shady, but usually in service of getting or keeping Cosima and the Ledas out of trouble they would normally get themselves into by being pig-headed and sassy rather than stragegic, even if she (and we) kind of love them for it. (P. S. : Cosima & the Ledas is my new band name. 😉) 

Overall, however, I’d agree with folks who feel the 5x5 scenes were lovely but not without their problems. The flashback to right after Cos confessed she was sick was an interesting retcon, in that it made them coming to understand and accept each other better in s05, but, as others have pointed out, makes Cos look even more obnoxious during s03. If she knew Delphine was protecting her, all the less reason for her dalliance with Shay, her brattiness in general, and her refusal to do important things like give urine samples, go into work to develop the cure, or tell Delphine about Ethan Duncan’s book. Sure, people can get swept away by doubts and emotions, but gurrrrrrl… 

I don’t think the scenes were perfect, nor were they evidence of a toxic relationship, per se. After all, however many individual and group head canons we viewers have constructed, in the actual context of the show we are looking at very strange, complicated and stressful circumstances over a brief period of time. That their relationship can be strictly defined, much less in the terms of a “normal” relationship, is doubtful. 

All of which is to say, enjoy it if you want, or dislike the ship, if that’s what you feel. We’re all bringing our own subtext to something that is more of a sketch than a fully realized depiction of individuals or their relationships. We can disagree without having to turn it into an argument or wondering aloud if people who don’t see it our way are mentally deficient. And, human beings being complex, we can even enjoy something and have issues with it at the same time. 

So, get yourselves together, you silly tits! 😉

Hello, new followers!

There certainly are a lot of you!

So this post that I wrote a long time ago suddenly gained a lot of traction, and between when I went to bed around 1 AM and when I woke up around 11 AM (ahhh, Sundays), I gained almost 100 followers; in the last 3 days, that post has gone from 1000 notes to (as of last count) about 23KA LOT.


I used to have an introduction post, but it’s kind of outdated, and there are an awful, awful lot of you who probably only know me from one of two or three posts. So… hi!

Radfems, TWERFs and SWERFs are explicitly not welcome here, and I do not want my family stories or life used for your politics. I block all three categories, full stop. Radfems & TWERFs/TERFs deny the essential humanity of myself and my daughter and if you self-ID as one of those, please save us all the trouble and just don’t. If you’ve reblogged one of my posts and added something about how this proves one of your points, please pretend you respect other people and take it down.

If you are here because you don’t understand the post about the dog that attacked me, or its point, either legitimately or because you don’t really want to get it & want to argue with me about it, tell me I need to get counseling for my fear of dogs, tell me I’ve compared men to dogs, please go read seananmcguire explaining the post to someone who already sent me an ask about it. That pretty much covers why the post exists. Also you should buy and read Seanan’s books.

Also, also, all of the stories about @seananmcguire​ you’ve heard are probably true if they’re bizarre or funny. Especially the one about the lizard and the one about the frog. 

If you’re here to tell me my views on asexuality & the queer community are wrong or that stuff I lived through & you weren’t born yet for is ‘ahistorical,’ go away. This blog is explicitly anti-gatekeeping for the Not-Straight Club.

If you’re here about the post about my great-grandmother, I kind of don’t have it in my heart to answer all the sad family stories. If you shared a family story on that post, thank you. If you want to use it to make some sort of gross radfem point about marital rape or some comment about how my great-granddad should have learned to pull out, I’m gonna block you without answering you. Don’t be gross.

If you’re here about the post about spoon theory, I ended up so grossed out by a small group’s insistence on gatekeeping (yeah, anti-gatekeeping is kind of a thing for me when it comes to marginalized groups, who knew?) that I no longer call myself a spoonie and use ‘energy currency’ instead of spoons.

If you’re here about the tiny house post, please read the notes, I’m not gonna explain it again.

Anon is never turned on, but if you ask me not to publish an ask, I won’t. Please remember to put that in the ask.

So here’s some stuff you should know about me:

I’m older than large portions of Tumblr, and in a fair number of cases I’m probably twice your age or more. If that’s a problem, I really am not offended if you aren’t cool with interacting with me. Age can be a powerful unbalancer in social relationships. I am going to get annoyed if you start 'explaining’ stuff I lived through to me and insisting you know my history better than I do.

Since it bears repeating one more time: I’m not interested in interacting with TWERFs, SWERFs, or ace-exclusionary queers. I’ve been Out for 26 years & I really have no desire to argue my lived experience with anyone. I explicitly reject the terms SGA & MGA.

My immediate family consists of my spouse adhocavenger, my teenage daughter @mistresskabooms and my stepdaughter, my adopted son scribbleowl (who lives across the continent from me), and adhoc and I’s 3 dogs, hereinafter referred to as BigDog (Lex), SmallDog (Kusto), and Captain America, aka Cap, aka Pudding Butt, who is actually the tiniest of them, but SmallDog has been called SmallDog by our family for like ten years now. 

My extended clan includes @programmerdad and @sperari and their lovely kidlets, who I adore. I love @programmerdad a lot and am lucky that DadHoc and I have such a lovely boyfriend. 

I have other adopted internet kids. They’re great. I’m not tagging them unless they give me the okay to do so, because I don’t know if they want me to say so!

My sister is judicialmistrangementorder & you should also follow her blog imamusiciannotafemalemusician. I will fucking fite you if you lay a finger on her.

I’ve been called Spider for 20+ years, & now a lot of people call me Mama Spider.  

I am a Jewish convert in progress. I will be glad to talk to you about my conversion process and progress but I am not an expert on Judaism. Please do not approach me as if I were one!

In this house we do intersectional feminism, we don’t do transmisogyny, we recognize asexuality as valid and part of LGBT and no I won’t argue about that no really, we recognize that biphobia, transphobia/transmisogyny and acephobia are all real and not just subsets of homophobia. In this house we don’t do antisemitism or Islamophobia, and we’re thoughtful & careful about our interaction with other cultures, because we recognize White people have to be actively careful to manage the harm we can do. This goes like quadruple for interaction with Native culture.

In this house Black Lives Matter, and if you don’t understand why I have to say that, please click here and listen at least 20 times on loop. If you don’t understand after that, I can’t help you. If you tell me All Lives Matter I shall send you to bed without supper and you can think about what you’ve done.

In this house we try to stay in our lanes & we understand call-outs while being aware of the toxic parts of call-out culture. Be cool to teenagers: you were one, and yes, the shit you said was just as stupid. You don’t win points for browbeating a teenager over an idea, you just look like a jerk.

If you screw up and you say something that hurts someone, say you’re sorry, and try not to do it again. It’s not that hard! Don’t tell them they shouldn’t be hurt. This goes double if it was an accident. “I didn’t know that was offensive, I’m sorry for hurting you. I’ll be more mindful in the future.” See how easy that is? That’s how we do in this house.

I’m bi/pansexual, genderfluid (or non-binary, still unsure which label I like better, so yeah, it’s cool to be questioning at any age), disabled, neurodiverse, and don’t want pity or to hear how sorry you are for either of those things. Being autistic is just fine, and it didn’t happen because I am vaccinated. I have PTSD and GAD, and I live with both of them. They’re terrible roommates but I’ve got used to them. I’d like it if people would just stop throwing shade at the invisibly ill when we park in handicapped spots – I’m missing part of my spine, for fuck’s sake – and playing Oppression Olympics will get you stern looks and no dessert.

In this house we do nerd culture, there are no fake geek girls, and we understand that women invented masked superheroes (The Scarlet Pimpernel), science fiction (Mary Shelley), the modern novel (Jane Austen), dystopia fiction (Mary Shelley again), computer programming (Ada Lovelace and the ENIACs, which is my new band name), and got Star Trek on the air (Lucille Ball). 

If I didn’t cover it, assume if it involves being a jerk or punching down, I’m not okay with it. 

If it involves dogs being adorable, otters, mermaids, spiders, most of the major fandoms Tumblr loves (I can’t get into Supernatural, sorry, I tried), or people doing awesome shit, I am definitely here for that. 

I am a Social Justice Rogue. My points tend to be sharp and driven home when you’re not expecting it.  Also I might steal your powers via touch. I will neither confirm nor deny that. 

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If I get enough XP I think I’ll dual-class to Bard.

@hypoallergeniccuddles​ thinks I’m secretly Mrs. Weasley.

That may be true also. If so, please remember what happens when you fuck with Molly’s children.

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Welcome. Supper is at seven, the Wizard Home will make a room for you if you need it.

Plan A

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Pairing: Clary Fray x Reader (Sister)

Requested: Nope

Summary: Your sister tries and tell you that you’re both Shadowhunters but you don’t believe her.

GIF Not Mine

It was Clary’s eighteenth birthday today but being younger than her you had to go to school instead of hanging out with her and Simon. You wanted to skip school for the day but your mom was adamant that you attend. She told you “ You need to go and keep your grades up” which didn’t make sense as you were at the top of your class for everything but you didn’t want to argue with her, not on Clary’s birthday. Clary did promise that she would hang out with you at the weekend though. It did hurt a bit that she didn’t want to hang out with you on her birthday but her friends instead, she doesn’t even want you to come tonight to Simon’s performance. Instead you had to stay home.

Luckily for you because your mom was so distracted with Clary and the fact it was her eighteenth birthday she allowed you to stay at your friends house tonight and go to a party that someone in your grade was hosting, not that she knew about the party part.


You were so busy having fun at the party that you had no idea what happened that night with Clary. It was 9am and you went back to your apartment to grab a few things as last night your friends suggested a shopping trip. As you walked into the apartment it was silent. Normally you were met with the bustling of your mom making breakfast or the conversation between Clary and Simon about his new band name but today nothing. “Mom! Clary! I’m home.” You shouted as you walked into the kitchen. No one. “Hello! Is anyone home?” You shouted again checking each room. “Mom… Clary?” You got to the last room in the house and still nobody.

Confusion mixed with worry crossed your face. If they were out they would text you but when you checked your phone you had no new text messages except one from your friend. You tried calling Clary but it went to voicemail. You then tried calling your mom but you heard her ringtone back in the kitchen ‘she must have left it here by accident’ you thought, not thinking much of it. You grabbed what you came here for and left a note letting your mom know where you were going today and you also texted Clary relaying the same message.


Clary ran into the apartment looking for your mom, similar to the way you did it not that long ago but with more distress in her voice. “Mom!” She looked around the place frantically looking for any sign that she was here. “Mom!” She shouted again, this time in the kitchen when her eyes fell onto the note you left in the kitchen. “Oh, no… Y/N.” Clary breathed and got her phone out to see your messages, not noticing Dot was behind her.


After the demon attack at your apartment Clary was back at the institute. When she stirred from the sleep she was under, after the demon hurt her, Clary blinked a few times before realising what had happened. She leapt off of the bed and looked around the room, her eyes landing on Jace. “Where’s Y/N?” She asked.

“Who’s Y/N?” Jace asked, getting up off the chair he was on.

“My-my sister. She was at the apartment today. Where is she?” Clary was hysterical now, the thought of losing both her mom and sister on the same day just broke her.

“Clary, you were the only one there.”

“She left a note and she was in there… oh god. What if- what if they took her. She was out last night with her friends. She has no idea what is going on.” Clary was panicking now, shaking. Jace stood in front of her and rubbed her arms to try and calm her down.

“We’ll find her, I promise.” He promised wiping the tears that were falling down her face. They were interrupted by Clary’s phone buzzing. After the first buzz she immediately answered not taking in the caller ID.

“Y/N!” She said hopeful which soon changed when she realised it was Simon on the other end. “Oh, hey Simon. You haven’t seen or heard from Y/N, have you?” The conversation carried on about why Clary was in, what looked like to him, an abandoned church and how you weren’t answering your phone before it’s probably dead or turned off. Simon then said he was outside.


“Do you have anything of hers on you?” Jace interrupted Clary’s reunion with Simon.

“I think I have one of her scarfs in my van.” Simon answered. “She’s always leaving her things in there.” Him and Clary laughed at your habit.

“That’ll work. I should be able to track her with it.” Simon went to his van and got your scarf out for Jace to track you with it. Jace held your scarf and started tracking you with it. “Got her location. Lets go.” He informed them and climbed into Simons van telling him where to go.

When they found you Clary jumped out of the van before it stopped. She ran up to you and hugged you tightly. You relaxed under are embrace when you realised who it was. “Thank god you’re okay.” Clary said not letting you go.

“Of course I’m okay but I won’t be if you don’t let go, it’s kinda hard to breathe.”

“Right, sorry.” Clary apologised letting you go. “I was just worried about you. You weren’t picking up your phone.”

“It died when I was my friends place, sorry. What’s going on anyway? No one was home when I went round this morning.”

Clary gulped. She had no idea how to tell you that your mom is missing and has lied to you both for your whole life about being a Shadowhunter. She turned to Jace and asked. “What should I tell her?”

“Clary, who are you talking to?” You laughed anxiously.

“You can’t see him?”

You shook your head. “Clary there’s no one there.”

“Whatever your mom used on you both must still be in effect for Y/N.” Jace suggested, now deglamoured so you can see him. You looked at him with wide eyes, shocked and confused that he appeared out of no where. “We can discuss this in a bit but for now you need to come with me so you’re safe.” Jace said now turned to you and stepped forwards toward you but you took a step back.

“I’m not going anywhere with you.” You gestured to Jace. Turning to Clary you continued. “This is crazy. What the hell is going on.”

“I don’t know how to say this but I’m just going to try… mom lied to us for our whole life. She kept a whole other world from us. The downworld. We’re Shadowhunters Y/N. Just like Jace here.” Clary told you. After looking at your sister like she’s lost it for a few minutes you bursted out laughing earning puzzled looks from both Clary and Jace. You stopped laughing once you saw Clary’s expression hasn’t changed.

“Oh… your serious. Okay, well, that’s just- that’s just insane.”

“Hate to interrupt but we have to get going. We’ve been out here too long and soon they’ll find you both.” Jace interrupted.

“Look, blondie, I’m not going anywhere with you and neither is my sister. I don’t care what game you’re playing but I’m not getting involved.”

“Y/N, it’s the truth, okay. We’re Shadowhunters. There are demons, and vampires, and werewolves, and warlocks, and seelies. They’re all real.”

“Yeah, I’m going home now.” You huffed, frustrated at this craziness your sister is suggesting and started walking away.

“I think it’s time for plan B.” Clary whispered to Jace.

“I don’t know why we didn’t start with plan B in the first place. Could have saved a lot of time.” Jace replied getting ready for plan B.

Requests are open


i blocked the fuck out of this anon obviously but this is the funniest message i’ve gotten in a long time. notable:

-“you would never have gotten aids”
-“heterosexual in sheep’s clothing” aka my new band name

I’ve been under the impression that it was Thursday all day and I missed face day. Much to my chagrin, it is still Wednesday. So here I am, GPOYWing in the bedroom right before I get in my jammies.

Dimples and crows feet, my new band name.