I was an adult before I realized sunbreak was a term pretty exclusively used in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, I just checked the Urban Dictionary, and Seattle is specifically mentioned.

Today is a classic sunbreak day. It rained all day yesterday, so this morning when the sun kinda sorta came out for a bit people rushed outside to mow the lawn, take a walk, and generally just check what’s going on outside.

It’s kind of a fun game. “Think we can walk to the store before it rains again? Look at that cloud way over there. I think we can make it. Let’s go!!" 

In other news, my new band name is The Sunbreaks. 

An Answer to Lazy Dad

Lately, whenever the boy is in his room writing code playing on his computer or texting friends and family (!!!) or chatting with friends on the phone (!!!), he insists on having the door to his bedroom closed cuz, he says, he needs his privacy. I dunno what kind of super-secret conversations kids are having these days, but based on my eavesdropping, seven-year-old boys spend a lot of time saying things like “duuuude!!!” and “epic!!!” and “majestic!!!” Not exactly NSA-worthy shizz.

Somewhere between kindergarten and second grade, the boy and all of his friends seem to have transformed from adorbz little boys into moody, grumpy teenage-wannabes who talk like extras from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

TBH, kiddie surveillance was so much easier when the boy was a baby, partly cuz a crib is basically a fancy way to describe a jail cell, but mostly cuz babies don’t run very fast. Unbeknownst to my kid, though, I never removed the baby monitor from his room, and given his recent penchant for keeping his bedroom door closed, I’m thinking about turning that thing on again.

I mean, I check his Internet browser history and stuff, so what’s the big deal about having a camera on him every so often? Am I infringing on his privacy? He’s seven, sheesh. What say you?

Lazy Dad, I say you do whatever works for your family! I mean, werks!

Finn had to do all his “programming” out in a common space until the 7th grade. When he was 12 we let him have his computer in his room and now he can shut the door all the time. In fact, I prefer it. It kinda smells in there.

And this story reminds me of the first time I checked Finn’s Internet browser history. I don’t remember why I felt compelled to check it, but clearly I had my suspicions, because his search was, “all movies that r r rated.”  Scott and I laughed our asses off.

Finn was about the boy’s age when this happened, I believe, and we still remember this story fondly. Because it’s funny, obviously, but mostly because R R Rated immediately became the name of my new band.