Terrible Tentacle Theatre: All New URL, Same Old Quality!

Ayyyyy, hello everyone! This is Admin coming to a-live from the brand new URL of the Terrible Tentacle Theatre! From now on you can find your favorite procrastinatory rants at I took the old URL for redirection purposes, but this is where I’ll be active from now on.

Speaking of procrastrination, my schedule has finally stabilized more or less, so I can get back to blogging at last! This semester’s update day is Tuesday!

Whew, it took me a damn long time to get this blog back on the rails, even though I barely had to do anything for it. I really should treat you guys better.

In case you haven’t noticed yet: New Avatar. 
This one fits better with the story of Charatale.

Also update:

The story is pretty much completed (in my head) I just have to write it down and work out some parts in the middle (i pretty much got the beginning and end only)