“You Want Dark? I’ll Give You Dark” – I reworked this because the original got too dark and lost a lot of detail as a result. Punched it up, cleaned up some details and changed the name on the dagger. I like the result enough that I went ahead and made it my new avatar (my dash needed…a…change). Dunno how long I’ll keep it since I usually go with a rather more upbeat piece of art when choosing avatars, but kinda catches my current mood (particularly with respect to some things and let’s be honest, some folks).

Also, do not repost, do not rework and claim it as your own, do not remove my sig and notices and put your own on, do not claim you did it, do not trace and call it your own, do not put it on Instagram, do not use for avatars, and please, for fuck’s sake, do not come up with yet another way to ignore common sense and decency and steal my work in some fashion I clearly wouldn’t like. This list is getting too fucking long for words. In short, don’t be a fucking asshat who makes artists write huge notices because you’re too stupid to act like a decent respectful human being. Now is that so difficult?