Ojama-san Liu Liu by Ooya Chiki

It took me several years, but I finally read this comedy masterpiece all the way through!  Every time my Japanese got better, I tried to read it again, and I have finally gotten to the point where I can read it like a normal human being.

Liu Liu is recently orphaned (again!), and she falls head over heels for the playboy who lends her a handkerchief at her aunt’s funeral.  After her suitcase full of money breaks open and bills scatter to the wind, she is forced to move in with her aunt’s eccentric friend, where meets her new love again.  Her aunt’s friend is a bizarre woman who has adopted 99 orphan boys–all of whom are now young adults–and trained them to be the world’s worst orchestra.  She’s also a terrible novelist whose works become best-sellers because, unbeknownst to her, her 99 sons carry out major heists to get the funding to buy endless copies of her books. 

Needless to say, Ojama-san Liu Liu is hysterically funny.  My personal favorite character is Desiderio, in case anyone is wondering.

(Desiderio appreciation)

startrelcs  asked:

any ship with brad where they wear his leather jacket 24/7. or kyle ships where they wear his hoodies.

Okay, so this was written and I thought posted but APPARENTLY NOT because tumblr is gr9 on mobile so I’ve finally re-written it sorry. 

But anyway, since I couldn’t decide brad or kyle, HOW ABOUT BOTH????

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Are You Ok?

Happy birthday Thick Cock Daddy Hunter, you gorgeous hunk of a man! 47 and fine as hell! 

Triple H/OC. For Anon: Triple H and younger new assistant reader on a long flight in the private plane, all alone, and after falling into each other during turbulence she’s left desperately aroused from how strong and huge he felt. Tries to get herself off for a few minutes in the bathroom with whispered begging and pitiful unsatisfying results that he couldn’t help overhearing and… much dirty sexy sinful goodness.

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iggy-the-princess  asked:

Arthur walked in nervously. He had worn a dress before but never a uniform skirt. He carried his books in his hands, close to his chest. Arthur pushed up his fake glasses and tried to find his locker.

Alex was just going to a class. She sees Arthur and wants to say hello since she is that nice.“ Um hello there you seem new here is there anything I can help you with?”

anonymous asked:

hi so um... i was just wondering if you're 100% against ALL of cassandra clare's books now? and whether you used to like them? and if you did like them, when that changed? (sorry i really hope this isn't rude...)

no it’s not rude at all. I dont really know tbh, maybe if she came out with some fresh new original content it could be alright but i am not a fan of her as a person and so im not sure if i could support that anyway.  I did really like the books when they came out and was in the fandom, but when the show came out it really brought to light all the stuff that was bad in the books and that i didnt like. I guess my opinion of them really changed during the first season of the show because i tried to re read the books and just couldnt,  the portrayal of lgbt and marganalised characters was just not good, which is stuff i didnt notice when i first read them because i wasnt as educated on the subjects plus it was just very boring and slow moving especially compared to the show but i had had that issue in the begining also and found them quite hard to read even when i liked them. I also tried to read lady midnight when it came out and struggled to read even a few chapters, i think it was a mixture of the fact that i wasnt gripped by the story but also my dislike of cc wasnt helping. I feel uncomfortable supporting the shadowhunters chronicles books because of the plagiarism issue and also i think she should just move on to something else instead of dragging more and more stories out because she knows it’s popular and that she can profit off it its just boring now tbh and shadowhunters has done so much more for it in 1 season than she did in 10 books

sachandesu  asked:

Draco as a werewolf!!!! Drarry of course.

  • Their relationship is still pretty new so it’s the first time Harry sees enough of Draco to notice
  • “Draco? What are these scars from?”
  • Harry doesn’t really need to ask though…he recognizes the look of them from the scars Lupin had
  • “Oh those? I-It’s nothing…really”
  • “You can tell me, love”
  • “Mind your own business, Potter!”
  • Draco tries walking away but Harry grabs him around the waist to stop him
  • “Let me go!”
  • Harry rubs a soothing hand up and down Draco’s back as he continues to struggle to get away
  • “Draco, calm down”
  • Harry kisses the top of Draco’s head
  • “You don’t have to go through it alone, you know. And you certainly don’t need to hide it from me. I know enough about werewolves from Lupin for you to be able to get away with that”
  • Draco lets out a quiet sob
  • “It’s n-not fair Harry! I didn’t want this! I never w-wanted any of this!”
  • “Shh, I know, I know. It’s okay Draco. You’re okay. You’re not alone. I can help you”
  • Draco lets out a bitter laugh
  • “You can’t help me…there’s no way to help! There’s no way to cure it and that would be the only helpful thing!”
  • Harry sits down on the couch and pulls Draco onto his lap and wraps his arms around him
  • “Draco Malfoy you’re the best potion maker in Great Britain and in case you’ve forgotten, I’m the savior of the Wizarding World. I’m willing to bet nothing is impossible for us”
  • Draco smiles up at him
  • The two of them spend the next 3 years researching and experimenting
  • They finally create a potion that cures lycanthropy, saving a portion of the Wizarding World for a second time 

thepllreviewer  asked:

I think I understand why Ian tried to kill Spencer at the bell tower. He claims he was doing it because he loved Melissa. I believe he knew Melissa buried Ali alive (who we later came to find was Berhany once Ali turned up alive) and Melissa did this to protect Spencer cause she thought she killed her. Ian knew this, and Spencer wouldn't quit looking into what happened that summer, and realized killing Spencer would help Melissa (although that's not what she wanted.) new way to look at this.


My only problem is: I don’t think the writers were this smart when writing it. This isn’t me having a cheap stab at PLL, I’m being really genuine here. I really don’t think this was their intention, or else they would’ve revealed it like this either in the show or in Marlene’s post-finale interviews. The fact that she closed the Ian storyline saying “he killed himself” really shows me they don’t even know what happened and why, because if they did, why not just share it!? There’s no need to prolong this storyline. Do the fans a service and reveal an answer from years ago that’s totally irrelevant to the current story!

I just can’t fathom holding onto answers and not sharing it with the fans for no reason at all. I understand not revealing A straight away… but the finer details!? This is why I believe it wasn’t INTENDED to play out the way you’re saying, BUT I’m happy to live with that explanation. I do love it.

Jamila El Dine | Tomb Of the Lost Queen

I remember a long time ago, when my art blog was still new, someone requested I draw Jamila. And, no matter how many times I tried, I was just so unsatisfied with the results I was getting. Now I have finally managed to draw a version of her I am happy with.

If the clue crew has any art requests, I’d be happy to oblige.

anonymous asked:

Hi I looked through your tags and maybe I missed it but I was hoping you could rec some weecest run-away-to-be-together fics. I read one a while ago where Dean goes with Sam to Cali for Stanford but I can't remember where it was now. Thank you, love your rec lists.

Hey! I looked through and I know I might have read a handful of fics like that but apparently I haven’t tagged them right since I didn’t find them. But it really bothered me that I couldn’t find anything so I tried linking some stuff. I hope you find something you like!


wincestreading’s Dean goes with Sam to Stanford recs

winfiction got one fic tagged with running away idk


J2 Recs’ tag for running away together

And if I end up finding the ones I had read or read some new ones where they end up running away together I’m tagging it accordingly: wincest:run away | weecest:run away | j2:run away