You know for all the panels from the York New arc that are obviously just copied and pasted from one chapter to another, with just a slight change on the face

I am absolutly emotional over the fact Kurapika’s smile, which are two panels where just his face change, are actually two completely different panels.

“An Idiot” by PhemieC. Track art by the super talented moggettt!

~Spoilers for The Adventure Zone, Story and Song arc~

A new TAZ fansong, from Taako’s POV, set during Ep 67. It’s interesting how Taako’s entire arc (and early “simple idiot wizard” characterization) could be re-contextualized in light of The Stolen Century and the loss of the memory of his sister. Yeah… Ouch. Download at Soundcloud source. <3


I have lived a hundred lives
and I have died a dozen times
but the reaper hasn’t caught me yet
though his scythe is often at my neck

and I have learned a trick or two
though I’ve forgotten quite a few
and might have told a hundred lies
twice as many half as true

Oh I have been an idiot
missing some key ingredient
and waiting as I fail to rise
never guessing what it meant

I lived adrift on luck and looks
‘till hungry hearts struck hard and took
and made afraid of what I’d done
my skills were nil, my friends were none

I could not trust my empty mind
these stolen holes of space and time
the faces, newly strange, I’d find
none of them resembling mine

Oh I have been an idiot
missing some key ingredient
and waiting as I fail to rise
never asking what it meant

I barely cared, and rarely tried
to find some reason I should fight
but in my hand and at my side
you, my heart, my arm did guide

for I had been your long lost twin
closer than a second skin
and now I am alone again
wiser than I’ve never been

Oh I have been an idiot
missing some key ingredient
but now I know how I will rise
oh how on earth could I forget?
knowing you has made me wise
now I am not an idiot!


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Companion Character Arcs
  • Fallout New Vegas: After travelling with you and seeing things that made me realise something about myself/my organization, I trust you enough to help/advise me on confronting a personal issue
  • Fallout 4: *Sees you pick 130th lock* Do you like me? A)Yes B)"yes" X)yes? Y)Lemme smash

The “Society Survival arc” is a story that takes place when the country bumpkin Son Goku miraculously decides to find a job during a universal economic depression, said to happen once in every 100 years. The main visual has been released, in which Goku, Vegeta and Kuririn appear as the new employees of the “DB Commercial Affairs”.

signs as taz things (now including sagittarius)
  • aries: justin beefing at his dad for not using a character voice
  • taurus: magnus eating things that he should not eat
  • gemini: tea time with klaarg
  • cancer: angus's typical sweetness and occasional badassery
  • leo: taako's skirt in the eleventh hour arc
  • virgo: griffin not realizing how long something is going to take when he writes it and then it stretches out 2-3 episodes longer
  • libra: the progression of cool shit that griffin brings to the table with every new arc
  • scorpio: travis's deep connection with magnus
  • sagittarius: "god lied to me"
  • capricorn: the mere concept of a town exclusively populated by tom bodett
  • aquarius: leon the artificer's disappointment and shame with tres horny boys
  • pisces: no dogs on the moon

OMG!!!!! Can’t wait for next week!!!!!
This arc is so freaking awesome😆😆😆😆😆😆
I could actually cry😭😭


I was in the mood to draw only one thing cute but the pile quickly grew bigger and bigger oops

Feel free to use for science as avatars!


LETS TALK ABOUT HOW TOUKA SEES KANEKI IS ABOUT TO CRY LOOK CAREFULLY. She understands now how much they are really connected with their feelings. He was about to burst into tears thinking and talking about Hide. She understands that he was his best friend and how close they were. He understands how Touka feels now. Which is why he sat next to her and tried to comfort her. But he ended up hurting himself. TOUKA realizes IT before he started to break down again. She knows what Kaneki needs and that’s love. Love is something that they both always wanted. Kaneki never really felt love from anyone. Touka understands that all he wants is love. She wants Kaneki to be happy, to feel love. To feel her love, not only physically but mentally as well. Within 3-4 chapters their relationship has grown significantly. Understand that she waited 3 years for him to return. 3 YEARS waiting each day for him to come back. In the original series after their fight on the bridge Kaneki realizes that he actually wanted to return back to Touka and be with her. He saw how much she cared for him. But didn’t get to because of Arima and self endowment. As Sasaki one of his hobbies since a Rank 2 was to visit different coffee shops. His Kaneki side was coming out, trying to return home. The scent of coffee was a hint to his home. Which is why when he went to :re he enjoyed the smell, the sensation. When he drank Toukas coffee he cried not because it was good(it was) because the Kaneki side of him realized that :re was his home. Which is why he always visited plus he realized(without realizing) how beautiful Touka is physically and as a person. This whole new arc will be about Touka and Kaneki, as well as their relationship. Him both finding love from each other as well as from others. We will all see how much they together will grow not only as a couple but, people as well. Kaneki will finally give up on dying because of Touka. Plus the world realizing that Ghouls and Humans are meant to live with each other. A balance in nature.

in a thrilling sequel to the original installment everyones favorite ginger protagonist is back, this time with a daughter who’s just as fiery as he is yet who seems determined to break away from her father’s shadow and make her own mark on the world, much to her fathers initial disdain she inevitably falls in love with the dark brown son of the father’s enemy and with him at her side proves that your lineage and origin of birth have no inflection on who you are as a person

am i talking about tlk 2 simba’s pride or the new prophecy arc 

do you ever think about how wash like… isn’t dead

becausE I DO

i will never not be floored that he survives that fight with tex??? the prime time for him to die wouldn’t have been season 11 (the start of a new arc), but 8 (the end of one). can you imagine if tex had killed him before we got the flashbacks to project freelancer, and then we fell in love with him???

he opens his locker and there’s fucking cat photos and a skateboard in it and we’re all like OH NO HE WAS CUTE

we get that glimpse of what he was like Before and just




anonymous asked:

any ideas for a better darktail backstory/motivation for hating the clans?

ideas that the erins haven’t used/done before - 

the clans turned him away when he was ill/weak and seeking protection

the clans killed his mate in a skirmish 

the clans drove him off for hunting on their lands but bc of that he couldn’t provide for his family and they all died of starvation/illness 

he thinks that he can “save” the clans from their evil ways and that the Kin are superior 

he grew up isolated and is jealous of their way of life, but he doesn’t understand the code or starclan (which is what the erins started w but then randomly threw in him being onestar’s son) 

he grew up hearing stories of how fearsome bloodclan was but was disappointed at how kind most clan cats actually are and wants to restore them to their “glory days” (aka a bloodclan fanatic) 

Juliette Ferrars’ story is far from over! Tahereh Mafi, who first introduced readers to the character in her bestselling Shatter Me series, will be continuing her adventures in a new three-book arc, EW can announce exclusively.

Restore Me, Mafi’s latest novel in the series, will follow the new Supreme Commander as she attempts to lead Sector 45 with Warner at her side. But when tragedy strikes, Juliette will be tested, leading her to see if she can use her ability (to kill with a single touch) after all.   [x]