… I mean…. REALLY LIKE SOOOOO HANDSOME BOTH OF THEM… And like his hand Jungkook from 0-100 in one picture… Please give me a tiny break so I can breathe and ohhh Kim God Damn it Namjoon why you gotta look at me like this like it’s already hard to breath because of the Wings short films and also MonstaX has a comeback soon and Got7 with Hard Carry… Also they work so hard like take a 2-3 month break like with no updating sns or photo shoots or v lives please we need you to be healthy and energetic



The riots started slowly with the homeless and the lowly
Then they spread into the heartland towns that never get a wristband
Kids that can’t afford the cool brand whose anger is a short-hand
For you’ll never get a wristband and if you don’t have a wristband then you can’t get through the door

  • What she says:I'm okay
  • What she means:bighit is back with dropping shit without telling us, I want all the albums with the posters but, I don't need 4 unfolded posters, the shipping cost is $37, the total albums are $59, if I order from a group manager i won't get the preorder gift or the first press poster, yet the shipping cost will require me to either get a sugar daddy or sell my organs... What do I do...

“Breakups: Long-Term vs. Short-Term Relationships” - Full Comic