walk to redbulls arena. 

Titi Return to Arsenal

After being Bronzed on a few weeks ago at his former club Arsenal, there are already talks of the former Gunner making a brief return to emirates stadium. With Arsenal having two of its starters missing in the next couple months do to internal duties, the club will be in need of some reinforcements. 

Van Persie, current Arsenal captain had this to say, “For him to come back is something so brave. He has nothing to prove. He has a statue here. Some people might question ‘why do you do it, because you have proved everything already?’ but there is only one answer. He just wants to play. While some may worry about the two sharing the lime light there seems to be little bad blood with the two which should make for some entertaining football in the months to come.


Tottenham - New York Redbulls
2-1 Gylfi Sigurdsson (Tottenham)