“My granddaughter called me up one day, she said ‘Famor, I was just thinking, since you’re so dark, I think maybe you need to do something with your hair in color.’ I said ‘Well, what are you thinking?’ She said, ‘Well, right now my hair is pink.’ And I said ‘Yeah, but you live in London and y’all are wild and crazy.’ She said ‘No I want you to try this. Since you’re royalty and purple is your favorite color, you should try purple.’ […] I tell you from the minute I got my hair done, all of the ladies in the shop said ‘I wish I had enough guts to do that!’ I said ‘You can! What’s stopping you? You worried about what people say?’ You got to please yourself first! Who cares?!”

Rush Jagoe

A Revived New Orleans Market Champions the Local and Brightens Up the Neighborhood

Urban European-style food halls packed with grab-and-go artisanal goods and gourmet groceries from specialty purveyors and local vendors are quickly becoming commonplace across America. 

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