Hey everyone!

It’s breaking my heart already to make this post, but my kitty, Apple, needs a home in the NYC area. I could potentially do the Georgia/North Florida area as well. I can’t keep her any longer due to personal reasons, and unfortunately she and my best friend’s cat don’t get along great.

She’s about five years old, no health problems. Her given birthday is July 3rd, not sure when she was actually born. She was an adoption and I still have all her papers and vaccine receipts. She’s an absolute sweetheart, fairly cuddly, and will often let you rub her belly. She loves to eat, so watch her food intake! She can also eat really fast sometimes and then throw up, just watch her and make sure she doesn’t inhale her food. I’d prefer she goes to a home with no other cats or dogs, but if you do have other animals, they need to be laid back and fairly easy going. The current cat she lives with is very energetic and playful and a bit of a bully, which is why she doesn’t get along with him. She’s very lazy (but does still love to play with a stick toy or a good catnip toy), sleeps often, and has something like nightmares where she wakes up crying. She’s a pretty easy cat to handle, all told. She will take time to get used to a new home, but just feed her, show her love and affection and care, and she’ll warm right up to you. She can be a bit timid, especially around loud noises and tall people, she just needs a gentle hand. She’s a very very special cat and she holds my heart, and I absolutely hate that I have to give her up. I want to find her the best home possible, so if you’re interested or able please message this blog and I can set a meet-up with her. 

She has to be adopted out by September 13th at the absolute latest, I would prefer she’s adopted ASAP so I know she’s got a good home.

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258 | Change of scenery. Genuinely half of my friends from both college and high school moved to Brooklyn after we graduated, so I’m visiting New York to meet up with some of them. Here’s me waiting in Madison Square Park for a friend to get off work. I wish I’d taken a photo from her office window – she’s on the tenth floor with a direct view of the Flatiron building. Stunning. 

Question - is this a very large cup of tea or a very small book?