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QUEENS (Moving Day)- TrixyaStan

A/N: Alright! This is the first installment of the mini series QUEENS! (I changed the setting of the story from New York to Boston, but If you need to familiarize yourself with the story line—-> ) I’m so excited to write this! First chapter consist of Pearl and Violet meeting Katya. OMG! Well here goes! Enjoy!!

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*takes off hockey jersey to reveal hockey shirsey*


America’s Struggle with Maintaining a Women’s Soccer League

The US Women’s National Soccer Team is this current reigning World Champions as they won the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada this year. The team is also well known for having extraordinary and skilled players. Despite all the success and recognition the American team recieves, the country has many struggles with maintaining a national league.

The WPS, Women’s Professional Soccer, was the latest professional women’s soccer league in America that collaspsed and was canceled. The WPS lasted only three seasons. Before the WPS was canceled, Women’s United Soccer Association (WUSA) was the national women’s professional league in America. Just like the WPS, WUSA also lasted 3 seasons. Soccer is one of the biggest sports for girls and women across America, but why has there been little success with maintaining a league? The WPS and WUSA had many struggles, such as difficulties with sponsorships, lack of attendance at matches, small budgets, and lack of players for teams. Bottom line is that both leagues failed due to financial problems. Both leagues spent a significant amount of money to get the leagues up and running as well as paying salaries for players, WUSA spent a  total of 50 to 100 million dollars. Eventually the debt was too extensive and there wasn’t enough money, therefore both leagues shut down.

In 2013, the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) was founded and the first season began in 2014. This league is expected to last longer than previous leagues to various economical advantages and changes the NWSL has. These changes have led to players having smaller salaries, but this will change in the future if the league develops further. The main difference that NWSL has with its two preceding leasgues is that it has support from the US Soccer Association, the Canadian Soccer Association, and the Mexican Soccer Association. These three associations will be taking part in the funding for this league. US Soccer has invested finances as well as manpower in to the NWSL so that there will be more attention directed towards national team players. The Boston Breakers, Chicago Red Stars, Sky Blue FC and Western New York Flash were the only teams to be part of the WPS and the NWSL. The main goal for the pilot season of the NWSL was to limit the financial losses in order to be successful.

Currently in it’s third season, the NWSL ran right through the Women’s World Cup in Canada. Meaning that teams lost ¼ of their best players to national teams for the World Cup. The current goal that US Soccer has set for this league to to increase the national marketing and media campaigns to promote the league and raise awarness. This can lead to more fans and revenue. Also the NWSL is alot smaller that the MLS. The MLS, Major League Soccer for men, has 20 competing teams whereas the NWSL only has 9 teams. The American, Mexican, and Canadian teams have all provided the NWSL with players for teams to ensure that success of the league.

But why is the MLS more successful than any women’s league in America when the US Women’s National Team is more succesful than the men’s national team? Shouldn’t US Soccer focus more energy on supporting the NWSL than the MLS?

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I thought I’d add in my two cents regarding NHL Jersey sponsorships. I tend to think if you do it you may as well go all out. The little patches on AHL jerseys look lame, and I think big corporations will want to go all in anyway. Plus, won’t that get the most amount of money?  

Here’s how I think the original six could look in adidas jerseys.


  • All logos on the upper right so captains badges can stay in current spot (tradition!)
  • adidas logo goes where NHL logo in on neckline, NHL moves to back of jersey above name. 

  • adidas logo on sock like on many soccer teams kits. 

  • I think the easiest way to incorporate the adidas three stripes is on the pants. The only pant that looks considerably different is the Rangers. The Leafs and Bruins get new stripes which don’t look bad and the other teams pattern just changes slightly. 

  • Sponsors are based of current team websites (if I could find a “presented by” basically). 


You guys.

I am so excited for the next couple of weeks to happen. Wrapping up this summer with two, back-to-back weddings is the way to go. 

This weekend we have a rehearsal dinner Friday, wedding Saturday, and pool party/bbq Sunday for the bf’s friends. 

Then, next week, we sneak away for a few extra days up in Boston, to hang out with the family, visit some friends in Nantucket, catch a Sox/Yankees game at Fenway, celebrate two of my best friends getting married, and show bf around my home city. 

It’s going to be so much fun, I can hardly stand waiting another minute!

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DOUGLAS HUEBLER (Michigan,1924- Massachusetts,1997).

En New York-Boston Exchange Shape(1968) dibuja un hexágono en el mapa de dos ciudades con un perfil urbano muy distinto, en un área de tamaño similar. A cada vértice le da un nombre, de A a F en Boston y de A1 a F1 en Nueva York, en esos 12 puntos realiza una fotografía.

“Las fotografías no pretendían ser buenas fotografías de un lugar interesante. Simplemente estaban allí, por casualidades, al igual que el lugar previamente localizado en el mapa. Lo que hice fue establecer un sistema, una estructura o una idea que me llevaron a hacer las cosas necesarias para completar la obra.”